Ray Comfort’s New Film — Retardation Alert

We don’t need to say much about this because the news speaks for itself. At the website of something called Christian News Network we read an exciting headline: Latest Ray Comfort Film to ‘Shatter the Faith of the Average Believer in Evolution’.

You already know who Ray Comfort is, and that he’s best known for his starring role in Ray Comfort’s “Banana video”, so no background information is necessary. Let’s start with the story’s powerful opening paragraph, with some bold font added by us for emphasis:

A major evangelistic ministry is preparing to launch a 30-minute documentary that Christian leaders say will offer a “devastating,” “lights out” challenge to the evolutionary worldview.

Wowie! Nothing will ever be the same again. On with the article:

Last week, Living Waters [Comfort’s ministry] unveiled the trailer for their latest project, a video titled “Evolution vs. God.” Already the promotional clip has generated approximately 50,000 views, and that play count continues to rapidly escalate with each passing day. Not only are many Christians eager to see the film, but Comfort told Christian News Network that it has also created “a buzz in the atheist community.”

We can’t find that trailer at YouTube so we can’t embed it here, but it seems to be available for your viewing pleasure at the article from which we’re quoting. Click over there to take a look if you like. We haven’t bothered. Let’s read on:

The main premise behind “Evolution vs. God” is that top evolutionary scientists cannot convincingly support their theory, and instead rely heavily on unfounded assumptions. Even when Comfort personally interviews influential evolutionists from major universities in the film (such as well-known atheist PZ Myers), they are unable to satisfyingly answer Comfort’s prodding questions.

We suspect that PZ will have something to say about that. The news continues:

“As you will see on “Evolution vs. God,”” Comfort stated, “not one of the experts could give me a whisper of evidence for Darwinian evolution. The movie is going to shatter the faith of the average believer in evolution, and strengthen the faith of every Christian.”

This sounds like it’s the greatest documentary ever made! Here’s one more excerpt:

“In 180 [Comfort’s documentary on abortion] we showed how Hitler got rid of the Ten Commandments and the God of the Bible,” he remarked, “but we didn’t bring out how he used Darwinian evolution to open the floodgates to the holocaust. Today, atheists are pushing Darwin’s little theory and it has opened the floodgates to abortion, fornication, pornography, homosexuality and adultery. If there is no God and we are just primates, then there’s no ultimate right and wrong. Anything goes as long as it gets society’s smile. 180 looked at one symptom. ‘Evolution vs. God’ looks at the cause.”

There’s more to the article — much more, but we’ll leave it to you to read it all. Nothing remains except for us to warn you: If Ray Comfort is right, then your evil evolutionist days are numbered. We suggest that you start looking for another job.

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12 responses to “Ray Comfort’s New Film — Retardation Alert

  1. Our Curmudgeon warns us:

    If Ray Comfort is right, then your evil evolutionist days are numbered. We suggest that you start looking for another job.

    And lo! I find my arms and hands are perfectly designed for harvesting bananas!

    Too bad the pay is crap…

  2. Megalonyx says: “I find my arms and hands are perfectly designed for harvesting bananas!”

    That does seem like it’s your best career move. As for me, I welcome our new creationist overlords, and I look forward to blogging in their service.

  3. Did Comfort plagiarize my ‘Autobiography of Charles Darwin’ in this ‘film’ the way he did back in 2009?

  4. docbill1351

    PZ blogged about this and said he couldn’t wait to see the edits!

  5. “If Ray Comfort is right, then your evil evolutionist days are numbered.”

    Thanks for the warning, SC. Does this mean I can stop waiting for the neighbor’s dog to have dolphin babies?

  6. You can find the video embedded in the following article at The Blaze. Warning, don’t go in there with any brain cell that you rally need.

    (Link intentionally disabled)
    three double-u’s.theblaze.com/stories/2013/06/28/evolution-vs-god-famed-evangelist-says-his-new-film-exposes-embarrassingly-stupid-ideas-behind-darwinian-theory-get-a-sneak-peek/

  7. Comfort’s ‘prodding’ questions is nice – the collocation is usually ‘probing questions’, suggesting a determined seeking out of bulls**t. ‘Prodding’ suggests (to me) mere repetition of a single theme, which no doubt is what Comfort does.

  8. The Cretard’s technique here could be characterised as Unintelligent Malign. It consists of asking a genuine expert a question that is so ox-stunningly stupid that, in the initial moments in which the expert is dumbfounded that so moronic a question can be framed, the question appears to be, not the blathering idiocy a moment’s reflection shows it to be, but some sort of Ace Serve.

  9. Pssst … Curmie, you still have Copyright 2012 on your posts.

  10. In a confrontational meeting, I think that it’s a good idea to use prepared statements rather than to rely on one’s ability to think on the spur of the moment. Don’t worry too much if you don’t have something prepared which precisely fits the question being asked – a good answer to a different question is better than an ill-prepared answer to the actual question.

  11. The Crimson Sphere observes: “Pssst … Curmie, you still have Copyright 2012 on your posts.”

    Egad! I think that’s just the past week or two, when I had to use an old backup copy of that stuff. I’ll check it out to see how far back the blunder goes. Thanks for letting me know.

    Addendum: The problem started on 23 June. Everything’s corrected now. Much appreciated!

  12. All I want to know is will it have Kirk Cameron sitting in a backwards chair? That’s what makes a good Ray Comfort movie in my opinion.