Expelled Writer Kevin Miller Is Expelled

We know, you’re wondering who Kevin Miller is. If you go to the Wikipedia article on the Ben Stein creationist “documentary,” Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed, you will see in a sidebar that Miller is listed as the film’s writer — along with Ben Stein and Walt Ruloff.

You may not recognize that last name either, but we once wrote: Walt Ruloff: The Man Who Bankrolled “Expelled”. Ruloff put up the money, Stein contributed his considerable box office appeal, and Miller probably did much of the actual writing.

With that background, it is with extreme amusement that we present to you some news which one of our clandestine operatives brought to our attention. It appears at the website of the Vancouver Sun, a major daily paper in British Columbia: Hell ignites fury at Trinity Western University. It says, with bold font added by us:

The Christian director of the acclaimed documentary, Hellbound?, has had his upcoming fall course cancelled at Trinity Western University because of his views about hell.

Trinity Western University is located in British Columbia, Canada. (Ruloff also lives in British Colombia.) The article doesn’t mention Expelled, but it’s not necessary; we know about it. We’re also told:

The Langley-based evangelical Christian university has cancelled Kevin Miller’s fall film-making course, claiming that his theology contravened the doctrinal statement of faith all faculty are required to sign. Trinity Western University’s statement of faith includes a theological commitment to hell as a place of eternal torment, Miller says. He does not necessarily believe that is the case regarding hell. So TWU’s administrators barred him from teaching the course he had spent months preparing.

Egad — the writer of Expelled had his course expelled from a bible college? It must be dawning on Miller that it’s not only Darwinists who punish thought crimes. Ironically, the alleged victims of academic brutality featured in Expelled weren’t actually expelled. They were either denied tenure and let go at the end of their contracts, or else they were merely criticized — see Expelled Exposed.

The Vancouver Sun links to and quotes extensively from Miller’s own blog where he describes the experience: Paying the price for my views on hell. At the end of that post, Miller lists Expelled as one of his accomplishments, so there’s no doubt we’re talking about the right man. Here’s one more excerpt from the news story:

This latest flare up raises the question: Is TWU a place of true academic freedom? That’s what TWU administrators consistently tell secular university and government bodies as they ask to be treated like any other university.

But what if, as critics contend, TWU is a place of significant restrictions on intellectual and worldview convictions? If it is, how should it be treated by governments and other authoritative bodies, such as The Canadian Council of Law Deans?

We don’t know how Trinity Western University should be treated by the education establishment in Canada. But it does seem appropriate that an institution which demands adherence to a Statement of Faith should be classified according to its own academic standards.

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27 responses to “Expelled Writer Kevin Miller Is Expelled

  1. I love the smell of Schadenfreude in the morning!

  2. Come on TWU, teach the controversy!

  3. I wonder if Miller is perhaps starting to see the point of Sartre’s observation about self-awareness, “L’enfer, c’est les autres.

    Or maybe he’s now of the opinion that “L’enfer, c’est la TWU.

  4. “Trinity Western University’s statement of faith includes a theological commitment to hell as a place of eternal torment, Miller says.”

    Oh dear, that’s priceless! What brain haemorrhagingly lovely people 🙂

  5. A university with a statement of faith! I guess it’s only for the faithful to attend.
    Why they have a problem with a certain view of hell is beyond ridiculous

  6. Seems to me a brief disclaimer in the schedule of classes stating that the some of the professor’s beliefs are at odds with the university would be sufficient.

  7. I will throw Miller one bone because I’m fair and balanced.

    Some years ago over at the Panda’s Thumb forum Miller turned up on the Expelled thread. To his credit he hung in there and after about 300 pages (it seemed) of badgering finally wrote that Sternberg hadn’t been expelled.

    I don’t remember if we got a “no” for everybody on the list, but at least Miller admitted there was no story behind Sternberg. Well, how could he other than lie and run, the documentation is extensive and clear on that event.

