Ken Ham’s New Billboard Campaign

This is somewhat off topic, but you may find it amusing. Over at the website of Answers in Genesis (AIG), we noticed a couple of days ago that Ken Ham (ol’ Hambo) had posted this item at his personal blog: The Billboard Battle, in which he informs us:

Yesterday marked the beginning of our new billboard campaign to reach atheists on both coasts of America. Residents and tourists in New York City and the San Francisco Bay Area (and in a few days, Los Angeles and Hollywood) will see these new billboards that encourage them to visit AiG’s website and to read articles and watch a video that present the case for God’s existence.

*Yawn* We’ve posted about Hambo’s billboard activities before — see Ken Ham’s Dinosaur Billboards. What’s so special about his latest campaign? He tells us:

[Y]es, it is a billboard battle of sorts, but in reality it’s a spiritual battle. The battle has been going on for 6,000 years — since the event of Genesis chapter 3 when Adam rebelled against God and sin and death entered the world.

Whoa, baby! This is big stuff! He also says:

Please pray for the “battle of billboards,” that God will use AiG’s latest public campaign to give many Christians the opportunity to challenge those who don’t believe and present the gospel to them. And pray that those who read the billboards will be challenged to think carefully about their worldview and then go to our website for more information …

Do we care? If Hambo wants to spend AIG’s money on billboards, it’s not a problem for us. But somehow this is making news. At one of the Gannett newspapers hosted at, probably the Cincinnati Enquirer, we read Are 2 organizations in marketing war? Here are some excerpts, with bold font added by us:

The Northern Kentucky group behind the Creation Museum in Petersburg launched a nationwide billboard campaign this month to promote its literal interpretation of the Bible.

“To all of our atheist friends: Thank God you’re wrong,” flashed a video billboard Thursday in New York City’s iconic Times Square.

That should do the job. Let’s read on:

The billboards are in response to atheist billboards that annually pop up in Times Square at Christmas, said Ken Ham, founder and president of Answers in Genesis, the apologetics ministry that built the Creation Museum. “We have just seen a lot of atheists becoming very aggressive in this culture,” Ham said. “A number of them tend to attack Christians or denigrate Christianity.”

Atheists are “becoming very aggressive”? They “tend to attack Christians”? That’s odd — we haven’t seen any reports of such behavior. The news article continues:

Last year, American Atheists spent $25,000 for a Times Square billboard with images of Santa Claus and Jesus that read: “Keep the Merry, dump the myth.” The group is planning another billboard for this holiday season.

Wow — that’s naked aggression! Here’s more:

Dave Silverman, president of American Atheists, said the Answers in Genesis billboards are amateurish. “No atheist is going to change their mind because Answers in Genesis came up with a cute, pithy multimillion dollar slogan,” Silverman said.

Maybe, but Hambo claims that God is using AIG’s billboards, so it looks like an unequal contest. What is all this going to cost? We’re told:

Ham estimates the billboards will cost between $150,000 and $200,000. About $500,000 of Answers in Genesis’ $25 million yearly operating budget is spent on marketing. This summer the group used the rest of the marketing budget for billboards in Columbus, Dayton, Indianapolis, Louisville and Lexington to promote the Creation Museum.

Money well spent! But it’s not over. Silverman says he may respond with a billboard in Cincinnati to counter Hambo’s billboards. What will happen then?

Ham said he’ll wait and see what Silverman does before deciding whether or not to escalate the billboard war.

This is so exciting! We can’t wait to learn how it all turns out. Meanwhile, we’re going to take the dogs for a walk to see what their response will be. They’re never wrong in such matters.

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19 responses to “Ken Ham’s New Billboard Campaign

  1. Richard Olson

    It would be a comfort (sic) to believe (sic) that ol’ Hambo’s billboard expense is a fatal leak (sic) in his Ark (sic) project finances, but that thing appears to be DIW (an acronym for Dead In the Water, seafaring lingo for a vessel that has no propulsive power) already. So he actually has nothing to lose — except even more money — by dropping additional funding into the whirlpool (sic) already headed down his billboard rathole.

