Springboro Creationist Kelly Kohls on Glenn Beck

The last time we wrote about Kelly Kohls, the creationist nutritionist who is president of the School Board of Springboro (a suburb of Dayton, Ohio), and also head of the local tea party organization, was Springboro School Board: Kelly Kohls Is Retiring.

We assumed that with her retirement from school board politics, we wouldn’t be hearing much about the creationist nutritionist — but we were wrong. She definitely has ambitions for higher office. In the Dayton Daily News of Dayton, Ohio, we read Kohls to appear on Glenn Beck show.

BWAHAHAHAHAHA! The Glen Beck show! What’s it called — The Flat Earth Hour? Here’s one of our earlier posts about him: Glenn Beck Ain’t No Kin to No Monkey Let’s see what the news story says:

Kelly Kohls, president of the Springboro school board and the Warren County Tea Party, is to appear today with Glenn Beck on The Blaze, a news and opinion network, according to the local tea party.

She’ll appear today? No, not quite. The story is dated yesterday, but it just popped up in our news sweeps. Sorry about that, but we’re at Google’s mercy.

Hey — Beck’s show is called “The Blaze”? That’s very appropriate for a flaming creationist. And we see that the hot news flash was released by the local tea party — the same bunch that elected the creationist nutritionist as their president. Had they released their news a day earlier, we would have been able to — well, let’s not dwell on that.

Anything else of interest in the Dayton Daily News? Ah, they tell us the topic of the show:

Kohls is to speak on Common Core standards, new national guidelines for students, during the show, airing at 5 p.m. Friday, Eastern Standard Time.

Wikipedia has an article on that topic: Common Core State Standards Initiative, and as we informed you earlier, Ken Ham Is Furious at Bill Gates because Gates is supporting that project, particularly the “Big History” part.

That’s nothing else in the news story. Too bad we didn’t learn about this sooner, but we wouldn’t have watched it anyway. We have enough quite enough foolishness to deal with. Perhaps there’s a video somewhere. We won’t look for it, but if you know of such a thing, give us a link.

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7 responses to “Springboro Creationist Kelly Kohls on Glenn Beck

  1. I guess it’s the “train wreck” phenomenon that keeps me interested in talk radio. Even though every interview is a predictable authoritarian love-fest, with host and guest pretending to advocate the “conservative” position on all issues. Rarely does the topic of evolution come up, but when it does, the unrepentant “liberal” in these people comes gushing out. Whining about “fairness” and “open-mindedness,” all the while demanding “handouts” to teach what (1) has not earned the right to be taught, (2) misleads students and (3) feeds their paranoid dependencies.

  2. Man, that was one of your best headlines ever–right up until I realised you meant:

    Springboro Creationist Kelly Kohls on Glenn Beck show

  3. Given the Crushtian god’s alleged omnipotence, supreme benevolence, omniscience, omnipresence and all-encompassing perfection, I harbour a sneaking suspicion that there’s a conceptual oxymoron lurking somewhere in “creationist nutritionist” — or could it be just an oxy-less moron?

  4. Ceteris Paribus

    @Megalonyx: But it was a reasonable reading of the headline, given SC’s previous article that Kohls was retiring her school board position.

  5. I think we should grant all creationists the honorary title of nutritionist. Then we can abbreviate for practical purposes to creationist-nut whenever referencing them.

  6. @Dean: “Creati-nut”?

  7. @Gary – Works for me!

    @S.C. – Thanks for cleaning up that mess I created.