Creationist Wisdom #360: Evolution Is Faith

Today’s letter-to-the-editor appears in the Helena Independent Record of Helena, Montana. It’s titled Faith in evolution still faith. We’ll give you a few excerpts, enhanced with our Curmudgeonly commentary and some bold font for emphasis.

Although we usually omit the writer’s name and city, in order to avoid unduly embarrassing sadly confused letter-writers, we waive that benevolent restraint when the author is out there in public and is already known. In this case the author is one “Brad Harrub, Ph.D.,” the head of something called Focus Press. Their website leaves no doubt that they’re yet another creationist outfit. They have this biographical page for the author, which says that he not only has degrees in biology, he also writes creationist books and teaches at a bible college. Okay, here we go:

Webster defines science as knowledge “based on facts learned through experiments and observation.” In a recent letter (Sept. 11), Michael Tresner opined that faith “in a word, it is nonsense.” And yet, when honestly evaluated, Mr. Tresner’s belief in evolution is built on faith.

We can’t find the letter he’s talking about, but it doesn’t matter. Wait ’til you see what’s coming:

He believes in a universe caused by the Big Bang, something that was not observed and cannot be experimented on. That doesn’t sound like it fits the definition of science. He is quick to shake his fist and assert that one who believes in God is doing so out of fear or weakness. Yet Tresner’s own beloved theory of evolution cannot explain the very existence of matter. From whence did the matter for the Big Bang come?

BWAHAHAHAHAHA! Evolution doesn’t explain the Big Bang. Let’s read on:

So let’s add this up: Tresner believes in a theory that cannot explain the existence of matter, yet we know matter exists. He believes in a Big Bang yet he can’t prove it happened or explain whom or what “pulled the trigger.” In addition, he cannot explain how the first living cell arose from non-living material.

Verily, evolution is a failure. The letter continues:

With one wave of the hand he dismisses a confirmed scientific law (The Law of Biogenesis which states “life only comes from other life”) in preference for a “theory” that demands spontaneous generation of — something scientists such as Louie Pasteur disproved centuries ago.

Louie Pasteur — BWAHAHAHAHAHA! For our earlier discussion of the fictional “Law of Biogenesis,” see Common Creationist Claims Confuted. Here’s more:

Add to this, that evolution cannot explain how we get rational from irrational. Tresner also cannot explain the design clearly observed in human body and the universe — because anytime we see design it demands there must be a designer. Additionally, he cannot explain how the first cell “self-assembled” when nature demonstrates things move towards a state of disorder. (One wonders how long the missing links will remain missing in this politically correct theory.)

Rational doesn’t come from irrational. Design (i.e., the appearance of design) demands a designer. The 2nd Law of Thermodynamics. Missing links. Today’s letter is a grand catalog of creationist wisdom. Moving along:

So why is Tresner so worked up about people seeing evidence for creationism? It is curious that someone who alleges there is no God would be so concerned and passionate that he doesn’t exist. Could it be he who is living in a state of fear and paranoia?

Fear and paranoia? Yes, that must be it. If you doubt that, read this next excerpt:

Is it possible that deep down Tresner himself recognizes the truth, that the evidence (e.g., archaeology, genetics, etc.) supports the existence of God? Is it possible he is struggling with an inner turmoil of how such massive complexity found in a cell can be relegated to simply “time and chance”?

And that brings us to the climactic end of the letter:

A belief in God is not a weakness or nonsense. For I’ve examined the evidence, and Mr. Tresner I don’t have enough faith to be an atheist.

As we’ve said so often before, there’s no way to debate with people like this. There’s no reason to even talk to them. If you should find yourself in the presence of such a person — and they always make their presence known — just nod, smile, and get away as fast as you can.

Copyright © 2013. The Sensuous Curmudgeon. All rights reserved.

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15 responses to “Creationist Wisdom #360: Evolution Is Faith

  1. “Gimme that old time religion,
    Gimme that old time religion…”
    When are these people gonna die off, they’re fossilized already?

  2. It’s kind of alarming that the supposed head of a publishing house should commit so many grammatical and other errors, such as “from whence” and the priceless “Louie Pasteur”.

    A quick glance at the Focus Press site reveals further, similar errors (e.g., “CD’s”) but also that it appears to be not so much a publishing house as a self-publishing house, the self in question being one Brad Harrub.

