Zack Kopplin on a Discoveroid Radio Show

You all know about Zack Kopplin (hey — he’s in Wikipedia: Zack Kopplin) and his tireless efforts to repeal the Louisiana Science Education Act (the LSEA). He decided to participate yesterday in a radio show run by the Discoveroids. They first posted about it here: Today on the Medved Show, Discovery Institute’s Casey Luskin Debates Activist Zack Kopplin on Academic Freedom, in which they said, with bold font added by us:

The freedom to teach about both sides of the evolution controversy hangs in the balance around the country as state legislatures consider laws that would protect teachers from administrative retribution if they tell students about scientific critiques of Darwin’s theory. Today, Casey Luskin returns to the Medved Show to debate education activist Zack Kopplin. The topic is academic freedom under fire, on the Science & Culture Update in the second hour of the show.


Zack Kopplin says, when it comes to climate change or Darwinian evolution, we must not present young people with both sides of the question. Casey Luskin, a proponent of academic freedom, disagrees. Who’s right?

Yeah, both sides — science and Oogity Boogity. But just think of it! Zack was going into the lion’s den to face a formidable opponent like Casey. That takes great courage. What happened? Did Casey mop the floor with Zack, and then send him home whimpering in defeat?

The Discoveroids posted this follow-up after the event: Zack Kopplin Thinks Louisianans Are Stupid. It’s by Klinghoffer, and it includes a video of Zack which is 9 minutes long — but to our surprise it’s not the radio show. Instead it’s Zack talking about his efforts to repeal Louisiana’s LSEA.

It’s surprising that the Discoveroids posted that video. It suggests to us that if they had posted a recording of yesterday’s show, it would have looked bad for them. Anyway, here’s what Klinghoffer says about Zack and the radio show:

Education activist Zack Kopplin thinks his fellow Louisianans are a bunch of rubes. And I don’t just mean the Darwin skeptics in Zack’s home state — I mean people in the state as a whole. He said as much in a TED Talk, where the 20-year-old Rice University student speaks about having introduced himself to new friends from out of state with the disclaimer, “I’m from the Louisiana, but I’m not stupid.”

Yes, that’s in the video. So what? It makes a lot of sense to say that, considering all the creationist idiocy for which that state is so widely known. Hey — that’s old stuff. What about the radio show? Klinghoffer says:

But you can really tell how dumb he thinks people from his state are — and, in fact, people in general — by the way he frames his argument against academic-freedom legislation.

Klinghoffer finally gets around to what happened yesterday:

That was my take-away from Zack’s debate this afternoon with Casey Luskin on the Michael Medved Show. Again and again, Zack characterizes the Louisiana Science Education Act as a “creationism” law.

That’s exactly what it is. Otherwise the Discoveroids wouldn’t be so interested in preserving it. We’re going to skip over Klinghoffer’s recital of the usual Discoveroid denials. If you’re not familiar with the issue, see Curmudgeon’s Guide to “Academic Freedom” Laws. Let’s read on:

Superbly informed as always, Casey did a fine job of pointing out that, notwithstanding the appeal of Zack’s enthusiasm, “Just because you keep saying it over and over doesn’t make it true.”

Yes, but that cuts both ways. Just because the Discoveroids keep insisting that the LSEA is not a creationism law doesn’t mean squat, and besides, they’re not fooling anyone. Even the dumbest creationist in the depths of the Louisiana swamps, who would never cheer for a law that really promoted science, will cheer wildly for the LSEA. Klinghoffer continues:

The silliest point Zack made was to observe that at a recent hearing before the state Senate Education Committee on the LSEA repeal effort, Discovery Institute’s Joshua Youngkin was present — a carpetbagger “from the Northwest,” as Zack tried to imply, dropping in a superfluous “Y’all” though Mr. Kopplin otherwise speaks with no discernible Southern accent.

If that was Zack’s silliest point, the rest must have been really devastating. That’s probably why the Discoveroids didn’t post a recording of the actual show. This is a good occasion to use their favorite question against them — What are they afraid of?

It’s rather telling that they don’t have anything else to say about the show — and what Klinghoffer did say is basically nothing. If we come across a recording or something on YouTube, we’ll post it here.

