Creationism-Voyeurism Update: 22 June 2013

This is the latest in our series on creationist voyeurs. For those with a scientific interest in this topic, the series began with Creationist Suspected of Bathroom Voyeurism.

That was about David McConaghie, who — until recently — was a high-ranking party official of Northern Ireland’s Democratic Unionist Party (the DUP). He was arrested in connection with the discovery of a toilet camera found in the loo of DUP member David Simpson’s constituency office. McConaghie was also the media officer for the Caleb Foundation, a creationist lobbying organization that appears to be the ideological brains behind the Democratic Unionist Party. However, they soon reported that McConaghie “has voluntarily stepped down from the Caleb Foundation.”

That was the subject of a few follow-up posts: Essential Creationist Gear: Toilet Camera, and then Cracking the Creationist Toilet Camera Case. We’ve been searching, but there’s been no more news about him.

Then we reported on a few other cases that came to our attention and which seemed to fit a pattern: Gynecologist with Hidden Pen Camera, and then Another Creationist Toilet Camera Case.

After that there was Another Creationist Bathroom Voyeur, in which we told you about a preacher named Robert A. Lyzenga who was accused of planting a hidden camera in the women’s bathroom of his church and making clandestine videos of not only adult women but also underage girls. His lawyer was trying to get the charges relating to the girls dismissed due to some statutory technicality. We’ll be discussing that today.

In that post we gave a name to the phenomenon we had been observing — Creationism-Voyeurism Syndrome (CVS), which seems to be the horrific manifestation of either: (1) something deep within the creationist brain that causes perverted behavior; or possibly (2) a mental disorder that produces both creationism and voyeurism. In honor of the first such case we noticed, the condition might also be called the McConaghie syndrome.

We acknowledged that our hypothesis was still very preliminary, because up to that time we had collected only a few bathroom voyeurism cases — and not all of the perpetrators were reliably reported as being creationists. But that gap in our data is understandable, because except when the defendant is identified as a preacher, where the creationism is obvious, few perverts are questioned as to whether they’re creationists.

Most recently, we posted Creationist Voyeurism: Case #6, and that gives you all the background we have on this sordid subject. But now we’ll return to the Lyzenga case because we have some new information.

At the website of WISHTV of Indianapolis, the capitol of Indiana, we read Judge won’t dismiss felony charges against pastor. Here are some excerpts, with bold font added by us:

A judge has denied a motion to dismiss felony charges against a former Lafayette pastor.

You may recall from our earlier post that the preacher’s attorney filed a motion asking the judge to dismiss the five charges of child exploitation (but not involving the adult victims) because, according to a recent opinion by the Indiana Court of Appeals, the phrasing for Indiana’s child exploitation statute “demands that the child be performing the sexual conduct.” The lawyer’s argument was that because the girls were being viewed while they had no intent to satisfy someone’s sexual desires, the statute didn’t apply to Lyzenga’s videos. Let’s read on:

Tippecanoe County Superior Court Judge Randy Williams disagrees and denied Lyzenga a motion to dismiss.

Presumably, the judge decided that the appeals court ruling cited by Lyzenga’s lawyer doesn’t apply in this case. If there’s a conviction, that will probably be a point to be argued on appeal. One last excerpt:

Lyzenga’s jury trial begins July 2.

Will the preacher actually endure the humiliation of going to trial, or will he work out some kind of plea deal? We’ll be keeping an eye on this. Hey — maybe he can argue that he’s a victim of Creationism-Voyeurism Syndrome, and therefore he’s not responsible for his actions.

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2 responses to “Creationism-Voyeurism Update: 22 June 2013

  1. Our Curmudgeon speculates that peeping-tom preacher Lyzenga may

    argue that he’s a victim of Creationism-Voyeurism Syndrome, and therefore he’s not responsible for his actions.

    Indeed. But he might be advised to fortify his defense with a claim his diet consists solely of Twinkies (imported, I believe, from Canada at the present time).

  2. Ceteris Paribus

    Ah yes, the venerable Twinkie Defense

    And a really good defense attorney could easily tie in the “The Devil Made Me Do It” ploy.

    Since Twinkies are imported from Canada, they must be a food product measured in the Demonic SI units, instead of the US conventional units of Godly pounds and ounces.

    It was only thru the inspired pen of our dear departed President Reagan, who used an executive order to disband the US Metrication Board, that the US has remained free of the evils of the Communistic SI system.