WorldNetDaily: A Video by Molotov Mitchell

Buffoon Award

Until some genuine news shows up, you might amuse yourselves by watching a six-minute video that our new Retard-o-tron™ found. It’s at WorldNetDaily (WND) — thus the jolly buffoon logo above this post.

WND’s headline is A cult masquerading as science. The video features a name which is new to us — Molotov Mitchell. His style is, shall we say, explosive.

He spends the first half raging — literally — about how stupid atheism is. A goldfish could do a better job. Then he rips into evolution. We’ve never seen anything quite as bad — even Ray Comfort makes more sense. Compared to this, Rev. Rives looks like Einstein. WND, however, seems to think it’s brilliant stuff. Click over to WND and judge for yourself, dear reader.

As we always do with videos like this, we dedicate the comments section for your use as an Intellectual Free Fire Zone. You know the rules.

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14 responses to “WorldNetDaily: A Video by Molotov Mitchell

  1. WorldNutDaily continues to plumb the depths of stupidity.

  2. SPLC has some interesting nuggets on Molotov Mitchell here.

    Highlights include:
    – In 2011, he chided Christians who condemn Islamic Shariah law because it permits polygamy and the stoning of adulterers, noting that both are permitted in Christian Scripture.

    – Mitchell’s wife also posts on WND, under the name “DJ Dolce.” In 2010, she endorsed the thoroughly disproven theory that gay men were responsible for the Holocaust.

  3. It is as well that I am not an American Judge; I couldn’t trust myself to not abuse this power of penal sentencing: US man ordered to wear idiot sign as punishment

  4. One more burning addition to the Intellectual Free-Fire Zone, more details are emerging on the sad end of the last Plantagenet: Soil samples reveal Richard III suffered from roundworm

    Talk about lèse-majesté…!

  5. From the article that Megalonyx linked to:

    Dr Piers Mitchell, a biological anthropologist from Cambridge University, carried out the study.

    Yeah, but was he there!?!?! I didn’t think so.

  6. Since this is a Free-fire zone, and since Discoveroid Michael Medved thinks WND is as looney as we do, I need to vent. Did anyone catch Medved’s radio interview of Stephen Meyer today? He’s had Meyer and other ID sympathizers before, but after 5 minutes I had to turn it off. Meyer pulled at least 2 bait-and-switches of the definition of ID per minute. Even the caller who refused to take the bait was given the “last word” by Medved just before a commercial break. And just after the caller hung up Medved said that Meyer would respond after the break!!!

    For those of you still preoccupied with WND, Jack Chick, Ken Ham and the other buffoons, please pay more attention to the DI’s antics. The “bait-and-switch” I refer to here and in other comments is this: To the DI, ID is, depending on which point the want to make, either a “theory” that “subsumes” and “accommodates all the results of” “Darwinism,” or it’s an equivalent alternate explanation. But we know that it can’t be both. Yet Meyer kept trying to peddle both. The caller who was given the “last word” probably knew what was going on, but never got a chance to expose the fraud. But you can. Even if you are 100% convinced that evidence points “refutes design” there’s no need to “go there.” Instead just humor them and ask exactly what the designer did, when, where and how. And watch them pathetically try to weasel out of an answer. One that WND would have no problem answering.

  7. Ceteris Paribus

    @ Megalonyx: Lèse-majesté from the public disclosure of Richard III’s roundworm story is bad enough.

    But, crap, the poor bastard was just lucky that the [back] House of York wasn’t provided with a modern toilet-cam. Or the public would now be privy to views of his Royal Throne.

  8. Frank J asks

    Did anyone catch Medved’s radio interview of Stephen Meyer today?

    I am–and I think, mercifully am–far beyond the reach of those particular radio waves.

    But the redoubtable Klinghooper was a keen listener to that particular broadcast, and has now graciously shared with an eager world his pearls of wisdom thereon: On Darwin’s Doubt, Still Waiting to Hear from Big Shots in the Darwin Brigade.

    It’s a pathetic little dribble of a blog post; Klingy’s objection appears to be that neither Jerry Coyne, Richard Dawkins, or P.Z.Meyers had phoned in (Klingy’s apparent presumption here is that these Darwinists were too frightened so to do). He writes

    It would seem noble for the generals to go into battle alongside the ordinary foot soldiers, putting themselves at risk as well, instead of hanging back at a safe distance.

    Well indeed! Don’t these Darwinists realise the real issues of science are settled on radio phone-in programmes? Jeeez….

  9. And I’ve just spotted in Klingy’s articlette at the above link a cute little Freudian typo (which I’ve bolded):

    There was a caller who said he was a biology teacher in Ohio, and another from Woodinville, WA, who claimed to have an undergrad degree in biology. None of them faired very well.

  10. If a mystical deity was hiding out at the bottom of the ocean, the equally as plausible Octonauts would have informed us of its presence.

  11. I love Octonauts. Although, unfortunately, they look like plush animals, that TV show has arguably the best science of any kids’ show. I know… I have to watch a lot of them. It actually teaches me things about marine biology I didn’t know before. And it’s sometimes snarkily funny– like the blobfish episode. They even had an episode about the mantis shrimp!

  12. Hey, this Octonauts is good stuff! However, I think the reason they haven’t reported the presence of any deep-diving-deities is that everyone already knows about him.

  13. Tomato Addict, your internet habits are most peculiar. Fortunately, Homeland Security is watching you.

  14. That’s OK. Spongebob is watching them!