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We expected that by now we’d know the fate of North Carolina’s Bible Class Bill. The bill would allow local school boards to offer elective courses for credit on the Old Testament, the New Testament or a combination of both. It’s the brainchild of Senator Stan Bingham, and you can follow the bill’s progress here: Senate Bill 138.

On 27 February the thing was referred to the Committee on Rules and Operations of the Senate, and there’s been no action since. The legislature was scheduled to adjourn in early July, but they’re still in session, battling over taxes and budget issues. Until they adjourn, no one’s life, liberty, or property is safe, so we’ll keep watching this one.

In other news, the media pounding that poor old Ken Ham has been taking about his empire’s financial woes is continuing. Here’s an article at the website of Channel 12 in Cincinnati, which is right across the Ohio-Kentucky border from ol’ Hambo’s creationist fantasy land: Ark Encounter Project Delayed By Money Woes. They say:

Plans for the full-sized replica of Noah’s Ark in Grant County are moving forward but construction will not start this year.


The Ark project has enough money to continue moving forward with the design and architecture work — but not enough to build it. They’ve raised between $12 and $15-million. ” We need about $45-million to break escrow and start construction for a $60-million end project,” Zovath says. [That’s Ark Encounter’s project manager, Mike Zovath.]

And finally, to make your day complete, we found a press release about an event of galactic importance, involving two of the most monumentally influential intellects of our time — ol’ Hambo and Ray Comfort. The press release is Answers in Genesis to Host World Premiere of Movie that Exposes Evolution as Bogus Science.

That’s the same movie we recently wrote about here: Ray Comfort’s New Film — Retardation Alert, and now it has the backing of ol’ Hambo. This may be the biggest assembly of talent, brains, and intellect since Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man. One excerpt from the press release will motivate you to click over there to read it all:

In a recent blog, Ham said, “I’ve seen the movie, and it’s excellent – it’s extremely well produced. In fact I’ve watched it a few times. Everyone needs to see it — every adult and every young person. This movie helps reveal like never before how millions of students are being conned into believing evolution by the ‘priests’ of the evolutionary religion. It will reveal just how bankrupt evolution is and that students and professors alike can’t defend their faith in evolution when challenged with simple but profound questions.”

That’s all we have for you at the moment, dear reader, so go ahead and use the comments as an Intellectual Free Fire Zone.

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9 responses to “Miscellaneous News & Free Fire Zone

  1. Retardation Alert…….that title seem appropriate to anyone besides those “role models”?

  2. Why does it take 45 million to build a big wooden box? I’m sure Noah did it for waaaaay less.

  3. I’d rather watch Frankenstein Meets the Wolfman.

  4. MaryL says: “I’d rather watch Frankenstein Meets the Wolfman.”

    Women have always been fascinated by Frankenstein.

  5. This may be the biggest assembly of talent, brains, and intellect since Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man.

    Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein would probably be closer to the mark.

  6. Of course, dear Sensous Curmudgeon. The story WAS written by a woman.

  7. When you say women are fascinated by Frankenstein, are you referring to the Doctor or the Monster?

  8. Greg asks: “the Doctor or the Monster?”

    The monster, of course.

  9. Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein would probably be closer to the mark.

    Maybe Reebo and Zooty meet Abbott and Costello?