Ken Ham Is Sooooo Misunderstood

When there’s nothing interesting going on, we turn to the man with the biggest methane footprint in the galaxy — Ken Ham (ol’ Hambo to us), co-founder of the online creationist ministry, Answers in Genesis (AIG). In his personal blog at the AIG website we find this: Calling Out the Denial of Biblical Authority.

This is exciting. Hambo is down there in the cellar of the Creation Museum, and he’s calling out those who deny his view of things. Here are some excerpts, with bold font added by us:

Should Christians confront “scientific illiteracy”? Well, that all depends on what is meant by “science,” but according to Charles J. Reid, Jr., a professing Roman Catholic and a professor of law at the University of St. Thomas (a Roman Catholic university), Christians should “call out” fellow believers who do not hold to evolution and millions of years.

Hambo’s talking about this article at the Huffington Post: Christians Must Confront Scientific Illiteracy. Hambo says:

Reid takes a swipe at biblical creationists, particularly the ministry of the Creation Museum and Answers in Genesis. He writes that Christians don’t need to worry so much about persecution as they do about a lack of belief in evolution:

Reid said some other interesting things that Hambo didn’t mention, for example:

Where science is concerned, responsible Christians are caught in the vice grip of two extremes. On the one hand, there is the defiant and willful ignorance of persons like Congressman Paul Broun (R-Ga.), who famously declared during last fall’s election cycle that “evolution and the big bang theory are lies straight from the pit of hell.” And on the other hand, there is the cool atheism of someone like Richard Dawkins, contentedly dismissing the whole of religious experience as the magical thinking of the great superstitious mass of humankind.

We sympathize with Reid. He’s got the atheists on one side and the creationist nut-jobs on the other. Observe, dear reader, that ol’ Hambo is avoiding any mention of creationists like Broun. Then he goes on:

But Reid is mistaken — Christians absolutely do engage with science. In fact, the Christians at AiG love science, as I’ve written before on my blog. Reid is confusing operational (or observational) and historical (or origins) science.

Aaaargh!! Not that again. Hambo likes to artificially define science so as to exclude all the parts that don’t agree with Genesis. We’ve often addressed this — see, for example, Answers in Genesis Explains Science to Us. Okay, back to Hambo:

Good operational science can be performed without holding a belief in evolutionary ideas. We have a number of PhD-level scientists on staff at Answers in Genesis and the Creation Museum who are all biblical creationists. They would all say that evolution has nothing to do with operational science — in fact, evolutionary bias hinders such science!

That’s true. Knowledge of evolution does indeed “hinder” creation science. In fact, it exposes creationism as utter foolishness. And now Hambo’s rant gets nasty:

Actually, Reid recently wrote another article where he revealed that he is in favor of same-sex marriage (after having been opposed to it for some time), saying that “History . . . can serve as our steady and certain teacher,” and that same-sex marriage is all about love. The Word of God was clearly not his authority in that piece, and it doesn’t seem to be when it comes to origins either.

Reid is obviously not Hambo’s kind of Christian — not enough ignorance, not enough hate. Let’s read on:

After describing biblical creation, Reid writes very negatively about Answers in Genesis and the Creation Museum: …

We won’t copy that quote. You can see it in Reid’s article. But here’s something from the end of Reid’s article that Hambo doesn’t quote:

Science and religion are not opposites. Faith and reason can be reconciled in truth. And Christians, furthermore, must police their ranks. When someone like Congressman Broun — who sits on the House Committee on Science and Technology — denounces scientific knowledge in the name of misguided fundamentalism, Christians should be the first to call him out.

Reid wrote a good article. But let’s continue with Hambo’s rant:

Christians are not enemies of science now — but we are enemies of ideas that conflict with the clear Word of God. Specifically, biblical creationists are enemies of ideas that conflict with the Genesis account of creation. However, a belief in creation doesn’t hinder a Christian from being a scientist.


When the Bible is the foundation of one’s belief system, being a scientist becomes easier because the starting point is consistent and correct.

BWAHAHAHAHAHA! We’ll skip a bunch of glop and get right to Hambo’s thoughtful closing remarks:

I sincerely urge you to pray for Reid and others like him, that they would trust God’s Word as their ultimate authority, from the very first verse.

So there you are. As our title suggests, Hambo is unappreciated by those he thinks should be his allies. But instead of caving in, he’s hunkering down and calling them out. They must be trembling.

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6 responses to “Ken Ham Is Sooooo Misunderstood

  1. “When the Bible is the foundation of one’s belief system, being a scientist becomes easier because the starting point is consistent and correct.”

    I wonder when AIG is going to share all of those cures for the various types of cancer and disease they are churning out in their high-tech labs. I bet you can’t swing a 3,000 year-old fossilized dinosaur bone planted by Satan himself without knocking a life-saving elixir off a counter. Science is so easy, a creationist can do it!

  2. Charles Deetz ;)

    Same quote as Mark … “the starting point is consistent”, and I won’t even quibble with the ‘correct’ part. But the knots AIG ties themselves in to explain creation scientifically shows anything but a consistent starting point.

  3. Tyler Francke

    Comment on this story Wednesday!

  4. ashley haworth-roberts

    It appears that Ham is a coward as well as a fraud peddling pseudo-science to impressionable home-schooled kids. He has refused a one on one debate with an adult critic:

  5. anevilmeme

    The sad tale of a Snake Oil salesman who’s fallen for his own sales pitch.

  6. Attendance is down at the museum, the ark is struggling for funding, and fellow christians are accusing him of making the religion appear out-of-touch with reality.

    Does Ham do a bit of introspection, and think about how he might improve his image or at least his business? No – like his bible, Ham is never wrong,

    Someday when the skeleton of the creation museum has become just another eyesore along the highway, amid faded billboards of toothy dinosaurs and weed infested parking lots, Ham will be sitting on the porch of his retirement home with a bible in his lap, croaking out a plea to everyone that passes by to stop and listen to him… and muttering “you’re going to hell!” to their backs as they pass him by. He’ll never learn.