    Oh. Brad Harrub, PhD. Mustn’t forget the PhD.

  3. Another fine piece of creationist thinking, unfortunately it has absolutely no relevance or bearing on the universe were actually living in, but then again this particular individual has” examined the evidence” which was nice of them.

  4. Sound advice, but i just love circuses way too much!

  5. Can’t “natural laws” be designers? And who really thinks we know all of them? I think there is evidence of what we call the Big Bang, and it isn’t, “Abracadabra!”

  6. Another day, another letter from an idiot. Saying evolution doesn’t explain the Big Bang, is like saying my lawn mower is a failure because it can’t teach you skydiving.

  7. Of course evolution is faith. So is gravity. And using medicines. It’s faith that the scientific method works. Now how do we know that the scientific method works? By looking around and notice that we have things like internet, nuclear bombs and antibiotica. I am pretty sure Brad Harrub won’t deny this.
    Plus that science has changed how the world looks like last 200 years more than any other brand of faith. That might be something Brad Harrub has never thought about.
    Oh – and one of the best results of that scientific method happens to be the Evolution Theory. The cherry on the cake so to say. That’s definitely something Brad Harrub has a problem with, like any other creationist. He wants to eat the cake, but dislike the cherry.

  8. @SC:

    You’re only 5 “wisdoms” away from publishing a humorous desktop calendar.

    I’m thinking of making my own, from just all those different wacky answers as to exactly what it is that takes less “faith” than evolution.

  9. Frank J says:

    You’re only 5 “wisdoms” away from publishing a humorous desktop calendar.

    That would be the world’s most depressing calendar.

  10. Stephen Kennedy

    I am taking an Astronomy course on the Big Bang and Dark Energy now and I feel like screaming every time some idiot claims there is no evidence for the Big Bang. There are literally millions of observations made by both ground based and orbiting observatories that demonstrate the reality of the Big Bang. It is infuriating when these goobers who have never been near a Physics class or an observatory feel that they can just go on talking about something they know nothing about and have not bothered to even try to learn.

    There is far more evidence that the Big Bang occurred than there is that Jesus Christ ever existed.

  11. I remember first seeing Brad as WildwoodClair’s dimbulb of the week winner some time ago. She had a video of him saying all the things in the letter and he was saying it with such passion that it made you want to throw up. He is truly one of the brainwashed.
    SC’s last paragraph is the most relevant when discussing Brad.

  12. Stephen Kennedy bemoans:

    “It is infuriating when these goobers who have never been near a Physics class or an observatory feel that they can just go on talking about something they know nothing about and have not bothered to even try to learn.”

    (Emphasis added.)

    That’s the dark side of the Reformation coupled with scientific progress prompting such behaviour: The idea that all authority is deceitful and spending five minutes with Google qualifies you as a subject expert on a par with any who has spent years and decades studying the matter in question, and this smug illusion in turn is adequate grounds for challenging the actual experts. It takes a special mix of blithe arrogance and profound ignorance to muster the required chutzpah for holding up one’s conceits like that.

  13. Brad Harrub, Ph.D., pontificates:

    “A belief in God is not a weakness or nonsense.”

    To the believer, of course not. That would be absurd. Oddly enough, exactly the same principle applies equally to votaries of crystal healing, transcendental meditation, phrenology, faeries, tea-leaf prognostication, flat Earth geometry, psychic mediumship, and any of literally thousands of other popular woo-woo notions. The fact that a delusion is yours makes it no less of a delusion. Perhaps the most disappointing aspect of this lamentable fiasco of a letter is that an eminent and penetrating thinker of Brad Harrub, Ph.D.’s, stature has apparently failed to make this slightly abstract connection.

  14. OK, but when (I really don’t think it’s an ‘if’ in this instance) scientists produces a simple living organism in the lab, will they be arrested for breaking what Brad Harrub, Ph. D., proclaims to be “a confirmed scientific law (The Law of Biogenesis which states ‘life only comes from other life’)”?

    That could be quite a scene! An Evangelical SWAT team, armed with semi-automatic Bibles, storming the laboratory and shouting, “Step away from that test tube! Book ’em, Danno–abiogenesis one!”

  15. Oops–for some reason my infernal machine logged me out and posted the above item as ‘Anonymous’. But ’tis I!