Creationist Madness in Scotland

The headline says it all: Parents’ outrage as extremist US religious cult hand out creationist books and preach to kids at Scottish school It appears in the Daily Record located in Glasgow, the largest city in Scotland. Here are some excerpts, with bold font added by us:

HORRIFIED parents fear an extremist religious sect has been trying to brainwash their kids after it was allowed to infiltrate a Scots primary school. A head teacher invited the US Church of Christ, which rubbishes evolution and counts homosexuality as a sin, to minister to pupils.

It’s deeply satisfying to see a church that “rubbishes evolution” being referred to as “an extremist religious sect.” Let’s find out what’s happening:

Many parents at 400-pupil Kirktonholme Primary in East Kilbride only realised their children were being exposed to the evangelical group’s agenda when kids brought home alarming books they had been handed at assembly. The creationist books, defended by head teacher Sandra MacKenzie, denounce the theory of evolution and warn pupils that, without God, they risk being murdered in a harmful, disgusting world.

We can imagine all the creationists about whom we frequently write, saying: “What’s wrong with that? It sounds like a great school!” Let’s read on:

Parents have called for emergency talks with education chiefs, where they will demand the sect’s removal from the school.

When the Scots get aroused, the results can be awesome. We continue:

One of the church members, Evelyn Galvan Graciano, 22, from Mexico, describes Scotland as “a place full of darkness and emptiness that is in a big need of Jesus.” And she has told pals she uses classes to get into the heads of Kirktonholme pupils. She said: “They all are very receptive and willing to listen and learn.”

How sick is this? Here’s more:

The Church of Christ, based in the US Deep South, believe the Bible predicts the future and is 100 per cent accurate. They have called Scotland “A Field Ripe for Harvest.” Church leaders told their US flock in a video blog about their “work” at the school, and claimed that, out of a population of 5.1million, Scotland has only 700 practising Christians.

We like Scotland. But do the men still wear kilts over there? Moving along:

At an assembly at Kirktonholme on Monday, the sect handed each pupil two books, one called Exposing the Myth of Evolution and another titled How Do You Know God is Real?

[Paul Sanderson, who has a kid in the school] told the Record he could not believe their content. He said: “They looked fair enough at a glance and one had a dinosaur on the front, but it didn’t take long to see they were spouting crazy, right-wing nonsense about how evolution never happened – real flat earth stuff. “The second book talked in such threatening terms about other religions, and compared those who didn’t believe in God to those who carry out abortions. “It was really creepy and alarming. I can’t believe these people could be allowed to infiltrate a school to this extent.”

We’re not even halfway through the news story, but we’ll quit here. Click over there to read it all. It’s a big clue as to what the creationists have in mind for schools in the US.

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25 responses to “Creationist Madness in Scotland

  1. Daily Record reports:

    “[Alex Gear] denied trying to indoctrinate children, saying: ‘We have not been trying to make people change their minds about anything. We believe information in the books is accurate and not otherwise in the public domain.’”

    Alex Gear is either criminally disingenuous or certifiably delusional. What sort of a result was he expecting to see after feeding this poison to primary school children? Critical appraisal and incisive interpretation, perhaps?

    Please will someone shed light on this mystery.


  2. Con-Tester speculates that

    Alex Gear is either criminally disingenuous or certifiably delusional.

    In the case of Creationists, the one does not exclude the other…

  3. And, for a little bit more info about the book:

    at Amazon
    at Barnes & Noble

    It was bad enough, yesterday, trying to ignore an item on this blog about an incident in Seaman, Ohio.

    Trying to ignore an item today about a Creationist ‘author’ named “Kyle Butt” is about killing me.

  4. I commend Megalonyx for his constraint. I, on the other hand, couldn’t help but think of the old adage about creationist authors from creationist towns: “You can take the Butt out of Seaman, but you can’t…”

  5. I was raised in the Church of Christ in the South and most of what this article ascribes to them is accurate. However, the Church of Christ is no more a “cult” than your average Southern Baptist congregation. That said, it is a very, very conservative evangelical religion that maintains that only members of their specific branch of Christianity are saved. (Hence the comment that “out of a population of 5.1 million, Scotland has only 700 practising Christians”.) There are some more progressive churches that accept evolution, but they are notable by their rarity.

    I wish US parents were as outraged by this sort of thing in public schools as the Scottish parents are.

  6. Who better for these creationists to intimidate than little children! Adults won’t put up with their gibberish, but children as fragile as these children were, are clearly being intimidated, a helpless audience! And the head teacher who invited these creationists should be discharged, immediately. Whatever is this school doing?

  7. One of the church members, Evelyn Galvan Graciano, 22, from Mexico, describes Scotland as “a place full of darkness and emptiness that is in a big need of Jesus.”

    Nah, the Jewish guy they need is Klinghoffer. Jesus would undoubtedly be a “Darwinist” today.

  8. US Church of Christ creationist poopyheads claim

    …out of a population of 5.1million, Scotland has only 700 practising Christians

    They mean, of course, “700 true Christians.” They’re probably still working out their census of how many “true Scotsmen” there are in Scotland…

  9. And as usual the True Christians will soon be screaming that they are being Pict on.

  10. Dean says: “they are being Pict on.”


  11. “We like Scotland. But do the men still wear kilts over there?”
    Scotland played Belgium today, (soccer). Yes, they’re wearing kilts.

