Creationist Wisdom #365: Behold the Anteater

Today’s letter-to-the-editor appears in the Springfield News-Leader of Springfield, Missouri. It’s titled Evolution: Anteater proves creation account. We’ll give you a few excerpts, enhanced with our Curmudgeonly commentary and some bold font for emphasis. Because we don’t like to embarrass people, we’ll omit the letter-writer’s name and city. Okay, here we go:

There are so many factors that prove evolution never took place that I just can’t understand anyone taking it seriously.

Great beginning! Stay with us, the letter lives up to our expectations:

The book of Genesis tells us where we came from. It plainly states that God said, Let there be this and let there be that, and it was. God commanded and it stood fast right there on the spot.

Yes, right on the spot. Let’s read on:

When you really stop to think about it, it’s the only thing that makes since [sic].

As we’ve said so often before, there’s no way to argue with that. Get ready now, because here comes the evidence:

To illustrate my point, take the anteater. It has that long snout and tongue so it can reach down and get to the ants underground right. If it took millions of years for it to develop that long snout and tongue, then how, under the sun, did it survive those millions of years without eating?

Wow! How does that make you feel, dear reader? You never thought about that before, did you? Having made his point, the letter-writer concludes with this challenge:

I would like for all the E=MC2 people out there to answer that riddle.

First it was Ray Comfort, who proved creationism with Ray Comfort’s “Banana video”. Now the anteater. Face it, dear reader, Darwin is doomed!

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8 responses to “Creationist Wisdom #365: Behold the Anteater

  1. There are two major problems that the anteater poses for Young Earth Creationism.

    The first is with the YEC belief that, prior to the Fall, there was no death and no carnivory. How, then, could the anteater be designed for the eating of ants? And, moreover, when Adam was naming the animals, how could he name this animal “anteater”?

    The second is with the landing of Noah’s Ark. When the two anteaters had their first meal after the end of the Flood, how many ants did they eat? How many ants were carried on the Ark to provision this meal? How many “kinds” of ants immediately went extinct with this first meal of anteaters?

  2. Rikki_Tikki_Taalik

    Apparently the letter-writer is unaware of the 17 peer-reviewed animations available here.

  3. Now that you have exactly a year’s worth of cretinist wisdom, a calendar or almanac may be in order. It’s the only thing that makes cents.

  4. We were glancing through our list of 365 entries in the Creationist Wisdom series, and in between #53 and #54 we found these two oldies: Dear Mentor: Column 1, and Dear Mentor: Column 2. We had forgotten all about them.

  5. Rikki_Tikki_Taalik for the win!

  6. Maybe the letter writer in his great wisdom can explain to me why his perfect creator had to come up with a different ant eating mammal for nearly every continent.

  7. Now I’m embarrassed. I taught astronomy at MSU for 6 years, but I have to admit i was surrounded by this type of thinking, not only in Springfield (Homer’s home BTW), but expecially in the surrounding towns. And too, Missouri has tried almost as hard as Kansas to bring the creationists to the fore.

  8. Christine Janis

    “Maybe the letter writer in his great wisdom can explain to me why his perfect creator had to come up with a different ant eating mammal for nearly every continent”

    Not only fully-convergent forms on each continent, but partially-convergent forms. That is, forms that do eat ants and termites, but have a shorter face and retain some (reduced) teeth. That is “intermediate” forms. hahahahahaha

    These include:

    Giant armadillo — South America
    Fanaloka (viverrid carnivore) — Madagascar
    Numbat (marsupial “anteater”, Australia)
    Aardwolf (hyena, Africa)