Ken Ham Is on a Mission from God

Our original opinion of Ken Ham (ol’ Hambo) was that he was nothing more than the proprietor of a roadside attraction — the infamous, mind-boggling Creation Museum, a facility primarily of interest to those with a peculiarly primitive version of religion.

But the more we see of his postings at the website of his on-line ministry, Answers in Genesis (AIG), the more we’ve come to realize that our opinion is definitely not how Hambo thinks of himself. He really does imagine that he’s the ayatollah of Appalachia. He believes, like the Blues Brothers in the video above this post, that he’s on a mission from God.

Observe Hambo’s latest post at the AIG website: How God is Using Answers Bible Curriculum to Change Lives. Yes, God is using ol’ Hambo as a divinely chosen instrument. We can’t take too much of this stuff, but we’ll give you a few excerpts, and we’ve added a bit of bold font for emphasis:

I so wish you could be with me when I speak at various church conferences, Christian conventions, and so on. After I speak, numerous adults, teens, and children come up to speak with me — and the testimonies I hear from them in regard to how this ministry has impacted their lives are astounding.

Nobody in Hambo’s world merely speaks — they give testimonies. He goes on:

A man came up later and told me that he really struggled with Christianity, but it was the AiG ministry that God used to turn his life around.

It brings tears to our eyes. Let’s read on:

Something else I have noticed in recent times — more and more people are telling me that their church is using the new AiG Sunday school curriculum, Answers Bible Curriculum (ABC). Many families have also told me they adapted it for their home Bible study.


But we didn’t have the funds to do this, but we stepped out in faith to begin the process — and as we did, God’s people began supporting this project. We’ve never had more than what we need — but with a small dedicated staff who have worked so sacrificially, we were able to launch the Answers Bible Curriculum this year

Verily, it’s a miracle! He continues:

It’s still a step of faith as we continue to write and produce the curriculum. But now thousands of churches and families are using it — and it is impacting lives in an amazing way.

How wonderful — a new generation of creationists! Here’s more:

We won’t know until we get to heaven all the lives that have been impacted by this curriculum and by all the other facets of the AiG ministry.

He won’t know with certainty until then, but he seems confident that he’s on the right path. And now we’ll skip to the end:

In all this, our aim is (as it has always been) to equip God’s people and to lead people to the gospel of Jesus Christ so they will be in heaven with us.

See what we mean? He’s serious! Hambo really does believe that he’s been chosen to save Christianity — by remaking it into his own vision. To the extent that he succeeds, his followers will comprise a sect — possibly numerous — of culturally isolated, intellectually irrelevant creationists. Is that God’s plan? Is Hambo God’s instrument? Hambo seems to believe it.

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19 responses to “Ken Ham Is on a Mission from God

  1. You would think someone who is God’s chosen instrument wouldn’t have to beg for money every time they write an self-congratulatory missive on their web page.

  2. Let’s look at the positives for a moment. Hambo certainly isn’t Satan,though he may think I am. Dinosaurs lived with people,but kindly they ate veggies,not my peeps. Finally,these ideas being circulated,seem to show that this cultish Hamboner,has evolved away from poisoning the kool-aid to merely spiking it.

  3. “by remaking it into his own vision.”
    God’s vision.
    Fall to your knees and repent if you please.

  4. Hambo is playing his cards like anyone with an ailing business would. Keep a front up that directs attention away from the failing sideshow and attempt to shine a positive light on whatever comes to mind, and of course with Hambo, it would be himself.

  5. Realist1948

    Hambo concludes, ” …our aim is equip God’s people and to lead people to the gospel of Jesus Christ so they will be in heaven with us.”
    This ought to be fairly confusing even to the bible-believers. The gospels are in the new testament. Genesis is at the beginning of the old testament. Not much connection between them, IMHO. How is believing that humans and dinosaurs once lived together lead one to believing any of the (contradictory) accounts of Jebus presented in the four gospels? (Maybe it’s “If they’ll believe Genesis, they’ll believe anything?”)

    “I found Jesus. He was behind the sofa the whole time!” — from a bumper sticker sighted in a Chicago suburb.

  6. Was one of Ham’s brilliant articles just withdrawn from the Answers in Genesis site? The article pointed out that if one were to measure the age of the Empire State Building, one could get no definite answer from scientific tests done on the structure of the building itself. An eyewitness testimony, a historical report, would be needed! And the point is of course that we can’t know the age of the universe without the “eyewitness testimony” of the Book of Genesis.