  12. gaylestorm – I sent the article to some of my Church of Christ faculty friends at Pepperdine 🙂 One blamed it on Alabama [tongue in cheek since a couple of the folks there are from Alabama]. Pepperdine is no doubt at the liberal end of the C of C, with evolution being accepted and taught by the biology faculty, many of whom are C or C’ers. I think as you move east from Malibu, there would be less and less acceptance of evolution in the C of C.

  13. gaylestorm says, “However, the Church of Christ is no more a “cult” than your average Southern Baptist congregation.”

    I’m guessing that the average Scot would consider any of the American fundamentalist branches of Christianity to be a cult. And I’m not sure I can really blame them.

  14. Charles Deetz ;)

    Snip from Con-Tester’s snip: “We believe information in the books is accurate and not otherwise in the public domain.’””

    So this information isn’t in the public domain? Could it possibly have some groundbreaking creationist facts that we’ve been missing out on since 2005? Why not follow Bananaman around campus and give the book to PZ Myers, he’d love to get some real facts from creationists. What lame proselytizing going for the vulnerable Scottish youth.

  15. The British Empire Strikes Back!

    I had not realised until now that an inane British TV programme, Strictly Come Dancing, had some time ago been re-packaged as a retaliatory export to the US as Dancing with the Stars.

    With today’s announcement that Creationism Opponent Bill Nye Joins Dancing with the Stars, can we look forward to some real entertainment as your native creationist poopy-heads go into meltdown over Nye’s Tango and Paso Doble steps? Will they launch a campaign to either boycott the show, or else call for a mass mobilisation to vote Nye off?

    Could give them all the excitement they haven’t had since harrying Procter & Gamble to dump their ‘Satanic’ logo…

  16. Speaking as a European, I can back up Greg in his (implied, to be fair) supposition that in Europe, biblical literalism seems like nothing more than the outrageous ravings of crazy, potentially dangerous lunatics. Europe, even in its protestant parts, is very, very sparsely populated with people who would be willing to reject modern science and hedge their bets on the world being 6000 years old and from that age of the world somehow extracting the fact evolution is evil and immoral. So the newspaper calling this particular branch of Christianity an “extremist US cult” seems only natural. Heck, that much is obvious just from reading the comments to the article, and from the fact that out of 7 “Recommended in news” links on the side bar, 3 are connected to this whole fiasco – the story is being treated as the ungodly can’t-avert-my-eyes-even-though-this-is-horrible freak it is. The parents weren’t acting so much in outrage as in simple “WTF, mate, seriously?” disbelief, methinks.

  17. Yes some men in Scotland do wear a kilt

  18. I feel the same way when my children are brainwashed with false doctrine about evolution and homosexuality! These things, along with religion should be taught at home. The Daddy obviously a little over paranoid when his 5 yr old son cried because he took the books away from him…..the kid most likely cries anytime Daddy takes something from him. Today, over 2000 year old teachings are being questioned, criticized, and like the Bible says…..changed to fit the ears of those wanting it….. their way! I do not believe these people intended to hurt or damage these kids in any way. No more than the extreme H’athiests teaching our kids about magical explosions capable of creating everything so perfect for life to exist. No more than people forcing OUR kids to believe homosexuality is normal when many know different. No more than THOSE extremist teaching OUR kids that religion is wrong, the Bible is wrong, and being a Christian is wrong! No……these people that are Christianphobic are wrong! Again, some things need to be taught in the home! I would like to add that I am a CoC member. I do not see our members as extremists no more than those supporting any religion or belief. We are not like the extreme Muslims believing murder and suicide is the way to Heaven! We believe in the old way of things and what the Bible says…..not the H’athiests, not the gays, not the anti-Christ! The Bible also teaches us to beware of false prophets and those teaching what goes against the guidance of the Bible and GOD! Muslims can infiltrate Europe and that is not SCARY! A man dresses up like a Super Hero and shares the Bible and people flip out! Sad!

  19. Kaddish, there’s so much wrong in your rant that I’m not going to try respond to your ignorance of science. I will however state that you view that CoC members aren’t extremists is pointless. Cult members never realize they’re in a cult or that their views as well as their leaders are bat crap crazy.

  20. Once again I was thwarted by iPads auto correct. Apparently Apple doesn’t agree with Kaddison either.

  21. gaylestorm: “However, the Church of Christ is no more a “cult” than your average Southern Baptist congregation. That said, it is a very, very conservative evangelical religion that maintains that only members of their specific branch of Christianity are saved. (Hence the comment that “out of a population of 5.1 million, Scotland has only 700 practising Christians”.)”

    To maintain that only your tiny sect offers salvation is virtually the definition of a cult.

    Kaddison: And that’s a full-house in Religious Nutball Bingo!

  22. “Muslims can infiltrate Europe and that is not SCARY!”

    So Muslims trying to infiltrate Europe is scary to you, but your trying to infiltrate Europe is not scary, hypercritical attitude there you have.