  8. DocBill, if you could dig up the link for that PT thread, I’d be obliged.

  9. Somewhere prior to this page.

    I comment here that Kev has already admitted lying about Sternberg so it must be a few days previous.

  10. Thanks Doc. You’re my crack dealer.

  11. So this guy is a Creationist Christian who doesn’t believe in the classical Hell. I imagine he believes that liars and propagandists don’t go there, since he has no problems being both of those things.

  12. Greg that has to be the one thing that bugs me the most about creationists. They can sit there and lie to my face about what the facts, and about other people. All the while standing there and telling me that they are better Christians than all the others who don’t believe. Than to add insult to injury they have the nerve to act like the injured party when someone points out there lie. Did they forget about the person they lied about?

  13. Would you be able to provide the link, or the title of the post where that happened?

  14. Whoops. Never mind. docbill1351 already answered that question. That’s what I get for going off and doing something else while in the middle of making a post!

  15. Can you imagine being handed a form to sign that had such insanities printed on it? I’d be in tears laughing in a few seconds. I’d just have to leave.

    I’m sure the policy regarding hell not just being really bad but that it’s actually really really bad, isn’t the only lunacy around there.

  16. I should have captured the actual “no” and I searched through the thread to no avail, and it might have even been on Kev’s now defunct website and, mostly, lost to the ether. He kept saying “watch the film” and when we came back and quoted him the script he wrote it was obvious he had no recourse but to duck and run or admit he lied about it.

  17. @Doc Bill: Here’s the problem for someone like Kevin when someone like me, who currently has a bit of free time on his hands, shows up:
    #1) He first showed up on 25 February 2008.
    #2) He first addressed Doc Bill on the 26th.
    #3) Here’s Kevin stating that “evolutionary theory is supposed to explain the origin AND diversity of life”>. (NOTE: Don’t take it as an insult, Doc, but he starts that statement with “You’re dodging the question, old man.” I thought he was referring to you. He’s not.)
    #3) Someone asked who Stein consulted with on evolution, biology and Darwin. His response was David Berlinkski.
    #4) In the same entry as the last one, he states that PZ Myers and Richard Dawkins aren’t afraid to conflate their science and religious views! (Oh, I love that one!)
    #5) He argues that the reason that ID is so “controversial” is that it claims that mind preceded matter. Um, oooooo-kaaaaaay.
    #6) He claimed that ID does not posit a supernatural designer.
    #7) This is my favorite: He makes that statement that as a “documentary filmmaker”, he’s under no obligation to be “objective”. Yeah, he had to say that explicitly. Otherwise, we would not have known.
    #8) Unfortunately, I can’t find the statement that Doc alludes to concerning Sternberg.

  18. SC, my previous post had a fair amount of links, which I believe was caught in your spam filter. Mind checking the posts in moderation?

  19. Thanks, SC!

  20. Fine job, Gary. Thanks, lad. 8)

  21. High Camp! Curmudgungous!

  22. ullrich fischer

    TWU is a Sunday School with delusions of grandeur. Nothing more. It is not even remotely a full service University.

  23. Doc Bill,
    I also could not find, on that thread, a place where Miller admits lying about Sternberg. I could only bracket, very broadly, the appearance of the accusation of lying:

    From the below, I would guess that if Miller admitted to lying about Sternberg, it was between April 9 and June 23, 2008, presumably not in the ATBC thread, possibly a Q and A, possibly on Kevin’s website http://kevinwrites.typepad.com/.

    Doc Bill comment, June 25 2011,13:06, page 114, “You already admitted you lied about Sternberg; no need to raise that again.”

    Doc Bill comment, Jan. 11 2009,15:18, page 96: “Since we all know that nobody was “expelled” in Expelled, and that Kev-0’s screenplay was a pack o’ lies, if only they had waited a year they would have had a bone fide Expell-o-rama person.”

