John Oller Litigation Update — 04 Nov 2013

The news about this case has been all but non-existent. In case you’ve forgotten, Oller filed a federal civil-rights lawsuit against the the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, where he is (or was when the suit was filed) a professor. The complaint alleged that faculty members of the university’s Communicative Disorders Department discriminated against him and marginalized his position because of his beliefs on creationism and also because he taught about an alleged connection between autism, mercury and vaccinations.

Our last post on this topic was John Oller Litigation Update — 19 Jul 2013. We had just learned from one of our clandestine operatives about this link to the docket of court pleadings in Oller v. Roussel et al. Most of the pleadings require a subscription, but you can see a few of them. At the time of our last update, a jury trial was scheduled to start on 21 Jan 2014.

We frequently check that docket, but there haven’t been any updates — until now. A whole bunch of new pleadings have been filed. The only thing that can be seen without a subscription is Oller’s Amended Complaint, filed the last week of October.

It’s a 35-page pdf file and we haven’t studied it yet, but it says that it’s filed with the consent of the defendants. It begins, as did the original complaint, with an introductory statement about academic freedom. And he’s still claiming that the university is discriminating against him based on his unconventional viewpoints.

Among the dozen new pleadings filed — mostly exhibits — there’s nothing about a continuance of the trial, so that’s still set for January.

Although this case rings all the bells that should resonate with the Discoveroids, they’ve been silent about Oller. Why don’t the Discoveroids support him? Maybe they think his views are too toxic, even for them. Anyway, the case has generated virtually no news stories. With the limited number of pleadings we’re actually able to see, and no press coverage, it’s difficult to know what’s happening.

Other than the newly-filed Kansas case, an attempt to block the recently adopted, evolution-friendly Next Generation Science Standards — see Kansas Creationism Lawsuit Update: 19 Oct 2013 — and the potential for litigation growing out of the creationist controversy at Ball State University, there’s nothing else going on. As soon as we learn of anything we’ll tell you about it, so stay tuned to this blog.

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5 responses to “John Oller Litigation Update — 04 Nov 2013

  1. Off-topic, but it’s just too spectacular a DI nugget to let pass. From yesterday’s Discoveroid blog: If Individuals Do It, It’s Still Eugenics. Here (to my mind, at least) is the money shot (my bolding):

    In the past, dictatorial governments mandated eugenics, whether by the extermination of “undesirables” or imposition of a “one-child” policy. Now, biotechnology is giving couples opportunities to select favorable attributes for children, creating “designer babies.” This is not “intelligent” design, since the outlook is ethically grim.

    Petitio principii much, Discoveroids?

  2. Megalonyx says: “Petitio principii much, Discoveroids?”

    You’re not playing fair. If creationists didn’t start out by assuming the truth of their conclusions, then how else could they obtain those conclusions? Your satanic naturalistic way of thinking stands in the way.

  3. Ceteris Paribus

    Megalonyx quotes the Discoveroids:

    In the past, dictatorial governments mandated eugenics, whether by the extermination of “undesirables” or imposition of a “one-child” policy.

    Remaining off-topic for just a bit, the Discoveroids seem to have forgotten that in the US, forced sterilization of “undesireables” was practiced in many states until around 1981. Notably, the state of West Virginia formally repealed its own forced sterilization law just a few months ago. That’s about 130 years after Darwin died, and almost 70 years since Hitler died.
    (if blog posts continue long enough, Hitler will inevitably be mentioned)

  4. Ceteris Paribus says: “Remaining off-topic for just a bit”

    Don’t worry. For this post, nobody is interested in being on topic.

  5. Ceteris Paribus notes:

    the state of West Virginia formally repealed its own forced sterilization law just a few months ago

    Yeah, but West Virginia is a hothouse of Darwinism, atheism, homosexuality, science, and the heartbreak of psoriasis…