WorldNetDaily Goes Wild Over Ray Comfort

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We’ve posted a few times about the creationist “documentary” by Ray Comfort, who is best known for his starring role in Ray Comfort’s “Banana video”. Our most recent post was Food Fight: Ray Comfort vs. Richard Dawkins.

We thought there was nothing left to say, but then the Retard-o-tron™ started going wild because it had found an article in WorldNetDaily (WND) — thus the jolly buffoon logo above this post.

WND’s article is Watch evolutionists stumble over theory’s ‘proof’. We’re not told who wrote the thing. It doesn’t matter, but someone should want credit for it. It’s absolutely the best thing we’ve ever seen at WND — and we’ve seen a lot!

The article is long. It’s got videos. It’s got links. It’s got everything! We’ll only give you a few excerpts. That should be sufficient to get you to click over to WND and marvel at what’s going on in this world. We’ve added a bit of bold font for emphasis, and we’ve omitted WND’s links. Okay, hold on to your hat. Here we go:

Imagine having a worldview that permits rape, murder, homosexuality, pornography, abortion, blasphemy and adultery.

Oh boy — where can we sign up? Please, WND — tell us more!

Now imagine this worldview being taught to generation after generation and how it would eventually destroy the foundations of any nation. And imagine if it was taught as legitimate science.

Admit it, dear reader — this is the greatest ever! Let’s read on:

Such is Darwinian evolution, according to the maker of a new DVD, who says it was Hitler’s hidden catalyst, and it’s the catalyst behind atheistic evolution’s insidious and concerted effort to rid this nation of God and any moral accountability.

Do you really need us to excerpt any more? No, not if you have courage. If you do, then you’re probably ready to visit WND right now. But we’ll give you just a little bit more to overcome any reluctance you may still have:

Then envision one man taking a camera to American’s leading evolutionary scientists at UCLA and USC, and holding their feet to the fire for scientific evidence for Darwinian evolution. Imagine seeing these renowned experts flounder like a fish in a dry desert because they couldn’t produce any scientific evidence to back it up.

BWAHAHAHAHAHA! Watch them flounder! We continue:

Think of it – a bold and revolutionary movie that overturned Darwinian evolution within its first 16 minutes and exposed it as being bogus science. Imagine it. That would be huge news in the scientific and academic world – where it is enthusiastically embraced as legitimate science.

One final excerpt:

That movie exists. It’s Christian evangelist Ray Comfort’s “Evolution vs. God,” a DVD that has become one of the hottest topics online.

Okay, that’s more than enough. You’re on your own now. The big question is: Do you have the courage to click over there? The most audacious among you might, but for the rest — frankly, we doubt it. You can’t handle The Truth!

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19 responses to “WorldNetDaily Goes Wild Over Ray Comfort

  1. I think we know who wrote that…

  2. “There’s no argument for absolutely forbidding…”, Unless you happen to discover the legal system which seems to forbid a large variety of deviant acts. But of course R.C. needs to hear the voice in his head issuing edicts before he can behave.

  3. Yep, I remember in high school biology class being taught that, because of evolution, we are all free to go out and murder, rape, and pillage all we want. Just ignore those pesky societal values, the secular legal system, common sense, and the rest of it because, after all, you won’t burn in hell for all eternity.

    Funny how countries with less religious belief, and greater belief in evolution, such as most European states, seem to also have lower violent crime rates than the U.S.

  4. Charles Deetz ;)

    The comments make my brain hurt. There is one John Bento valiently trying to defend the facts of our theory/religion.

    By the way, what chapter of Origins are we going to be studying and praying about at this Sunday’s service?

  5. Tut-tut, silly cretinists. “Flounder” is a fish. 😆

  6. WayBeyondRedemption....

    Whenever I catch Ray Comfort’s show, ”Way of the Master” playing on CTN Christian Network… I let it play just for the comic relief…….

  7. Pete Moulton

    That kind of reckless behavior will rot your mind, Con-Tester.

