Ken Ham on “Fox and Friends”

There’s not too much we need to say about this. It’s an appearance on Fox’s morning talk show by Ken Ham (ol’ Hambo), the Australian entrepreneur who has become the ayatollah of Appalachia.

Go ahead, take a look. It’s only three and a half minutes long.

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32 responses to “Ken Ham on “Fox and Friends”

  1. An appropriate propaganda piece from Faux News. I love the repeated themes of hopelessness and his factoid that atheists only comprising 2% of the population, Sorry Hambo, the irreligious comprise more like 20% of the American population and they will soon be coming out of the closet!

  2. The douchebaggery never ceases to amaze.

  3. Never mind Ham, I kinda wanna hear about the drunk teen now…

  4. I can’t decide which is more nauseating; the smarmy, lying Aussie, or the even smarmier bimbo from Faux News.

  5. Which smarmy bimbo? The one with Hambo or the other one that said Jesus is white? They have some many blond bimbos at Faux News you need a scorecard to tell them apart because they all spew out the same inane neo-con drivel..

  6. Erik Bertel says: “Which smarmy bimbo? The one with Hambo or the other one that said Jesus is white?”

    Hey! I like Megyn.

  7. Our Curmudgeon confesses

    Hey! I like Megyn.

    Of course you do–she has mammary glands and wears a skirt.

    Your lack of discriminating taste is pretty high up on Olivia’s massive list of your many shortcomings.

  8. Megalonyx sagely declares: “she has mammary glands and wears a skirt.”

    I hadn’t noticed. It’s her journalistic talent that impresses me.

  9. Stephen Kennedy

    Oppositional Defiant Disorder is not new, I learned about in medical school years ago but diagnosis is confined to children. These are kids who flaunt the rules at school and at home and can be very difficult to deal with due to their surly dispositions. What is worse than ODD is Conduct Disorder where kids are truly pathological and do things like torture animals. There is the possibility that children with ODD will eventually, with treatment, become reasonably normal adults. Children with Conduct Disorder have a very poor prognosis and usually spend most of their adult lives in prison.

  10. Hey Curmudgeon,

    You do realize that Megyn is a flaming creationist, right?

  11. Erik Bertel says: “You do realize that Megyn is a flaming creationist, right?”

    I didn’t know. That would change my opinion rather quickly. Got a link?

  12. Hey! I like Megyn.

    Leni Riefenstahl was cute too.

    Oh yes I did. OhyesIdid.

  13. Faux Gnus really had to dredge the bottom of the barrell to get Hambo as their spokesperson. Hambo, thank Santa you’re wrong.

  14. Oh, wait, this is the war on atheism we keep hearing about, how the right wing wants to silence people, abolish the 1st amendment, force a nativity scene and commandment display in every public place, including our court houses and capitol buildings, etc., etc.

  15. So Ham is blathering about how atheists make up only 2% of the population– OK, super-wishful thinking on his part. Thanks to gay-bashing war-mongering paranoiacs like the religious right, that number has increased greatly and will continue to do so.

    But here’s the real point, Ham’s argumentum ad populem. If conservative Christians are a majority, why is Obama president? Conservative Christians repeatedly call for Obama’s death– some pastors led their flocks in “imprecatory prayers” (fancy word for Christian black magic) asking a god to kill Obama. A Second Amendment group recently announced they had “received authorization” to kill Obama. The conservative Christians want Obama dead: gun sales went through the roof after his election and re-election because the far right fantasizes about killin’ libruls.

    So if you’re the majority, why did Obama win twice?

    And if you’re the majority among scientists (or even a significant minority), then where are your scientific achievements? I always ask creationists that; and they always change the subject.

    And one last question: If you’re the majority, why is your museum losing money, with dwindling ticket receipts, and on the verge of bankruptcy?

  16. I like how Ham erroneously includes atheist in ‘we are all sinners’ which is another xtian top 10 lies. I can’t ‘sin’ as I reject the BuyBull’s authority; because if there really is a gawd it would not be stupid enough to author the pile of trash the xtians use as a holey book.

