Rev. David Rives: The Origin of the Cosmos

We finish our weekend with a new video from the brilliant and articulate leader of David Rives Ministries. The rev’s latest is titled The Origin of the Cosmos.

The rev explains that good science is supposed to be observable and repeatable. But the big bang is science fiction. It’s only an atheistic theory! The expansion of the universe is described in the bible. And the bible also explains its origin. Galileo, Kepler, and Newton used a biblical perspective, and their science stands strong to this day. Today’s scientists should do the same. (The rev doesn’t mention Galileo’s heresy trial, Kepler’s astrology, or Newton’s alchemy.)

The video is only a minute and a half long, Go ahead and click on it — you know you want to.

Afterwards, feel free to use the comments as an Intellectual Free Fire Zone.

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15 responses to “Rev. David Rives: The Origin of the Cosmos

  1. cnocspeireag

    No, I really don’t want to and I won’t. It’s not just the ninety seconds of the broadcast. I have watched one before and it’s filth stained my brain for weeks. I once turned over a dead lamb and found it crawling with maggots. The memory of Rives is similar and just as hard to shake off.

  2. What? No tie? Blasphemy!

  3. Richard Olson

    I finally succumbed to satan’s lure and watched a Rives video. Just as I suspected, he seems earnest and sincere, though not much smarter than my goldfish, is a hindrance to the intellectual development of the innocent and gullible, and I don’t know how much sympathy I would genuinely feel if somebody decides to kick his a$$ but good someday just for being David.

  4. Ceteris Paribus

    Rives is a fraud. About 45 seconds into the video, Rives claims to quote from the Bible at Isaiah 40 that “God stretched out the heavens” to support his silly claim that the universe is expanding.

    But using the technology of tera-pixel resolution provided by my Organic-LED-Orgasmatronic computer screen, I was able to see that the image of the open bible behind Rives was not even opened to the book of Isaiah at all.

    It was opened instead to the book of Habakkuk 2:1, where Habakkuk proclaims proudly “I will stand upon my watch” [KJV]

    Quite clearly the proper biblical exegesis of Hb 2.1 is that at that ancient time some 3,000 years ago, the universe was actually much larger than it is today. That is the only way a watch could then have been large enough for a human to truthfully expect to “stand upon” his watch.

    Go ahead. Do the science and repeat the experiment for yourself. Put your watch on the floor and stand on it. You will quickly tip over. And also ruin your watch.

    Quite clearly Rives has made the amateur mistake of looking into the wrong end of his personal astronomical telescope all these years.

  5. “It’s only an atheistic theory!”
    Sure and it enabled devilish products like GPS, which I’m totally sure the good reverend doesn’t have installed in his car.

  6. That’s just typical of Satan’s devious ways to lure us with a false theory which has some true consequences.

  7. I posted polite pro-science comments to a few of Rives’ videos and they were all deleted by the next day. So much for the Minister wanting honest discussion.

  8. Stephen Kennedy

    The expansion of the Universe from a point was first proposed by Belgian astronomer, physicist and mathematician Georges Lemaitre in 1927 on the basis of solutions he found to Einstein’s equations of General Relativity. Does that make the Big Bang an atheistic theory? Not likely when you consider that Georges Lemaitre was also a Catholic priest.

    Can you imagine an idiot like Rives trying to solve Einstein’s equations? I would be amazed if Rives has any understanding of high school Algebra.


  9. One might also mention that Lemaitre was upset that the Pope mentioned Lematre’s theory favorably in a theological context.

  10. Pete Moulton

    Timothy Horton, I’m sure the good rev would’ve engaged, if only you’d cited some appropriate scripture.

  11. Rev. Rives gives us a beautiful illustration of AiG’s methodology as described in our Curmudgeon’s previous article, Answers in Genesis Explains “Critical Thinking”, to wit

    Once the authority question is answered, you need to try to discern the starting point of the person making the claim: Does this person base their thinking on human philosophy or God’s Word? In other words, do they have a biblical, Christian worldview or a humanistic worldview? Ultimately, these are the only two options — you either trust God or you trust man. Although humanistic philosophy must borrow ideas from a Christian worldview in order to make logical arguments, it is very dangerous to make human reasoning the absolute standard.

    If one runs on AiG’s “Critical Thinking” guide a few very simple ‘find and replace’ scans (substituting only “biblical” with “Quaranic” and “Christian” with “Islamic”) one reproduces the precise fanatical sophistry of Al Qaeda.

    Maybe we should call these folks cdesign projihadists?

  12. So that’s where Paley’s watch came from!

  13. “The expansion of the Universe from a point was first proposed by Belgian astronomer”
    Sorry to spoil it for you, SK, but actually the first one to propose it was a good old Soviet commie, Alexander Friedmann. He published in a German magazine two years before Lemaitre. Of course Germany and Belgium being neighbours this is a typical case of a christian (no doubt the good reverend will point out “just a catholic”) being tempted by an evil atheist.

    “Can you imagine an idiot like Rives trying to solve Einstein’s equations”
    The good reverend has something much stronger – faith.

  14. Yeah, what sort of a fool brings tensor calculus to a sermon!?

  15. It’s always great to learn something for the first time! I have to confess that I had not heard of Friedmann until reading mnbo’s post above. A Google search brings up some very interesting stuff about Friedmann’s life and work.