Springboro School Board: Once More into the Ark

By now this is an old story to our regular readers. The most recent episode was Springboro School Board Still Wants Creationism.

The intellectual powerhouse behind this madness is Springboro School Board President Kelly Kohls, who has become a favorite around here. In our first post on this topic we gave you this link to the School Board’s website, where we learned that Kelly is a professional nutritionist. Since then we’ve learned that this brilliant creationist nutritionist also heads the local tea party organization.

Today at the website of TV station WDTN, Channel 2 in Dayton, Ohio, of which Springboro is a suburb, they have this headline: Creationism on Springboro school agenda. Here are some excerpts, with bold font added by us:

Springboro school board members will tackle several issues in their meeting tonight. On the agenda again is more discussion of adding creationism to the curriculum.

BWAHAHAHAHAHA! More stupidity for the kiddies! More “strengths and weaknesses” of science, more “critical thinking” about how to deal with ungodly people who are afraid to teach Oogity Boogity!

That’s all there is of interest to us in the news story, but we’ll be hearing more about this as the day goes on. Stay tuned to this blog!

Update: Apparently nothing happened at the meeting other than talk. That same TV station has this brief follow-up story: Springboro talks policies and contracts. It looks like the creationist nutritionist is going to play this game at every meeting.

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12 responses to “Springboro School Board: Once More into the Ark

  1. Splendid news! I could use a laugh today!

  2. Do they really drink tea or is it tainted kool-aid that curdles their minds.

  3. Patrick Barnett

    Hi – just found your website – heading there now. Will be there tonight.

  4. Let us know how it went.

  5. He’ll have to. There’s absolutely no other news on the subject.

  6. The whole truth

    Teaching creationism in public school science classes is illegal, and the people on school boards know that or should know that. What that school board is doing is the promotion of an illegal act. If someone were to promote an illegal act such as theft, murder, rape, terrorism, etc., especially so publicly, they would be arrested and prosecuted for committing a crime, especially if the intended victims were children. Why should it be any different in a situation such as this one?

    And there’s something else to consider:

    Are the board members and other school personnel being paid for these meetings and for any or all of the time they spend on preparing for, promoting, discussing, and debating an illegal act at public meetings or anywhere else? Are school or other public buildings and resources (at taxpayers’ expense) used for these meetings, etc.? Is spending taxpayers’ money proper for the preparation for, promotion, discussion, and debate of an illegal act?

    Is religion (or just christianity) so sacred and protected in this country that even when it’s used to promote an illegal act it’s okay? If it were a religion other than christianity, would the situation be different?

    I’d like to see someone press a criminal complaint against people (especially public employees) who promote and/or waste taxpayers’ money promoting the illegal act of teaching/pushing religious crap in inappropriate public school classes or other school activities. If nothing else, pressing such a complaint would likely become widely publicized and it might make many taxpayers think and speak up about such an illegal waste of their money, especially when it’s pointed out that religions other than theirs may or will be the next costly ‘discussion’ on the docket.

  7. I just added this update to the original post:

    Apparently nothing happened at the meeting other than talk. That same TV station has this brief follow-up story: Springboro talks policies and contracts. It looks like the creationist nutritionist is going to play this game at every meeting.

  8. Stuck in the Boro Bubble

    Creationism wasn’t the only thing the Springboro BOE discussed. The majority BOE, led by “Dr.” Kohls, has also arranged for 2 religious/political/revisionist history of the Founding Documents organizations to present using our public school facilities over the summer: The Institute For The Constitution from The American View (our speaker will be David Barton over a 12 week period, running into the school year) and the National Center for the Constitution, currently pushed by none other than the Tea Party Patriots and their “adopt a school” program. Apparently the minority BOE were unaware that the public school would be the sponsor for these groups, and the Springboro Superintendent responded to my protest email saying, “This is strictly a board initiative”, although in the flyer sent to the community, one can submit their registration fees to the secretary of the Superintendent.

    Community members keep speaking out. The ACLU, AU, and the FFRF have all sent warning letters, but the majority BOE keep moving along with their religious/political agenda:

    Those in the community opposed to the BOE’s agenda will keep voicing our outrage. One parent asked for the resignation of “Dr.” Kohls in the June 27 meeting. Kohls has also formed the Ohio School Board Leadership Council, in which she removed Springboro Schools from the State of Ohio BOE (we were a founding member of the OSBA) and placed Springboro in her “conservative alternative.” AND, she made herself President of this organization with her “like-minded” board of directors from various Tea Party orgs around Ohio. Oh, 2 of the 3 sponsors listed on the OSBLC’s webite: American’s For Prosperity and the Tea Party Patriots.

  9. I’m shocked – Shocked! – to find that liar for Jesus David Barton was involved in all this.

  10. Stuck in the Boro Bubble says: “our speaker will be David Barton over a 12 week period, running into the school year”

    Thanks for the report. Springboro is in a lot of trouble.

  11. Stuck in the Boro Bubble

    The community of Springboro could use everyone’s help in the signing of a petition. If anyone is interested, please sign on to help us send a message to the majority BOE. Thanks!! http://www.change.org/petitions/members-of-the-springboro-community-schools-board-of-education-hear-your-community-change-your-policy-and-prove-us-wrong?utm_campaign=mailto_link&utm_medium=email&utm_source=share_petition

  12. Techreseller

    As a tea drinker, I must weigh in on the comment from David. The original Tea Party dumped the tea into the river, did not drink it, to protest the increased taxes on tea. So the current tea party symbolically dumps the tea into the symbolic river. However I guess that leaves plenty of room for the tainted kool-aid in their stomachs.