    I was going to write a response making the following point: Believing that a 13.7 billion year old universe is “actually” 6000 years old is very much like believing that the 82-year-old Empire State Building was “actually” constructed 19 minutes ago (yes, I worked out the proportion …) An “eyewitness testimony” saying that the ESB was built 19 minutes ago is obviously worthless — why, the concrete wouldn’t have had time to harden yet!

    (This is where the Ken Ham equivalent starts to argue that I am making philosophical presuppositions about the laws of chemistry being the same 19 minutes ago as they are now. Maybe chemistry worked quite differently 19 minutes ago, allowing concrete to harden instantly? Anyhow, who am I to claim that the Empire State Building was not built 19 minutes ago, but around 1930? “WERE YOU THERE?”)

    But alas! The article in question seems to have disappeared from Answers in Genesis, though I believe I saw it there only a day or two ago. Am I looking in the wrong place? Or did the AiG team realize that this particular line of rhetoric maybe wasn’t what they wanted?

  7. H.K. Fauskanger asks: “Was one of Ham’s brilliant articles just withdrawn from the Answers in Genesis site?”

    This may not be the article you remember, but it covers the same subject: Two Kinds of Science.

  8. Some of the same rhetoric, yes (and even has the Empire State Building in it), but not the same. Hey, maybe AiG discovered that they were repeating themselves! That would be beneath their creationist dignity, obviously — so they had to delete the more recent article.

  9. So what Mr. Ham is implying is that it isn’t enough to admit that I am a sinner, to accept Jesus as my Lord and Savior; and to make honest and sincere effort to live a life in Christ. I’m still going to Hell if I don’t believe in the literal interpretation of Genesis.
    Yeah, okay sure.

  10. HKF writes: “… is very much like believing that the 82-year-old Empire State Building was “actually” constructed 19 minutes ago …”

    I did a similar calculation back in May for an AiG discussion of how the Ice Ages could be shown to have occurred within the 6000 year age of the Earth. I pointed out how this would put Noah’s Flood squarely in the middle of last week.

    Notice the trend: only in May it was last week, and now it’s only 19 minutes ago. It’s getting closer and closer! Any moment now we can expect THE CREATION to go whooshing past us into the future!! Don’t Blink!!!

    Dammit. I blinked.

  11. Ham is a delusional idiot.
    His PERSONAL experiences are meaningless.
    When he proves with verifiable evidence that there is a real gawd, we can start to talk. When he proves that the gawd he proves exist is the same as Jesus then we can really talk.
    When he proves with real evidence that magic exists then we can really get a conversation going and I will then turn to the dark side!
    Till then he is nothing more then a monkey as he is just throwing s**t around.

  12. Every time someone says ‘a mission from god’ I hear ‘pissed on by a dog’. But then that’s just me I guess.

  13. Realist 1948 – my observation of the Hammonites is that if you don’t accept Genesis 1 as Ham presents it, then everything that follows including the life and teachings of Yeshua would also not be acceptable, ie punch your ticket to the lake of fire. Talk about a perversion of the gospels. The sad reality is that there are so many Hammonites out there – while visiting last year’s Elkhart County Fair in Indiana, we happened upon a family who had a booth stocked with Ham’s and AIG publications. I hung around for a while to hear their schpeal, and there were numerous approving visitors. I engaged with a couple of questions, but resisted the temptation to embarrass them in public. I think that the underlying driving force is fear – if Genesis 1 is allegory, who is to say that MML&J are not also allegory? It’s a whole lot easier to be brain dead and listen to old Hambo than to try to understand the intent of 2000 + year old texts.

  14. Fauskanger, if you have the URL for the AIG article you desire, perhaps you could dig it up at the Wayback Machine? I use it all the time to prove creationists altered their web pages.

  15. The Biblical God lies to mankind on several occasions. Wouldn’t it make sense for him to choose a born liar like Ken Ham to spread the word?

  16. I agree with you, Douglas E. And I think it’s sad, because these Christians are so hung up on some piece of folklore that they’ve forgotten the main points of their Messiah’s message of love and brotherhood.

  17. Ah, here is the Empire State Building article I referred to above:

    As you will learn, there is no need to do any “origin science” examining how old a building may be, once you have “eyewitness testimony” about its age. Of course, they don’t mention that the “testimony” claims the massive skyscraper is 19 minutes old.

  18. As someone who believed exactly this for at least the first 18 years of my life, I sometimes forget that outsiders might not realise Ham thinks this way. I’m sure you’re right about this, and people trying to understand AiG will get further thinking this way than assuming he’s a straightforward con artist.

  19. he thing about the “eye witness testimony” is that Christians don’t even really have that. Whoever wrote Genesis wasn’t there at the world’s creation. Most of the Bible is composed of second-hand and third-hand accounts at the very least.