  8. Eh? Not being an obscurantist, I struggle with obscurity.

  9. WND Article bids us to

    envision one man taking a camera to American’s leading evolutionary scientists at UCLA and USC, and holding their feet to the fire for scientific evidence for Darwinian evolution

    OK, I’ve strapped on my Imagination Cap and am envisioning as hard as I can…and…Yes! Something is coming through!

    Look! Up in the sky! It’s a bird! It’s a plane!
    No! It’s BananaMan!!!

    Faster than the construction of Ole Hambo’s Ark! More convoluted than a DI blogger! Able to leap vast chasms of illogic in a single bound!

    Yes, it’s BananaMan, strange kiwi from a different reality who came to us with delusions and confabulations far beyond those of rational men!

    BananaMan, who can change the meaning of simple words, bend fruit in his bare buttocks, and who, disguised as Ray Comfort, dim-witted preacher for a great metropolitan Super Church, fights a never-ending battle for TRVTH, Jaundice, and the Calvinist Way!

  10. The reverse orientation of North America’s yellow sun caused his brain to melt giving him super mental infirmities, super illogicalities, and super inanities.

  11. So this is the B movie version of Expelled?

  12. Imagine worshipping a God that intentionally hardens the hearts of your enemies so that they’ll refuse your demands, thereby justifying Him to kill their first born children!

    Imagine worshipping a God that tells you it’s okay to slaughter every man, woman and child gets in the way of His chosen people settling their Promised Land!

    Imagine a worshipping a God who favors a man who was willing to offer his own virgin daughters to appease the sexual appetites of a mob of literal Soddomites!

    Oh, and remember, they teach evolution are teaching generations of people to be torturers, rapists, and murderers.

  13. I managed to read the whole article over at WND, and even made it through some of the comments… my initial feeling was one of “seriously?” but then I started to just feel sad that right now, in the 21st Century, this is still considered a valid debate by some people. Of course, that didn’t stop me from laughing at the “I didn’t come from no ape” comment lol. As for the argument that without god we have no moral compass, well that’s just plain ridiculous. How about just by being a decent person and knowing it’s wrong to rape, torture, steal, etc? In fact, as far as I am aware, the bible doesn’t say you can’t rape… but we all know it’s a hideous thing to do to anyone, just because it is. Be nice to everyone because it’s the right thing to do, not because you’re scared of what your invisible friend in the sky will do to you if you’re not

  14. Damn you, Megalonyx! There goes another keyboard covered in roast beef & turkey sandwich, with a nice coating of Mt Dew! Please provide a warning next time before you do something like that!

  15. Imagine this horrid thing. Imagine that horrid thing. Please stop making making Baby John Lennon cry.

  16. I’m with Lucy, the comments over there are just sad. No other word for it.

  17. WayBeyondRedemption....

    Thank you Megalonyx….. you put a smile on my face. Yes, Ray Comfort comes from the planet ”KRAPTON”……………

  18. Gary, you’re back on Mt Dew?

  19. LucyLastic: “…my initial feeling was one of “seriously?” but then I started to just feel sad that right now, in the 21st Century, this is still considered a valid debate by some people.”

    “Some people?” How about ~75% of adult Americans that have been fooled into thinking that it’s a “valid debate?” Yet only ~25% take Comfort and WND seriously (even the DI doesn’t). That leaves ~50% that is “salvageable” but nevertheless seriously misled. While those of who can quickly smell a rat in a WND rant, and in a much slicker one from the DI, are unfortunately a very small minority.

    If all we do is obsess over the hopeless 25% and “preach to the choir,” we are making even less strategic sense than WND! Anti-evolution groups shrewdly downplay their irreconcilable differences on such “minor” issues as the age of life and common descent, and unite to target and fool the ~50% “swing vote.” My own personal experience with that group is that most do change their minds if we calmly show them how they have been misled. It’s not easy, of course, because their misconceptions are due to a lack of interest in science coupled with misleading sound bites that quickly replace what little evolution they learned in school. But we have no choice. The alternative – to keep doing what we have been for decades – may win the court battles, but will continue to lose the more important one in the “court of public opinion.”