Anthony Weiner Free Fire Zone

We know what you want. We’ve tried to resist, but your incessant clamor is more than we can bear. Yes, dear reader, by popular demand we shall momentarily depart from our usual concerns to mention that Weinergate, about which we posted a couple of times two years ago — see First Weinergate, Now Curmudgeongate, and also Weinergate, “Expelled” Bankruptcy, & Rapture, has once again, ah, thrust itself into the news.

If you’ve been exploring a cave for the past few days, you can get a quick grip on the news from this story in the Washington Post: Anthony Weiner shrugs off calls to drop out of mayor’s race, presses ahead despite new scandal.

However, we must repeat here some rules that we imposed the last time this issue came up:

To protect the sensibilities of the ladies who visit our humble blog, and who enjoy our benevolent protection, we now declare that certain words and phrases can’t be used in connection with “Weiner.” They are:

… lets it all hang out.
… takes a licking (or beating, or thrashing, etc.)
… relies on his staff
… outstanding (or prominent, or impressive, etc., or their opposites)
… exposed (or revealed, etc.)
… drops out
… Congressional member

All right. You’ve been waiting for this. You’ve been demanding it. Now you have it. But please, don’t abuse our Curmudgeonly benevolence. Remember, this is a classy blog.

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31 responses to “Anthony Weiner Free Fire Zone

  1. gnome de net

    I wonder if Weiner will encounter stiff resistance maintaining his candidacy?

  2. I hear he is ahead in the polls, and is expected to win* out over the opposition.

    * stayin’ classy here.

  3. Tomato Addict says: “I hear he is ahead in the polls”

    If only he can stand up under the pressure.

  4. Curmie poses: “If only he can stand up under the pressure.”

    He does seem to be an upright kind of guy, and he has rigid supporters to help him stay the course.

  5. I hear Weiner will be campaigning furiously throughout the city, beating the meat markets, coffee shops and bodegas for votes.

  6. Leave it WorldNetDaily
    ELECTION 2013
    Weiner won’t pull out despite new sex scandal
    Sent pix to female fans for more than year after he left Congress

  7. I was hoping we could rise to the occasion, but I guess it was just too hard for people to resist making those kinds of comments.

  8. This is a classy blog? What the !@#$ am I doing here?!

  9. MaryL asks: “This is a classy blog? What the !@#$ am I doing here?!”

    You got class.

  10. Thank you, dear Sensuous Curmudgeon. Like knows like.

  11. I understand that Weiner is wooing Eric Holder for a Prez/VP run – I know that I would buy a bumper sticker! 🙂

  12. This Weiner phenomena may well be related to “implicit egotism”, in the same way that many people named Dennis become dentists and people named Louis are disproportionately likely to live in St. Louis for example. (Check out this link: Weiner is just living up to his name a victim of implicit egotism. As the ancient Greeks knew full well, the nomen is the omen.

  13. Bob Carroll

    Reminds me of Major Major from Catch 22 (I think).

  14. Charles Deetz ;)

    I bet the women hope he comes in last. Place that is.

  15. He’s been caught but he’s going to stick it out.

  16. @Mary

    It’s a classy blog so long as you don’t rub Curmie the wrong way, or cast aspersions on his asparagus.

    Although Weiner has maintained a certain rhythm in this campaign, clearly he has to pull out. He’s disgraced himself twice and deserves everything he has coming.

    And, thanks to Google, I climax with this ribald anecdote attributed (wrongly by me) to Samuel Johnson:

    There is a ribald anecdote about one of the world’s greatest dictionary makers that I would like you to explore. The tale claims that the lexicographer Noah Webster had a secret libertine inclination. One day his wife returned home and was shocked to discover him caressing and osculating the chambermaid.

    The wife cried out, “Noah! I am surprised!” The stunned man’s reflexive thought patterns were immediately engaged, and he replied, “My dear, you must study our beautiful language more closely. It is I who am surprised. You are astonished.”

  17. Completely off-topic, or maybe back on topic, or just for the hell of it:

    Somehow I missed this beauty when it first appeared.

  18. But, seriously folks, we should get back to the topic of evolution.

  19. That is hot news indeed, Doc Bill.

  20. It’s getting worse for Weiner: Weiner admits to more online relationships, as new poll shows support falling, so we all need to pull together and support him. His sexting screen name was “Carlos Danger.” To show that I’m with him all the way, for purposes of this thread you may call me the “Dangerous Curmudgeon.”

  21. He can’t keep up his poll? He’ll have to pull out.

  22. Doc Bill, I’ve never cast any apersions on anyone’s asparagus. If I did, they might keep it all to themself which would hurt because I think asparagus is delicious. One of our German Shepherds did, too.

    Weiner may have helped himself if he pronounced his name Whiner, as it would be pronounced in German. Might fit him better, too.

  23. retiredsciguy

    @Douglas E : Is your Weiner/Holder ticket idea original? Beautiful!

  24. retiredsciguy

    TA, thanks for the link to the bashing of the ID kneecap. Says it all.

  25. rsg – I have to give a hat tip to a cousin in Indiana – no idea if it was his idea, but knowing his wit, would not be surprised.

    Also – Troy – I believe the Dennis Dentist data has been debunked.

  26. Jay Leno had a good line about Weiner — “Hey! What politician doesn’t send out junk mail??”

  27. retiredsciguy asks: “Douglas E, Is your Weiner/Holder ticket idea original? Beautiful!”

    I agree, and although it’s not as clever, and would require someone to switch parties, you might consider the possibilities if Speaker Boehner teamed up with Weiner.

  28. Dick Cheney gave a surprise endorsement of Weiner today,leaving the rep party in quite a sticky wicket. They came together to decide how to bone up sufficient resources to squash a lame dick,er duck candidate. After much stroking of egos they decided to just let Weiner limp thru the process. The private parts of his life will probably come out sooner or later anyway.

  29. @SC: Well, yeah, but “Boehner” is pronounced “Bay-ner”. Works visually, though.

  30. retiredsciguy says: “Works visually, though.”

    No problem. If you don’t like “Boehner” there are many more. Here’s a list of other possible running-mates for Weiner, from the currently serving US Senators. In some cases, Weiner’s name should be at the top of the ticket, in others his name works better if he’s number two:

    Roy Blunt, Missouri
    Barbara Boxer, California
    Saxby Chambliss, Georgia (think about that one)
    Al Franken, Minnesota
    Ron Johnson, Wisconson
    Angus King, Maine
    Jon Tester, Montana
    Ron Wyden, Oregon

  31. retiredsciguy

    Tag line at end of Anthony Weiner’s emails:

    “Sent from my iPud”