Discoveroids Whine about Zack Kopplin

This is good. Our friend, Zack Kopplin — yes, he has an entry in Wikipedia — is irritating the Discoveroids again. As you know, Zack has been driving them crazy with his attempts to repeal the Louisiana Science Education Act. For a description of his most recent effort, see Louisiana Creationism Repeal: Update 01 May ’13

Now Zack has exposed a network of creationist, tax-funded charter schools in Texas. The National Center for Science Education (NCSE) has an article about it: Creationism in Texas charter schools? They mention Zack’s article on the subject in Slate: Texas Public Schools Are Teaching Creationism, which says:

When public-school students enrolled in Texas’ largest charter program open their biology workbooks, they will read that the fossil record is “sketchy.” That evolution is “dogma” and an “unproved theory” with no experimental basis. They will be told that leading scientists dispute the mechanisms of evolution and the age of the Earth. These are all lies.

The Discoveroids are in a rage. They assigned the task of dealing with the situation to David Klinghoffer, the Discoveroids’ journalistic slasher and poo flinger, who just posted Why Censorship Works: The Case of Zack Kopplin. We’ll give you some excerpts, with bold font added by us. He begins with a curious reminder:

Here is your reminder for today to send in nominations for the Censor of the Year prize, to be awarded in honor of Darwin Day 2014, recognizing remarkable efforts in choking off criticism of evolutionary dogma.

BWAHAHAHAHAHA! In case you’ve forgotten, the Discoveroids recently announced that they’re going to give out that award. We wrote about it here: Discovery Institute Embraces Martyrdom, #2. They said:

The award will recognize particularly vicious efforts to throttle free speech and punish dissenters from orthodoxy in the context of scientific discussion of the origins of complex life, lift itself, and of the cosmos.

BWAHAHAHAHAHA! It appears that Klinghoffer is backing Zack for that award. This is an amazing situation — both Klinghoffer and your Curmudgeon are both supporting Zack, albeit for slightly different motives. Let’s read on in Klinghoffer’s hit piece:

As you know, he [Zack] is the venerable 20-year-old best known for agitating against the Louisiana Science Education Act as a “creationism” law, who was formerly enrolled at Rice University, now an “activist,” “journalist,” and “television personality.” Meaning, I believe, that he is currently neither a student nor otherwise employed.

Yet here is Mr. Kopplin getting a respectful hearing from Education Week and at Slate where he blows the whistle on some Texas charter schools that “discredit evidence-based science,” teaching “lies” such as “that the fossil record is ‘sketchy.’ That evolution is ‘dogma’ and an ‘unproved theory’ with no experimental basis.” I have not looked into the “Responsive Education Solutions charter system” to which he refers. My question is, what’s the source of Zack’s authority over a substantial slice of the public or at least the media?

Is that the best Klinghoffer can do? He doesn’t challenge Zack on the facts (he claims not to have “looked into” the situation). Instead, he sneers: Who is this pipsqueak? That’s a powerful rebuttal indeed. He wails about the unfairness of it all:

Even a squirt barely out of his teens standing up and invoking “science,” like one of those kid preachers you see on the TV news, will command reverence.

You know the Discoveroids are being driven out of their minds when they post a reaction like that. Here’s how Klinghoffer ends his rant:

Without such an audience of the credulous and the overawed, a censor like Mr. Kopplin would be out of business. If he had a business. Remember to get us your nominations by Wednesday, January 29.

Go for it, Klinghoffer, name Zack as the Discoveroids’ censor of the year. That’ll put him in his place.

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20 responses to “Discoveroids Whine about Zack Kopplin

  1. Klinghoffer refers to Zack Kopplin as “…a squirt barely out of his teens…”

    Kopplin’s intellect dwarfs that of Little Klingy. Klingy realizes it, and thus resorts to ad hominem attacks such as this.

    To the charge of censorship — yes, Zack is guilty of censorship, if that’s what you call attempting to keep falsehoods from being taught in public schools using public money. Go get ’em, Zack!

  2. A squirt? A squirt!?!? Klingpooper, that man is gonna be the end of you and yours. You better get your licks in now while you can. Cuz as Leela James sang, “A change is gonna come.” Holy crap, I cannot believe he has nothing better than an ad hominem. Can’t hit him on the points, so attempt to hit him below the belt. Nice.