    Doc Bill comment, June 23 2008,17:04, page 88: “Somewhere in a Q&A Kev-0 wrote that he knew that Sternberg wasn’t fired. Probably the only honest thing Kev-0 has written in years, but there you have it. That’s why Kev-0 is a liar. Kev-0 said the answer to that question was revealed in the film; it was not. Kev-0 wrote the screenplay, therefore, he knew at the time the answer to the question was not revealed. Ergo.”

    Doc BIll comment, June 21 2008,22:42, page 86: “Sorry, Kevin, but you have demonstrated yourself by your actions and deeds to be both a liar and a fraud.”

    Doc Bill comment, April 21 2008,18:34, page 62: “However, let us not forget that Ben Stein did not write this movie, Kevin Miller did…It’s clear now (not that it wasn’t before!) that Expelled is simply a series of lies strung together, lie after lie after lie, augmented by stolen intellectual property. Expelled is now expelled.”

    Doc BIll comment, April 09 2008, page 43, “By the way, Kev, you never did answer my question. From what was Sternberg expelled? It’s not explained in the film, although you lied and said it was. Perhaps you could direct us to the real person who wrote the screenplay and we could ask that person.”

    In the April 9, 2008, comment, it appeared Doc BIll had not yet heard of Miller lying about Sternberg.

  24. As for Kevin Miller lying about Sternberg, I found this now-dead link from his blog, archived at the Wayback Machine, original date April 21, 2008:

    Kevin Miller, April 21, 2008: “3. Was Sternberg fired from his position? No.

    4. Was the conclusion of the “congressional investigation” into the Sternberg matter consistent with the data presented in the appendix to the report? Yes and no. The seventy or so pages of e-mails definitely reflect the level of anxiety the Sternberg situation created for those in the Smithsonian and elsewhere. But there’s no way they can capture the anger and insinuation Sternberg faced at work every day as a result of the incident. That is well documented by Sternberg and Sauder, and I have no reason to doubt them as credible witnesses. In no way did going public about this help Sternberg’s career, so he has not motivation for lying that I can see. His life has been hell ever since this incident. ”

    — [Archived at: http://web.archive.org/web/20110717123213/http://kevinwrites.typepad.com/otherwise_known_as_kevin_/2008/04/a-brochure-for.html.%5D

    This, and other lies from Ben Stein, are discussed at Panda’s Thumb, circa April 2008: http://pandasthumb.org/archives/2008/04/where-ben-stein.html. Read the comments regarding Kevin Miller.

    Ben Stein said: “There are a number of scientists and academics who’ve been fired, denied tenure, lost tenure or lost grants because they even suggested the possibility of intelligent design. The most egregious is Richard Sternberg at the Smithsonian, the editor of a magazine that published a peer-reviewed paper about ID. He lost his job.

    Total contradiction between Stein and Miller.

  25. Does he at any point make the connection between being expelled and the film expelled? Or is he just immune to irony, like so many true believers ™

  26. So, I’m not insane. At least on that point.

    I was fascinated – borderline obsessive – about the Sternberg affair when it broke and followed every scrap of news I could find. I read that congressional report and all of the emails. One thing that jumped out was that the Meyer paper was the second time Sternberg had ushered a dubious piece of tripe into the same journal and he had been reprimanded about it by the board and told never to do that again! Sternberg was very sneaky about the Meyer paper, there’s no other way to put it. None of the associate editors saw the manuscript, it’s the only paper in that edition without an abstract, and the paper was missing from the galley proofs to doubly, triply ensure that nobody saw it. Finally, Sternberg had already ended his tenure as editor and this was his last edition. The Soc. couldn’t do anything to him.

    Of course, if Meyers manuscript had leaked out it would have been yanked immediately as evidenced by the Society pulling the paper the day the journal hit the streets.

    Many, many people like me who follow the creationist movement knew the full, documented story and Ed Brayton wrote a long piece covering every detail. With so much documentation out there, the only way Kevin could attempt to repair his ruined reputation was to admit it was a propaganda piece, and he finally did that and seemed to be moving to other projects. In the end I don’t think Kevin felt his experience with Stein and Expelled to be all that up-lifting.