The Flat Earth Society’s President Speaks

Let’s take a brief break from creationism. To expand your horizons, so to speak, this video is a three-minute interview with Daniel Shenton, president of the Flat Earth Society. That’s their website. Here’s the Wikipedia article about them: Flat Earth Society.

You may think this guy is even crazier than the creationists, but that attitude might imperil you for all of eternity. We’ve previously posted a number of scripture passages that proclaim The Earth Is Flat! All we can do is lead you to The Truth. The rest is up to you.

After you’ve absorbed this information, go ahead and use the comments for an Intellectual Free-Fire Zone.

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28 responses to “The Flat Earth Society’s President Speaks

  1. I am soooooo disappointed. A conspiracy theory! Sadder than sad. Dear Mr. Sheldon, use your imagination, use a lot of mathematics and you’ll see that you can get very, very far with explaining how the Earth on pictures looks like a sphere but actually is a disk. Really! I am so eagerly awaiting Flat Earth optics.
    Also note how nice the guy is. In contrast to what SC suggests he doesn’t refer to the Bible or some Intelligent Superbeing (blessed be she) even once. Indeed he is not even in it for the money.

  2. I always thought the F.E.S. was based on ideas similar to one of the closing statements concerning not just accepting what you are told to be factual, but rather only settle for a fact based understanding. The flat earth symbol being a sarcastic reference to how history shows that what may appear to be the obvious truth at one time, may be shown to be otherwise by future research. Some of what was early mainstream science canon didn’t survive the test of time. Thankfully. 100+ years Aether free!

  3. SC said:

    Let’s taks a brief brake from creationism.

    Did you mean “breef”?

  4. On another topic, Cardinal TA posted a link to an article that essentially says that life forming is not as random as the ID-creationists would have you believe. The problem is this one paragraph (my emphasis added):

    Computer calculations reveal that even by chance, five liposomes in 1,000 could not have trapped all 83 molecules of the assembly. Their calculated probability for even one such liposome to form is essentially zero. The fact that any such liposomes formed and that GFP was produced means something quite unique is happening.

    Prepare for quote-mining of that paragraph, or maybe just that sentence, in 3…2…

  5. Let’s taks a brief brake from creationism.

    Piling on following Gary’s lead, shouldn’t that be spelled “tax”?

  6. I have recently become a Sensuous Curmudgeon devotee, enjoying the banter and amusing editorial. However, just posting information about “The Flat Earth Society” lends credibility to their existence. Any organization based on anecdotal evidence can’t be taken seriously, and truly does not deserve your attention.

    A question: What are your thoughts about Humanists?



  7. Vainglorious

    If gravity is simulated by the acceleration of The Disk upwards, we would reach the speed of light in 354 days. That clown has forgotten it is 9.8 meters per second per second.

    Is it wrong to laugh at stupidity?

  8. Gary said:

    Did you mean “breef”?

    You had me going there, but no, for one time I got it right — brief is the word.

  9. retiredsciguy quotes me: “Let’s taks a brief brake from creationism.”

    Aaaargh!! I finally figured it out. Okay, it’s fixed. Thanks.

  10. imueller asks: “What are your thoughts about Humanists?”

    I’ve heard about them, but I never cared enough to learn about them. All I know is that the creationists seem to hate them. I have no opinion at all.

  11. I’d be interested in hearing an FES member (a fester?) explain how the GPS system works. If there’s a conspiracy, each of the millions of GPS receivers must be plugged into it, accurately telling motorists where they are despite the “fact” that satellites cannot be in orbit around a mythical sphere. Maybe it’s all some sort of grand illusion.

  12. Realist1948 suggests: “an FES member (a fester?)”

    Fester isn’t bad. How about flatso? And for an adjective, their opinions could be flatulent.

  13. Curmy, there were two errors there. Now there’s one left, something about slowing down.

  14. And we all know that being flatulent can be caused by being full of beans.

  15. I further propose that a navigation system based on the flat earth concept be known as flattery. As in, “flattery will get you nowhere.”

  16. You’re slipping SC. This is the same interview you posted as on 7 October. I remember because he didn’t want to use the word “Global.”

  17. Con-Tester politely says: “Curmy, there were two errors there.”

    Aaaargh!! I’m melting. Melting! Okay, now they’re both fixed. Thanks, guys.

  18. Mark Germano piles on with this: “You’re slipping SC. This is the same interview you posted as on 7 October.”

    Aaaargh!! You’re right. It’s a different video, but the same interview. This has been my most catastrophic post ever. Sorry, guys. I’ll try to do better.

  19. Ceteris Paribus

    Crap. I forgot to set my flat earth sundial alarm clock and missed all the earlier joy and excitement surrounding the fixing of those “two errors “.
    In repentance I promise to take a couple of humanists to lunch and interrogate them severely about their conspiracy.

  20. Well, this blog post was billed as an Intellectual Free-Fire Zone piece so it’s perfectly reasonable to make allowances for the occasional backfire…

    On a more serious note, the Flatties’ Wiki entry describes their origin and their history. They took their cues from “Holy Scripture” in a bid to stem fallible human science concerning our home planet’s geometry. Following the death of their chiefs, a lull in their presence ensued, after which the Wiki entry notes that they supposedly rested their case much less on religious foundations. However, if one reads their manifesto as cited in that same source, one finds it replete with Holey Babble phrases and allusions.

    It would seem then that Flatties aren’t at all very far removed from Cretinists.

  21. Off-topic, but thrilling (almost): an update on David McConaghie: Probe into camera find in DUP office toilet continues

    Alas, the news on this one seems to be, there is no news yet… 😦

  22. I know, Megalonyx. I’ve been working on it all through the night. My post will be up in a few minutes.

  23. Our Curmudgeon deflates my supposed scoop:

    I know, Megalonyx

    I should have known that you already knew. The International Godless Darwintern Conspiracy probably gets transcripts of Chancellor Merkel’s private phone conversations 24 hours before the NSA does…

  24. Megalonyx laments: “Our Curmudgeon deflates my supposed scoop”

    Olivia says that deflation is a recurring problem for you.

  25. Hmm. Rampant typos, flatulence, deflation, loo cameras… Intellectual Free-Fire Zone indeed!

    And imueller, if truth be told, most of us here at the Curmudgeon’s blog would probably choose to call ourselves Humanists if we actually wanted to call ourselves anything at all. I, personally, choose not to identify my philosophical leanings. Saves a lot of explaining. And being harangued by evangelistic types.

  26. retiredsciguy confesses:

    “I, personally, choose not to identify my philosophical leanings. Saves a lot of explaining. And being harangued by evangelistic types.”

    Would that they did likewise.

    Here’s an amusingly apposite quote from Why Christians Suck:

    “A Christian who does not try to push their views on me or on public policy is, to me, sort of like a person who is wearing a funny hat. You know the hat is stupid, and it sort of bugs you, but you try to ignore it even though it is huge and floppy and bright pink with big metallic-green feathers. If you can deal with the funny hat, many Christians are pretty OK; but sooner or later, they always have to say, ‘So Scott, how come YOU aren’t wearing a funny hat?’ and I have to say, ‘Please f**k off.’”

    (Sauce 😉 )

  27. retiredsciguy summarizes the post and its comments: “Rampant typos, flatulence, deflation, loo cameras… ”

    And yet … I’m sure you’ll agree that it has a certain charm.

  28. SC — Agreed. Intellect is oversold.

    Con-Tester — Thanks for the link above (Sauce)! If there really is a heaven and a hell, it looks like we will have some very witty company where we are going…