Creationist Voyeurism: Case #8

Creationist voyeurism

Creationist voyeurism

This is the latest in our series on creationist voyeurs. Our last post on this sordid topic was Creationist Voyeurism: Case #7. That has links to all relevant earlier posts.

Each of these case studies supports our scientific hypothesis that there may be some heretofore unsuspected disorder which we call Creationism-Voyeurism Syndrome (CVS). In honor of the first case we learned about, it can also be called the McConaghie syndrome — see Creationist Suspected of Bathroom Voyeurism.

The details of today’s case are found at the website of television station WBNS-TV, channel 10 in Columbus, Ohio. Their headline is: Former School Theater Instructor Sentenced To 4 Years On Voyeurism Charges.

A theater instructor? One of those was an earlier data point in our study — see Another Creationist Toilet Camera Case. That one taught music and drama at a school in the UK.

Our British readers will be relieved to learn that, unlike several others, today’s case arose in the US. Here are some excerpts, with bold font added by us:

A former theater teacher accused of videotaping girls in a locker room was sentenced to four years behind bars on Thursday. Lawrence A. Dibble, 44, was a staff member at the Wellington School in Upper Arlington. He was accused of secretly videotaping girls undressing starting in 2002 and inappropriately touching one girl.

Locker room, bathroom, this case fits the pattern. The Wellington School is in Columbus, which explains the local TV coverage.

Dibble’s victims were all young girls. The story provides descriptions of the girls’ testimony, and you may want to read that for yourself. This is a scientific study, so we’ll skip over the titillating details. Here’s the part that is of particular interest to us:

Dibble, who had been living in New Hampshire since his arrest, was given the opportunity to speak in court. He declined. Instead, the pastor from his church in New Hampshire spoke on Dibble’s behalf.

Ah, the voyeur’s preacher enters the story. Let’s read on:

Pastor Darin Shaw of Christ’s Church of Amherst said that Dibble has been attending his church for about three years and has been transparent and open with him from the start. “His remorse and his regret over these offenses, his repentance is genuine,” Shaw said.

His remorse is genuine. How very nice. Okay, this is where we have yet another scientific test of our hypothesis. We need to know if Dibble is a creationist, because our hypothesis explores this question: Is there something deep within the creationist brain that causes such perverted behavior? Or maybe creationism isn’t the trigger; perhaps there’s some disorder that produces both creationism and voyeurism?

Our investigation drove us to find a link to the voyeur’s church: Christ’s Church of Amherst. A bit of searching led us to their Statement of Faith. There are ten items, all of which begin with “We Believe.” Item number 1 declares:

[We Believe:] (1) The Scriptures, the Old and New Testaments, to be the inspired, inerrant Word of God, the complete revelation of His will, and the divine and final authority for Christian faith and life.

That’s sufficient. They’re creationists, and so we have yet another case predicted by our hypothesis. This is our final excerpt from the news story:

[Despite the statement from the voyeur’s preacher] Judge Timothy Horton determined four years of prison was necessary for Dibble. Dibble’s attorney says his client plans to appeal the decision. Dibble must register annually as a sex offender for 15 years.

In closing, we once again advise our readers to exercise extreme caution when using public bathroom facilities, and whenever possible, don’t use them at all in known or suspected creationist establishments.

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8 responses to “Creationist Voyeurism: Case #8

  1. Does the pastor’s quote imply he knew of Dibbles illegal activities and made no move to protect the victims?

  2. Dean asks: “Does the pastor’s quote imply he knew of Dibbles illegal activities and made no move to protect the victims?”

    The story isn’t very clear, but it seems the crimes were in Ohio. After Dibble was charged with the crimes, he lived in New Hampshire for three years waiting for the trial, and that’s where he met the preacher.

  3. Our Curmudgeon mercifully notes

    Our British readers will be relieved to learn that, unlike several others, today’s case arose in the US

    Amen to that, brother!

    But–as intrigued as I am by your Creationism-Voyeurism Syndrome (CVS) hypothesis (and the mounting number of data points which appear to support it), I still have some reservations. Chiefly, my objection is:

    If Perverts come from Creationists, why is there still a Casey Luskin?

  4. Megalonyx asks: “If Perverts come from Creationists, why is there still a Casey Luskin?”

    What you’re really asking is that if creationism and voyeurism are indeed linked, why are the Discoveroids still running around loose? That’s like a creationist asking why we don’t have even more transitional fossils than we already have. I must put it to you — How many data points must I assemble before my hypothesis has earned credibility?

  5. Any relation to Officer Dibble? 😉

  6. Aren’t the Creationists and Fundamental Xians the ones who ask, “What about the children?” I’d say we have one church’s answer to that.

  7. Hey S.C. Thanks for the mention. While I don’t agree with your conclusions, I admire your loquaciousness. Great looking site/blog, too. Regards–

  8. Thanks for visiting us, Darin Shaw.