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11 responses to “Zack Kopplin on a Discoveroid Radio Show

  1. docbill1351

    Regarding the TEDx talk that Zack gave that Klingliar found so disturbing, there is a Rest of the Story.

    Zack was 14 and attending a summer camp in Connecticut where his mother’s family lived and he said he was shy and immature and he knew his east coast peers had read about Louisiana in the New York Times, so he used the self-deprecating icebreaker, “Hi, I’m from Louisiana, but I’m not stupid” to get a laugh and make friends.

    Not exactly the story Klingliar tells, is it?

    One has to wonder why a “professional” “writer,” and I use those terms very loosely, like Klingliar, a college graduate (Brown University) and who is no stranger to persecution (so he says) would go after and smear a college sophomore like Zack.

    One has to wonder why an organization that touts academic freedom, viewpoint equality, free speech, teaching the controversy and open, honest and civil discussions, would unleash the vile attack mongrel Klingliar on a college student who is simply stating his case.

    What are they afraid of? Could it be that this 20-year old student is better known nationally than any of the Disco Tute clowns? Could it be that young Zack is getting on late night shows, TV interviews, TED talks and the Tooters are sleepless in Seattle? Could it be they see the next Barbara Forrest in the wings? Sleepless nothing, they’re having full-blown nightmares!

  2. I listened to the show and Casey had no argument. He cited two maybe three scientists that he claimed cast doubt on evolution and said that should be good enough to allow doubts in the classroom. The rest of the time he tried to get Zach to agree with him that the toot “only wants to have science taught in the classroom, and that’s good right, you agree, right, don’t you, hmmmm”.
    And of course he pointed out that the LSEA has the “This shall not be construed….. disclaimer”. Zach held his own, but Medved is not an unbiased host by any means.
    I looks like there is a podcast selection on Medved’s page, but you have to subscribe, and, well, I’d rather be the fat man in the Trolley Problem.

  3. waldteufel

    I listened to the show yesterday, and Medved really didn’t let Zack talk very much . . .while Casey seemed to mumble the usual tripe. But when Casey mentioned that some creationist physicist and Nobel Prize winner doubted the veracity of Darwinian evolution, Zack said: “What about the 78 Nobel laureates who support the repeal of this law?” Medved muttered something about the guy writing the letter to the Nobel laureates was an atheist . . .. . and Casey squeaked something, but no real answer to Zack’s question.

    Medved is brain dead, and Casey is, well, Casey the attack gerbil.

  4. waldteufel

    Klinkleberry says: ” Education activist Zack Kopplin thinks his fellow Louisianans are a bunch of rubes.”

    Guess what? Just look at the clown car driven by The Exorcist Bobby Jindal. There’s your answer. . . . . . . .

  5. anevilmeme

    False premise Discoveriods. There is no other side. So what’s the other “side” to chemistry, electricity, gravity, etc. heck what’s the other “side” of geometry?

    These freaks fail to understand that theology is not the other “side” of science as they are not related in any way, shape or form. No strike that, they hope the rest of us fail to understand it.

  6. docbill1351

    Full disclosure, or confession!

    Doc Bill, born in Baton Rouge, raised in Shreveport (to 7th grade).

    No Oogity-Boogity in school to my recollection. I do remember Duck and Cover and hanging around in the street at night with neighbors watching for missiles from Cuba arcing across the sky. Neighbor down the street had a bomb shelter. Good people in Louisiana.

  7. waldteufel

    Oh. . . and another little tidbit from that show . . . Casey did let his mask slip a little when he revealed himself to be an old earth rather than young earth creationist. At one point he said “. . . .I have no problem with the earth being 4.5 billion years old.”

  8. docbill1351

    Here’s a report of Zack’s civil discussion with the Tooters.

  9. gnome de net

    And here’s a follow-up that asserts the DI is a “Con-Profit Scam”.

  10. gnome de net

    Let’s try that follow-up again.

  11. Regarding Casey Luskin vs. Zack on Medved’s show, Lamar White blogged: “Notably, after first suggesting that Governor Jindal was “confused,” Luskin then mistakenly claimed that Jindal had never actually mentioned the LSEA in the context of creationism and that this was all a fabricated talking point.”

    Well, that sounds to me like Luskin is outright lying, but is there a transcript of this radio show that I can consult? I’d like to check the transcript for the exact wording.