The End Is Nigh!

PSR B1509-58

PSR B1509-58

We have all been impressed by the Discoveroids’ recent demonstration of their “theory” of intelligent design when they called upon it to determine that the Hand of the Desert was the work of an intelligent designer — see Casey Demonstrates Intelligent Design Theory.

Now, dear reader, we invite you to contemplate the meaning of the photo above this post. It comes from NASA. It was their Astronomy Picture of the Day on 01 May 2010, at which time they said:

As far as pulsars go, PSR B1509-58 appears young. Light from the supernova explosion that gave birth to it would have first reached Earth some 1,700 years ago.

Like that formation in the desert, this celestial omen is shaped like a hand. Therefore it has an obvious abundance of specified complexity.

Wikipedia has an article about it: PSR B1509-58. They say:

PSR B1509-58 is a pulsar approximately 17,000 light-years away in the constellation of Circinus discovered by the Einstein X-Ray Observatory in 1982. It is approximately 1700 years old and sits in a nebula that spans about 150 light years. NASA described the star as “a rapidly spinning neutron star which is spewing energy out into the space around it to create complex and intriguing structures, including one that resembles a large cosmic hand.”

CNN’s website has an article about it, from 2009: NASA photos show giant ‘cosmic hand’.

For some reason, the creationists have ignored this phenomenon, but we feel it’s our Curmudgeonly duty to bring it to your attention. The sign is there for all to see. The meaning is clear. Govern yourselves accordingly.

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15 responses to “The End Is Nigh!

  1. Hm, that doesn’t compute. If the light from it reached Earth 1700 years ago and it’s 17000 ly away, wouldn’t that make it approximately 18700 years old, rather than 1700? Granted, a baby formation in the universal scale of things in each case, but still…

  2. Dear Curmudgeon,

    It is interesting since most of the random chance recognition is facial (eg. the face of the Devil in the clouds emanating from the smoking WTC towers on 9/11 or the samurai faces on the backs of crabs) or genital (eg. the vulva stones -brachiopod endocasts-, or the Coco-de-Mer fruits), not hands.

    Here in South Africa it (PSR B1509-58) is known as “the Hand of God” nebula.
    Even more interestingly we can conclude that not us, but a most famous American was created in His image, since He appears -like that most famous American- to have only 3 fingers. At least now we have some idea of what the Creator must look like: Mickey Mouse.

  3. Pankratius says: “Hm, that doesn’t compute.”

    It bothered me too.

  4. The NASA scientists are using two different frames of reference, hence the apparent incongruity.

  5. Mickey Mouse? Cheese be upon him!

  6. Like the canals on Mars perceived by Percevil Lowell, the human mind wants to connect the dots and lines and find some sort of image that relates to something commonly seen by them, particularly animate objects. Then again, the imagination of astronomers seemed boundless in coming up with some objects’ names. But that just the machinations of the human mind to find some sort of association with the familiar and pigeonhole it for reference.

  7. Our Curmudgeon proclaims

    The sign is there for all to see. The meaning is clear. Govern yourselves accordingly.

    Warning from Olivia to female readers of this blog: despite claims Curmy may make to the contrary, sacrificing your virginity to internet bloggers is not an effective measure for warding off The End Times.

  8. Nicky: or, to an American baseball fan, Mordecai “Three-finger” Brown.

  9. Alex Shuffell

    If you look at the picture upside down it looks like a monkey on the back of a goat on a cup. There is videos of that on Youtube.

  10. Con-Tester: that approach seems inaccurate when considering the absolute nature of cosmic phenomena, but it actually makes sense when explained. Thanks for the link.

  11. Memo to Rev. David Rives: you got it wrong, lad.

    Truly, the Heavens proclaim, “TALK TO THE HAND!

  12. @ Pete Moulton,
    Most of the rest of the world plays/watches cricket, not baseball. I did know baseball existed, due to the writings of the late Steve Gould, but he never mentioned three fingers.
    I am -well, was, until your post- completely unaware of the existence of Mordecai “Three Finger” Brown. Does he look like Mickey Mouse? The Creator a baseball player? Nay, most baseball players have 4 fingers (I presume), while all Mickeys have 3. He must be a Mickey.

  13. Bob Hankinson

    That’s not his hand – it’s his face, and I think he’s a Hindu!

  14. If one gazes at this image long enough one suddenly realizes that even God has to from time to time. Oh wait. Was that an earth quake?

  15. Looks like god’s hand is about to swat us like a fly. Don’t worry. It’ll take millions of years at the rate he’s moving.

    All hail the Holy Church of Pareidolia, where even the toast and cinnamon buns are sacred.