  17. If ken ham didn’t think that the “atheists” and other non-religious people weren’t a bigger portion of the population then why did he write the book “Already Gone” about the ever-increasing percentage of young adults who are leaving the church and their faith?

  18. An interesting article in today’s paper makes some interesting points about why Hambo can piously make the 2% claim – appearances vs reality as demonstrated in Congress:

  19. If you take the Christ out of Christmas, you end up with Mas, a traditional farmhouse in the Provence region of France. What has Ken ‘The Lie’ Ham got against such buildings? Is he being a Francophobic racist?

  20. DG – or, you end up with ‘more’ in Spanish 🙂

  21. “I didn’t know. That would change my opinion rather quickly. Got a link?”
    Megyn Kelly Provides Partisan Platform For Christian Student

    Okay, she may not be flaming but she is a creationist, she even chided a judge for quoting the “spaghetti monster quote” and appearing to toss the paper aside said, indignantly, that “some judge said that’s fine, that’s not an attack on religion.” Unfortunately, the link to the full transcript is broken but really what else would somebody believe when they tell you straight out they believe Jesus to be white? On the plus side I doubt that she is YEC so there still is hope for you!

  22. Erik John Bertel, I remember that case, and I agree that wasn’t Megyn’s finest moment. But it wasn’t creationism.

  23. Charles Deetz ;)

    Forget anything he said, the sheer regurgitation factor of info/positioning/altar-call is just mind-numbing. Like a Rev. Rives minute, but two and a half minutes too long.

  24. If you have any respect for Megyn, it will be demolished by last night’s Daily Show. She had previously and moronically, and dead seriously, rejected the idea of a black Santa by saying Santa was just white, like Jesus says she, the great expert on fictional characters.

    Now she compounds it by lying and trying to paint herself and Fox News as the victim, and claims she had just been joking! Oh, we took her funny joke out of context!

    Go watch the original video. Not a victim, and not joking. Just any cheap liar.

  25. Curmudgeon,I remember that case, and I agree that wasn’t Megyn’s finest moment. But it wasn’t creationism.

    I think you’re in denial. Rumor has it that Megan even has a signed copy of Godless: The Church of Liberalism by Ann Coulter prominently displayed in her living room. The chapters on Darwin have been particularly thumbed over and quote mined.

  26. Erik John Bertel says: “I think you’re in denial. Rumor has it that …”

    I’d like a bit more evidence — solid evidence. When I see it, I won’t deny it. Until then, I’ll withhold judgment.

  27. I think the Ken Ham interview went very well. Great job Ken!

  28. Yes, Troy, ol’ Hambo did a magnificent job of showing what a smarmy, lying moron that he is. He and the blonde bimbo did indeed make a wonderful black hole of ignorance. Great job, Hambo!

  29. Considering the relative rarity of my name “Troy” and never seeing it used in here I was a bit surprised to see someone else (who is a knucklehead) use it. So let me make sure it is clear that Troy up there isn’t me.
    Ol’ Hambo managed to get a free commercial (no cross examination!) from Fox without sounding too crazy for your typical apathetic self identified Christian. He does look a bit older, maybe that is from the stress of ark building? (or at this point ark financing!) I think it interesting Hambo uses spiritual pipe dreams as his religion trump card, his ark is the same kind of pipe dream another empty promise delivers nothing but theft of your time and treasure. I’ll be very interested to see AIG’s 2013 tax forms, it should be obvious now that it is beginning to fall apart.

  30. Troy (the original) says: ” So let me make sure it is clear that Troy up there isn’t me.”

    I checked it at the time. It wasn’t you.

  31. Thanks to Troy and our Curmudgeon for clearing up the Troy identity confusion.

  32. waldteufel says: “Thanks to Troy and our Curmudgeon for clearing up the Troy identity confusion.”

    The new Troy has been put on moderation, so I can review his comments before they show up. That shouldn’t doesn’t create any problems for the original Troy.