Shocking News: How Men Really Look at Women

We were shocked — shocked! — when we read this article: Gaze-tracking Study Apparently Confirms Everyone Really IS Staring At Your Chest. It’s found at the website of the CBS television station in Philadelphia.

We don’t need to excerpt very much, because we know you’re going to click over there to read it all. But in case you need any motivation, the news story says:

A new study has confirmed something women have been complaining about for years.

The research, out of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and published in the Springer-published journal Sex Roles, essentially corroborates the belief that people tend to focus more on the breasts and figure of a woman when analyzing her appearance than they do on her face.

For those who don’t already enjoy a subscription to that esteemed journal, here’s a link to this latest research: Eye tracking technology suggests people “check out” women at first glance.

Before we leave you to your reading, here’s one more excerpt, and this was a genuine surprise to us:

“Generally speaking, people are more positive towards a more attractive woman than a less attractive one,” lead researcher Sarah Gervais said.

Your Curmudgeon has a lot of re-evaluating to do. This is going to change everything.

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13 responses to “Shocking News: How Men Really Look at Women

  1. On a lighter note, I have friends who say there are women who make it hard to have a face to face conversation. They would enjoy this report

  2. You gentlemen might be even more surprised to learn where some of us ladies are looking…

  3. I read that this study had both men and women staring at a woman’s chest first. Not really news. If you go to any mixed event the men are checking out the women and so do their female companions.

  4. I read somewhere that it all has to do with evolution. Curvy figure = likelihood of healthy babies. Healthy babies = better odds of getting your genes into future generations. It’s all evolutionary, my dear Watson.

    Big boobs = more milk. Big hips = easier childbirth, thus less likelihood of the mother or baby dying. This isn’t a conscious thought process of the man; it’s hard-wired into our instinct. We are here because our forefathers were attracted to curvy woman, and we inherited that same attraction from them.

  5. Pope Retiredsciguy calculates

    Big boobs = more milk.

    Not invariably. Sometimes it just means more silicone.

    And, as Curmy knows (to his cost), sometimes it just means he’s overinflated his vinyl Olivia…

  6. Retired Prof

    retiredsciguy, your godless explanation takes all the romance out of it.

    Creationists prefer to think the deity made women look enticing to men in order to seduce them into the deadly sin of lechery. Best part is, all a man has to do is look and lust. Since that’s just as bad as physically breaking the commandment against adultery, the deity can then threaten to dunk the guy in the lake of fire unless he repents and sends money to a church or a creation museum.

  7. @ Retired Prof: Good point! But you left out the part that comes before the dunking of the lusting chap in the lake of fire, and that’s the stoning (by the righteous) of the lust-inducing harlot who gets blamed as well.

  8. Cardinal Meg observes, “Sometimes it just means more silicone.”

    Yes, that’s true — but it still has evolutionary survival value. Your babies will be able to withstand high heat (think silicone rubber), and thus will be impervious to climate change.

  9. Have any of these halfwit xtians realized that if lust in the mine is the same as doing the deed, then I might as well do the deed as the punishment is the same, that may explain why there are so many rapes and affairs.

    I do not look at the chest 1st, but I suppose if I was the member of a sexually repressed bigoted group I might do so. I look 1st at their eyes and smile as it generally indicates a bright and cheerful person. Since I prefer small breasted women it is a sort of waste to look there 1st.

  10. Holding The Line In Florida

    All is true, but the classic Frank Zappa line comes to mind, “Girls, do you have munchkin tits? Remember, anything over a mouthful is wasted!”

  11. I’ll tell you what’s scary about this.

    If they have live eye-tracking technology, they can release it as app. So a woman could install this on her iPhone, and when you’re trying to “talk” to her, she has Siri in her pocket saying “BEEP boop he’s checking out your boobs. BEEP boop he’s checking out your ass. BEEP boop he’s checking out your…”

  12. @ Diogenes: Your proposed app could be a winner. Particularly when it leads to some unexpected revelations, e.g.

    BEEP boop, he’s ignoring you, but is inordinately interested in your boyfriend’s ass


    BEEP boop, he can’t take his eyes off your feet, he’s definitely aroused by your Manolo Blahnik’s

  13. BEEB boop, he’s fascinated by your nose wart.