John Freshwater Loses in Ohio Supreme Court

The long awaited decision from the Ohio Supreme Court has just been handed down. Our last post about this case was back in February: Freshwater Oral Arguments Today.


We haven’t read it yet, but this is the bottom line, with our bold font:

After detailed review of the voluminous record in this case, we hold that the court of appeals did not err in affirming the termination. The trial court properly found that the record supports, by clear and convincing evidence, Freshwater’s termination for insubordination in failing to comply with orders to remove religious materials from his classroom. Accordingly, based on our resolution of this threshold issue, we need not reach the constitutional issue of whether Freshwater impermissibly imposed his religious beliefs in his classroom. We affirm the judgment of the court of appeals because there was ample evidence of insubordination to justify the termination decision.

Richard B. Hoppe has carried the burden of posting about this case at Panda’s Thumb. All the action will be there, and deservedly so. He’s already got a post on it: Freshwater: Ohio Supreme Court affirms his termination.

That’s all we know at the moment.

See also: Discoveroids React to Freshwater Decision.

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7 responses to “John Freshwater Loses in Ohio Supreme Court

  1. Anyone looking for an extra dose of schadenfreude could do worse than remind themselves of ENV’s blog post at ID: The Future last June: The Academic Freedom Case of John Freshwater:

    On this episode of ID the Future, listen in as Joshua Youngkin and attorney Rita Dunaway of The Rutherford Institute discuss the academic freedom case of John Freshwater, an Ohio middle school science teacher of 24 years. Freshwater was fired after it was revealed that he was teaching both the strengths and weaknesses of Darwinian evolution in his classroom.

  2. John Freshwater – Christian martyr. He’ll be remembered.

    Wait, who?

  3. In other good news, Texas will adopt real science textbooks, not ID flavored books. As a side, I wasn’t aware that the distinguished Stephen Meyer noted experimentalist and biology expert, served on the Texas science standards committee. They really stooped pretty low to get him, but the Dishonesty Institute is quite upset that they’ve disregarded even his expert advice.

  4. Lol, DavidK, I read the article you linked and thought, “wow, that article was really one-sided.” Then I looked to see what organization had published it and quietly sighed.

  5. Let this be a lesson to all schools. If you are going to fire someone. You should probably include “branding students with tesla coil” as one of the reasons.

    Does anyone know why these incidents of child abuse were left out?

  6. DavidK, are you being sarcastic, or did Meyer really call himself an experimentalist? I’m asking because IDiot John Roller calls himself an experimentalist, and IDiots always inflate their credentials.

    I’ve seen Meyer called a “well-respected scientist.”
    — Diogenes

  7. The dissenting opinions reveal that we still have a long way to go in this state.