  23. Flinton……….ALL CoC do NOT believe we are the only ones saved! I believe the Bible and any religion that follows its doctrine!
    I was NOT born in the deep south but in the deep heart of the Union and Democratic city of Peoria, Illinois!

    Paul S………you call me ignorant! I call the false teachings of Satans apostles about the world and science IGNORANT! No one can prove one way or the other. So I will continue to believe in the oldest doctrine and that is what the Bible teaches! You can believe in a MAGICAL explosion that created beauty instead of destruction. You can believe in Man evolving from a ape but the apes stopped evolving! Teachings of those that hate God and religion! I refer to them as H’atheists because they carry hate. As a Christian I learned it to be important to LOVE others but HATE the sin! All sins! I would know if I was part of a cult. I am intelligent and don’t need you to tell me otherwise, I am free to come and go. Free to believe as I want. Have studied with many others learning about different religions and I made the CHOICE to be part of this (what some refer to as a SMALL sector in Christianity). People within the CoC are not perfect. There are many with alcohol problems, drugs, marital problems, divorce, adultery, gambling, ect. These people are not condemned but loved. They are not told to go away. They are loved. Gays are welcomed but that wont change the message the preacher reads from the Bible about ALL sins! I don’t know what CoC you attended but I seeked until I found one I like. Come join us and be blessedly surprised!

    Flakey (as you refer to yourself) posting CoC specify they are the only ones saved is a UNTRUTH! The Church of Christ vary just like the Baptist, Mormons, and many other religions. Some have musical instruments while others sing accapello. Some have women teaching Bible classes and others don’t. Each CoC is NOT instructed to be part of one large group. Although we are similar we are also very different. Like any religion there are SOME extremists! I attend a wonderful CoC and Blessed to have a terrific Minister that is open minded to other churches! He rides a Harley, listens to rock music, and loves Jesus Christ. He will tell you it is not the sign on the door, but what is preached behind those doors, and what the people do when they leave there. As long as the Church is following the Bibles teachings!
    Charles Manson had a cult. CoC is NOT a cult. No one is forced to attend, believe, remain, or be a Christian. Gays and H’atheists feel threatened and being Christianphobic bigots AFRAID of the Bible and those that follow it! Because of their fear they have to attack and preach their own bigotry on others. Is that also a cult? Your group of unbelievers and slanderers sound like they are! There are many false prophets in the world today and many sharing the words of Satan! Mormons. Muslims, CoC, and many religions do not believe in homosexuality 1 Cor 6:9! We try to live our lives as the Bible guides us to do. The Bible also tells us as we near the end of times people will preach what their ears yearn to hear. People will do what they want. Christians will become HATED because of HIM! Mattew 24:9. I am NOT frightened, I am free to believe how I want, no one forcing me! The only fear is that people like you Flakey and others against religious freedom will TRY to stop people from meeting and sharing the word. Sharing is not forcing. Just like gays can share but not force their beliefs on me or my family. I fear the Government trying to stop my freedom of religion! I don’t fear life after I leave this world!
    Flakey…….Muslims infiltrating the world is scary because they kill innocent people. So yes, that is very SCARY!!!! They teach their own to commit suicide. (They too are against abortion and homosexuality)!!!! CoC does not believe in murder or suicide! We believe innocent babies within the womb of THEIR mother have rights they are being denied and need someone to speak for them. We speak out like ALL groups of people do. Pro Abortion, Anti Abortion, Pro GAY, ANTI GAY, RELIGIOUS FREEDOM, ATHEISTS, ect. Every belief has someone speaking out! Stop one……..stop them all! Take away that freedom!

    I am a descendant from Scotland John Erskine IV Earl of Mars. He fled Scotland almost 300 yrs ago due to Religious persecution!
    From “The Genealogical History of Washington DC #3007” William Erskine Marrs of Scotland (youngest son of one of the Earls of Mars) came to the colonies sailing from the Port of Bristol England to escape punishment. And spelled the name MARRS. (My GG Grandmother was Emily Marrs). “About the year 1720, William Erskine Marr, A Nobleman of Scotland (leaving a vast Estate in Scotland which none of the rights belongs to his American descendants), Emigrated to America in order to avoid being put to death of severe torture as a Religious Heretic. The dominant Religionist had passed his sentence that was that he be tied to the tail of a wild colt, and it be turned loose in the Streets of Edinburgh. To avoid this fearful fate He fled his Country, and left friends and property behind. Upon his arrival in the land of Religious Freedom, he located near the town of Little York, Pennsylvania, where he married and reared a family of three sons, Henry Munday (Henry is my bloodline), Samuel and Barnabas. No record has been found of whom he married or the date. Some say he married an Indian Maiden.”

    While remembering this family history and reading the fear/concerns the people in Scotland have today about the Bible… leads me to believe that not much has changed in Scotland in the last 300 years! Religion is still being persecuted!

    God Bless you all and may you have a GREAT day! 🙂

  24. Och Kaddison, but yer gabbin’ a great big pile o’ daft pish an’ shite.

  25. Okay, Kaddison, that’s enough. Go in peace.