  2. I would like to ask old Hambo if he has “a personal relationship with Jesus.” I am sure he would triumphantly say yes and turn the question back. Then I would say “That’s personal and believe that you should also keep your relationship personal.”

  3. So Ham has not noticed that media is saturated with pro-Christian messages, including billboards? His billboards will be lost in the noise, but at least he’s spending his money where it will do the least damage.

  4. Right now, there’s a little girl somewhere in America praying: “Dear God, please help daddy get a job so that my little brother can get the medicine he needs to make it through Christmas.”
    But Ham’s god says: “Sorry, kid. I gotta throw my weight behind Ken Ham in this thing he roped me into. So, good luck with all that.”

  5. Is there a proper term for the reverse bandwagon association Ken uses when he claims his invisible friend is channeling through his billboard adverts? It’s quite common to hear evangelicals claim their invisible friends are either in full support of their current agendas or have forgiven them for one or more of the moral/ethical transgressions that seem to be an essential part of their behavior.
    Can’t wait for the actual creative accounting behind the billboard campaign financing to see the light of day!

  6. “…Answers in Genesis’ $25 million yearly operating budget…”

    What a tremendously sad waste of money…

  7. Billboards!? They’re going to try settling existential and scientific questions with billboards based on who has the catchier slogan? Such an infantile dick-measuring absurdity does not bode well for humanity’s future and is a blot on the face of reason which we should be assiduously avoiding. It’s plain folly to play on such terms, however superficially satisfying it may be. It’s not about votes and numbers and followers, it’s about plausibility and evidence and being realistic.

  8. The Fool and his money are easily parted…….

  9. Con-Tester rails:

    They’re going to try settling existential and scientific questions with billboards based on who has the catchier slogan?

    Think that’s bad? Wait’ll the Second Coming, and Jesus is roped in to do product endorsements…

  10. he could wire me part of the money: that would be definitely a good cause and I think his god would approve that wasting it on billboards

  11. Stephen Kennedy

    Hambo shows how delusional he is when he crows that since the billboards went up traffic on the AIG website has gone up 30% and non-believers are going to flock to the AIG message. What Ham does not realize is that the more people that read AIG materials it translates mainly into more people seeing how ludicrous YEC and AIG are. It will confirm Atheists’ opinion that the people at AIG are a bunch of imbeciles.

  12. Mr. Kennedy: Well said, and amen. 🙂

  13. retiredsciguy

    Ken Ham: “We have just seen a lot of atheists becoming very aggressive in this culture. A number of them tend to attack Christians or denigrate Christianity.”

    So, now there is an Atheist Inquisition, where Christians are tortured by atheists until they renounce their professed beliefs?

    Why shouldn’t we regard Genesis as nothing more than ancient Hebrew mythology? What, exactly, differentiates it from Greek, Norse, or Roman mythology? Other than the fact that belief in it has been much more vigorously enforced over the ages?

  14. Magalonyx advises:

    “Wait’ll the Second Coming, and Jesus is roped in to do product endorsements…”

    Hmm, WWJD in these days of unbridled capitalism? Sell out, perhaps? I’m thinking Nike sandals made in Mexico, Levi’s 333 robes made in Indonesia and Gucci sunglasses made in Peru. After all, his psychopathic dad always needs more money, judging by his acolytes’ behaviour.

  15. In the absence of a current Free-fire Zone, I’ll just put this here.

  16. Very nice, Tomato Addict. And just to give you warning, the end is nigh! See Development of Flat and Fan-Shaped Fruit (slow loading 10-page pdf file).

  17. Well yes, it should be obvious I went to seed a long time ago.

  18. @ Cardinal TA: excellent!

    But when are we going to see billboards in Times Square advertising Curmudgeonite?

  19. Yesterday marked the beginning of our new billboard campaign to reach atheists on both coasts of America.

    Hambo must be well versed in the NOFX song, Leaving Jesusland to target his campaign so effectively.