School Board Election in Springboro, Ohio

We’ve written several times about the the lunacy exhibited by the School Board of Springboro (a suburb of Dayton, Ohio), much of it led by Kelly Kohls, the creationist nutritionist who until recently (see Springboro School Board: Kelly Kohls Is Retiring) was president of the School Board. She is also head of the local tea party organization.

With Kelly not running for re-election, what will happen to her holy crusade to teach creationism in the public schools? At the website of WHIO-TV, a CBS affiliate seen on channel 7 in Dayton, we read Endorsements announced in Springboro school board election. Here are some excerpts:

The political action group run by the two Springboro school board members not up for election on Nov. 5 announced endorsements on Thursday.

Educate Springboro, the group formed more than two years ago by Jim Rigano and David Petroni in advance of their successful run for the board, urged supporters to vote for candidates David Bitner, Kolton Vaughn and Charles Anderson in an e-mail message.

We can judge the candidates being recommended by asking whether Rigano and Petroni are among the Board’s creationists. We briefly discussed them in this post. Rigano favored Kelly Kohls’ creationism proposal, saying it was “an attempt to ensure we’re not indoctrinating one point of view or another.” What about Petroni? According to our earlier post, there was only one member of the Board, Don Miller, who said he opposed the proposed creationism policy, so we assume Petroni is also a creationist. He and Rigano endorsed Bitner, Vaughn and Anderson. What else does the news story tell us? Here’s more:

Three of five seats on the board are up for election on Nov. 5. Kelly Kohls, Don Miller and Wendy Kull are not running for re-election.

Don Miller isn’t running? From what little we’ve seen about the situation, he was the only member of the Board who opposed teaching creationism. This is the last of the news story:

Kohls circulated petitions for Vaughn and Bitner. Miller has endorsed Vaughn and Anderson.

That’s odd. Kohls, the creationist nutritionist, favors Vaughn, and so does Miller, whom we thought wasn’t a creationist. We can’t figure it out. But we haven’t searched for their campaign websites, if there are any. Maybe the whole town of Springboro is creationist. The voters will get whatever they deserve. They always do.

Election results: School Board Elections Update — 06 Nov 2013.

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6 responses to “School Board Election in Springboro, Ohio

  1. I notice on the map that Springboro is very close to the town that had the Touchdown Jesus that got struck by lightning!

  2. Touchdown Jesus? That one hasn’t showed up in my news scans.


    Made (in)famous by Haywood Banks on the Bob and Tom Show:

  4. (and the updated version, after the lightning strike):

  5. whoops I think this is the one with the new verse:

  6. How dare you generalize the whole town of Springboro with Kelly Kohl’s beliefs without doing your homework. You couldn’t be further from the truth and if you investigated just a little you would realize that. Do your homework before you start writing.