The Worst Creationist Video Ever?

We usually don’t look at these things, but for some reason we made an exception for this one.

The best that we can say about it is that it’s blessedly brief — only two and a half minutes. And it’s rather slick, so it has a certain appeal. We won’t bother refuting the video’s claims because we’ve done that too many times before. It makes only two points: (1) evolution can’t account for new “information,” and (2) evolution can’t explain the origin of life. Therefore, the only possible way to make sense of it all is … yes, dear reader, you already know.

Go ahead, take a look. There’s nothing else going on — except a great review of Meyer’s new book over at Panda’s Thumb — see Meyer’s Hopeless Monster, Part II, by Nick Matzke.

And feel free to use the comments as an Intellectual Free-Fire Zone.

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7 responses to “The Worst Creationist Video Ever?

  1. Meyer’s new book? Yes, I read Nick’s review on PT. More accurate would be Meyer’s “new” compilation of misunderstandings, omissions of important information, misrepresentations, etc.. Just what I expect from Meyer. Shall I say another good batch of lies? Well, maybe that is too harsh – perhaps he is just deliberately …ignorant.

  2. Yes, Nick did a masterful review.

  3. docbill1351

    Ignorant, no. Lies, yes. von Meyer has a PhD, doesn’t matter in what, he can obviously read well enough to parlez du merde, and well enough to mine quotes, ignore relevant evidence that would puncture his thesis, and so on.

    On page 35 of von Meyer’s Hopeless Monster 2 he has a diagram that shows a schematic Tree o’ Life on top and a series of vertical lines representing Evidence o’ Fossils below. The caption reads …


    The caption reads: “Darwinian theory (top) predicts gradual evolutionary change in contrast to the fossil evidence (below).”

    Yes, ladies and gentlemen, von Meyer actually presents as a Pillar of His Thesis the old “gaps in knowledge” argument. Incredible, but true, von Meyer actually argues that animals that did not leave a fossil trace never existed.

    More incredible than that, and you really need to find a copy HM2 to thumb through but, please, PLEASE don’t buy it, he actually argues that some animals (he doesn’t specify and he doesn’t limit himself to the Cambrian Explosion but includes all of life’s history, here) were poofed into existence fully formed just like he wrote in Pandas and People, “birds with wings and feathers, fish with fins” and “wholly formed.”

    Pure, unfiltered, unvarnished, 100 percent Grade A creationism. It goes on and on and on and on for 400 horrible pages.

    But, on the bright side, von Meyer has dropped from #1 on the B&N book list to 204 which is interesting because he was at 111 only four hours ago. Sinking like a rock.

  4. Your clip reminds me of talks I’ve heard from creationists that go so fast there isn’t time to think or ask questions, etc. They just run through their nonsense and before you know it, up pops the only solution possible, the bible. Who did this clip? Not the dishonesty institute, or did they?

  5. anevilmeme

    Wow, that was a mindnumbingly horrible video, sadly there probably are even worse ones out there.

    Read the revise on PT this morning, saves me reading Myers new coloring book.

    Still the age old question exists: do creationists and id’ers (redundancy) know they are lying?

  6. The whole truth

    I think they do know that they’re lying, just as someone who is cheating on their spouse knows that they’re lying. The two situations are very similar. Like a cheater, lying IDiot-creationists are narcissistic. They have a selfish agenda and will do whatever it takes to get away with it. Lying is one of the manipulative ‘tools’ that cheaters and IDiot-creationists use to get what THEY want, regardless of how much damage it does to others. Cheaters and IDiot-creationists feel that they are special and deserve ‘extras’. Cheaters want and feel that they deserve extra attention, sex, or other ‘benefits’. IDiot-creationists (and pretty much most religious people) want and obviously believe that they deserve extra attention, respect, forgiveness, consideration, reverence, and in many cases downright worship.

    Even though some religious people act as though they’re humble/unselfish, they still expect their religious beliefs to get automatic special respect. Every religious person I’ve ever met/known has gotten huffy when their religious beliefs were questioned/challenged.

    Like cheaters, god pushers hate to be questioned/challenged and many, if not all, will make up whatever they think will excuse or mask their actual agenda. Since religious fairy tales are made up, the people who believe in and promote them MUST make things up to defend the fairy tales. If they didn’t make things up, they wouldn’t be able to promote and defend things that are made up. Fairy tales and lies are a vicious circle.

  7. Does it ever occur to people that if such-and-such is so obviously false, how is it that so many people who have worked hard and long investigating such-and-such have never heard of those obvious problems?
    Is it that they are all those pointy-headed “intellectuals” who can’t see what us ordinary folks see? Or is it that they are so consumed by their hatred of God? Or is it that they really know that it’s all baloney and they’re living a comfortable life by fooling us?