Creationist Voyeurism: Case #7

Creationist voyeurism

Creationist voyeurism

As our title suggests, this is the latest in our series on creationist voyeurs. Our last post on this sordid topic was Creationism-Voyeurism Update: 22 June 2013. That has links to all relevant earlier posts.

But you already know what this is about — our scientific hypothesis that there may be some heretofore unsuspected disorder which we call Creationism-Voyeurism Syndrome (CVS). In honor of the first case we learned about, it can also be called the McConaghie syndrome — see Creationist Suspected of Bathroom Voyeurism.

Our hypothesis explores this question: Is there something deep within the creationist brain that causes such perverted behavior? Or maybe creationism isn’t the trigger; perhaps there’s some disorder that produces both creationism and voyeurism? We don’t know, and we realize that at this point we’ve collected only a few of these bathroom voyeurism cases — and not all of them were reliably reported as being creationists. That’s understandable. Except for preachers, where the creationism is obvious, few perverts are asked about creationism.

The evidence keeps piling up — especially on slow news days when there’s nothing else to write about. Today’s news is actually a week old, but we were saving it for the weekend. We learned about this one in the Belfast Telegraph, which has the largest circulation of any newspaper in Northern Ireland. Their headline is Police probe camera find in Civil Service disabled toilet.

The police don’t have a suspect, so we can’t definitely attribute this incident to a creationist — not yet. Nevertheless, the parallels to earlier cases are rather striking. For one thing, it’s a toilet camera — a device which has been linked to creationists before. And as in the case of David McConaghie, the voyeurism occurred in a government office in Northern Ireland, where creationist political influence is extremely strong. So until we learn otherwise, we’ll consider this as another supporting datum for our hypothesis. Here are some excerpts from the news story, with bold font added by us:

Police are investigating after a hidden camera was found in disabled toilets at a busy Civil Service building in the heart of Belfast. … It was discovered in a section of the building housing the Social Security Agency. The device had been placed under a sink in disabled facilities on the ground floor.

One more excerpt should be sufficient:

A spokeswoman for the Civil Service said: “The Social Security Agency can confirm a camera was found in the toilets of one of its Belfast processing centres. On discovery of the device, agency management immediately contacted the police and the matter is now under police investigation. This office is not accessed by members of the public. Staff have been informed and revised security arrangements have been put in place.”

So there you are. It seems only prudent to warn our readers to avoid the bathroom facilities in all creationist establishments, and in Northern Ireland that would also include government buildings.

In closing, we want to thank the elves in the art department at your Curmudgeon’s operations center. They have labored mightily to develop the logo which adorns this post. It was a difficult assignment for the little fellows, but now we can use it for all future cases of Creationism-Voyeurism Syndrome.

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3 responses to “Creationist Voyeurism: Case #7

  1. Spying on disabled bathroom users assuming privacy is especially a convincing sign of CVS. We have already been told failing eyesight is due to sinful nature,how much worse could a legally handicapped person potentially be? A little bathroom break during work would be the perfect time for some refreshing Satan worship,snorting cross shaped lines of “stuff”,flushing a few bible pages,and rehearsing how you plan to ENFORCE your atheism on your coworkers. It almost seems downright un-christian not to install cameras in those bathrooms.

  2. Our Curmudgeon indicates

    …we realize that at this point we’ve collected only a few of these bathroom voyeurism cases

    Nonetheless, the data points accumulate–so persevere! Darwin patiently accumulated evidence for over twenty years before he was confident his theory was both correct and robust enough to publish.

    Of course, you might someday get a letter from some Wallace-like Curmudgeon who has independently been labouring on a Theory of CVS–in which case, we are all here to attest to your claim of primacy in this vital research!

  3. retiredsciguy

    “Civil Service Building”…”heart of Belfast”…

    Sounds like the work of an urban planner.