WorldNetDaily Promotes Stephen Meyer’s Book

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We heard the blaring sirens and saw the flashing lights of our Retard-o-tron™, so we rushed to the computer and found it locked onto an article in WorldNetDaily (WND). It’s in their honor that our jolly buffoon logo is displayed above this post.

The Retard-o-tron™ had found an article titled Explaining ‘Darwin’s Doubt’. It’s a WND “Exclusive” by Jerry Newcombe, described as “the co-host of “Truth That Transforms with D. James Kennedy” (formerly “The Coral Ridge Hour”) and spokesman for Truth in Action Ministries (formerly Coral Ridge Ministries).”

The wonderful thing about this WND article is that it’s about something we’ve discussed before, most recently here: Stephen Meyer’s Book — How’s It Selling?

Yes, dear reader, it’s true — WND is jumping on the Discoveroids’ bandwagon with all-out praise for Stephen Meyer’s book, Darwin’s Doubt. They must be thrilled in Seattle. At last, their work is achieving the recognition it deserves. We don’t need to give you too many excerpts, but we’ll give you a few, with bold font added by us for emphasis:

Every time I log into a computer and have to enter my password, I’m reminded of how impossible evolution is. One little mistake on the keypad and I can’t log in. There’s even a website where I seem to be in permanent “log-in purgatory.” I can’t log in ever. Granted, it’s operator error. But still …

What does that have to do with anything? Here it comes:

How does this tie to evolution? Because if evolution were true, then we are to believe a whole series of complex sequences managed to get everything right – repeatedly. To use a clichéd example: It would be like a monkey typing at random and coming out with the complete works of Shakespeare without any errors.

Wowie — Newcombe’s got a great point there! Just think — the whole genome had to be assembled perfectly, right from the start, with no errors! Then he says:

There’s a new book on evolution that is getting a lot of attention – and deservedly so. It is “Darwin’s Doubt” by Stephen Meyer. If you’re familiar with the topic, the subtitle is very clever – “The Explosive Origin of Animal Life and the Case for Intelligent Design.”

We’re going to ignore all the gushing praise of the book. Wait — this is good:

This problem for Darwinism is not just in the fossils. The so-called missing links are still missing. But Meyer also notes, “It’s this deeper problem of coming up with a mechanism that explains complex animal life, especially in the wake of all the things we discovered in the last 50, 60 years in biology about the importance of information – digital code and other forms of information that are stored in DNA and elsewhere in the cell.

Not only are all the missing links still missing — Warning: if you value your soul, don’t look at Wikipedia’s List of transitional fossils — but there’s also the mystery of where all that “information” came from. On that vital point, Newcombe quotes Meyer:

Meyer adds, “It’s just like in computer science. If you want to have a new function on your computer, you’ve got to have lots of code, lots of instruction. If you want to build these complex animal forms, we now know, you need information, you need instructions. And that’s the crucial question that is really creating an impasse in evolutionary theory. Where does that information come from?

And then Newcombe wraps it all up with this magnificent line:

Oh, I get it – “In the beginning was the Word …”

So that‘s where the information came from! What a powerful ending! Now that WND is solidly supporting Meyer’s book, it won’t be long until all those pesky Darwinists are humiliated into silence. We’re delighted to see the different versions of creationism coming together at last.

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12 responses to “WorldNetDaily Promotes Stephen Meyer’s Book

  1. One problem with Meyer’s book for evolution-deniers. There is nothing in the book that casts doubt on common descent within large swaths of life on Earth. Even if every word in the book is correct and relevant and insightful, macro-evolution over the last few hundred million years unites the vertebrates: terrestrial air-breathing vertebrates are descended from “fish”; mammals are descended from “mammal-like reptiles”; and there is a ancestral line of humans for millions of years among the primates.
    If this book represents the present acme of evolution denial, then the “controversy” is pointless. Except for those who are deeply concerned about trilobites.

  2. Charles Deetz ;)

    All this demand for a source of information! What a burden.

    In everyday terms, I’d ask how all the cells of a flower get the information to work together to point towards the sun. Or that wasp someone posted about yesterday.

  3. Off topic, but I wonder if creationist will crow about Darwin being replaced with Jane Austin on the £10 note?

  4. I wonder if Meyer is aware that life existed on this planet for 3 billion years or more prior to the appearance of trilobites. The idea that all this “information” arose instantly discounts the enormously long history of life – a history in which life existed in single-cell forms, growing multiple generations per day, exchanging genes and various other molecules, etc. Multicellular life also arose long before the Cambrian, in the Ediacaran, as evidenced by the fossil record. By the time Meyer’s “complex animal forms” arrived on the scene in the Cambrian, all of the information necessary to form multicellular animals with specialized cells etc. had been in place for millions and millions of years.

  5. Troy, I doubt whether most creationists have read Jane Austin, but then I doubt whether they have read Darwin either.

  6. I wonder if the creationists have a rule that no one can mention the “Infinite Monkeys” axiom? Evolution doesn’t seem to need anywhere near an infinite amount of monkey digits manipulating typewriters to produce viable species.

  7. A more serious point. Is it not amazing that the great designer managed to create such a vast array of animals and plants, that all function in their environments, despite their genomes being riddled with errors and using this DNA stuff that mutates on every copy. She really just managed to do it by the skin of her teeth – one more error and the creature is dead.

  8. Stephen Kennedy

    WND makes it sound like the Cambrian was a brief instant in time during which gradual processes would not have had time to take place. In reality, the Cambrian extended from 541 mya to 485 mya, a period of 56 million years. That was plenty of time for many gradual changes to happen. Look at how much mammals have evolved over the past 56 million years. It did not take that long for whales to evolve from purely land animals to purely marine animals.

  9. This whole comparison with computer code and literary works is terrible. Biological information is nothing but chemistry, the others aren’t. Chemical reactions happen spontaneously in the right environmental conditions. No God is required for DNA to form and for proteins to form from DNA.

  10. But, Stephen Kennedy, it’s called an explosion. And an explosion is fast. Thus there was not enough time. Because explosion. So the Cambrian Explosion refutes evolution.
    (On a Dutch forum I have met this kind of logic).

  11. Everyone please read TomS’ comment above. That needs to be drummed in to the ~50% of the public that is not hopelessly in denial of evolution, but still has vague doubts due to lack of understanding and/or interest, and constant bombardment by misleading but catchy sound-bites.

    The irony of WND endorsing Meyer’s book is compounded by the fact that even the Discoveroids – arguably even more anti-evolution and paranoid than WND – think that they are crazy. Medved often ridicules them on his radio show, which as you might know has a recent weekly Discoveroid hour that is now putting names (Meyer, West, Luskin, etc) on the misleading sound bites that have been trickling down to fool the public. The favor is often returned, because WND peddles a strictly young earth (& Biblical) position, and has in the past denounced the DI’s “don’t ask, don’t tell (what happened when or whodunit)” approach. I even emailed WND’s Joseph Farah a few years ago, after reading one his paranoid rants against evolution that pretended that ID and OEC didn’t exist. In a personal response he admitted that he thinks “they’re wrong too.” But apparently not wrong enough to devote “equal time” to refuting their “science.”

    WND is desperately trying to seek shelter in the big tent. Please don’t squander this golden opportunity.

  12. Ed: “I wonder if Meyer is aware that life existed on this planet for 3 billion years or more prior to the appearance of trilobites.”

    On Medved’s radio show he admitted being aware of it, and in full agreement with it. Of course none of that detracts from the fact that he uses and/or endorses every trick in the book to peddle unreasonable doubt of evolution.