    But, let’s stick to Klingy and his ilk. What was they said? Oh, yes. Neither creationism nor intelligent design (as if they were different) should be taught in school. Isn’t that what you said, Kling-a-dink? Home schooling, okay. But not in any institutions which rely on taxpayer funds, right? I know. Your typical readers will conveniently forget. But we won’t.

    Remember, Klingacling: When you mess with Zack, you mess with us, too. Might want to take that into consideration.

  3. Charles Deetz ;)

    So censoring is calling out those who run against the law and legal precedent? This word you keep using, I don’t think it means what you think it means.

  4. And you wonder why we call him Klinghitler. Note that Klingleberry here cites Rush Limbaugh, comparing Zack’s evolutionist fans to those who obey environmental protection laws. Klingleberry’s analogy is based on the notion that people who obey environmental protection laws supposedly say to those who, like Limbaugh, break the law, “You have insulted the law!”

    Of course, no one actually says this, or thinks it. What we think is that you creationists have falsified the facts.

    But, the point is, the LSEA law was written by the Discovernaught lawyers. Zack Kopplin is trying to overturn the law. So Klinghitler and his Discovernaught stormtroopers are the ones who say to Zack, “You have insulted the law!”

    Pot kettle black.

  5. Also note that Klinghitler describes the “certain personality type” of evolutionists as not really American, “more European than American.” Believe in evolution? You’re not a real America, says Herr Klinghitler. Maybe not an Aryan. Maybe not even white!

    Evolutionists probably eat some kind of foreign food, instead of real American food like pizza. And they probably drive some kind foreign car, instead of an American make like Toyota.

  6. Alex Shuffell

    It would be interesting to see how many votes come in for The Censor of the Year prize. Considering that you have to send your vote by email directly to the editor of ENV, without a subject line or an address specific to this prize, this means that all votes will have to be sorted individually. The task will probably take at least half an hour in total spread over the next two weeks with maybe a dozen votes!

  7. Zack is going to make a difference, and that’s what drives dingbats like Kadiddlepooper crazy. Zack Kopplin wants schools to teach honest science, and he’s learning how to get the media to focus on the problem.
    Kadidldddldddldldllllllclumpper and Co. don’t have a clue, and all they can do is whine and wring their little hands. Zack is to be admired and encouraged. The Discoveroids are to be reviled and and shown to be the contemptible liars and frauds that they are.

  8. Where reason, fact and evidence are absent, inflammatory rhetoric is sure to flourish. It’s where the would-be autocrat cannot speak softly because the big stick he would like to carry doesn’t exist. Consequently, we have Klinghuffer’s hot-headed harangue.

    Kopplin, in collaboration with Ken Miller and others, does a very fine job of exposing much of “Responsive Ed” for the duplicitous, subversive sham that it is. One fears for the children subjected to this kind of intellectual sabotage.

    Besides much faulty science, we also learn that “[F]eminism forced women to turn to the government as a ‘surrogate husband.’” Conceited much?

  9. Our Curmudgeon notes:

    The Discoveroids are in a rage.

    Indeed–and with very good reason. In the past 20+ years (longer than Zack has even been alive), the Disco’Tute’s CSC has burned through the-FSM-only-knows-how-many tens of millions of Ahmanson’s $$$$ — and what have they got to show for it?

    They still can’t get no respect!.

    And then, lo! Along comes Zack “David” Kopplin, and who should the Discoveroid Philistines send to do battle but none other than David “Goliath” Klinghuffandpuffer!

    The Wikipedia article on Kopplin (linked above) includes a detail about him I did not previously know and–if true–gives another reason why he is particularly well-suited to deal with the likes of Klingpoopyflinger:

    On NPR’s Science Friday, Kopplin stated that he was born with anosmia, meaning he does not have a sense of smell.

    My cup of schadenfreude runneth over…

  10. And herewith is copy of my fresh vote as sent to the Disco’Tute; I think it would be a fine thing if a massive write-in campaign for Zack could be launched, as it would make the DI’s ‘Censor of the Year’ campaign look even sillier than it already is:

    Dear Evolution News & Views,

    Having read Mr. Klinghoffer’s thoughtful essay on your website (“Why Censorship Works: The Case of Zack Kopplin”: January 21 2014), I would like to cast my vote for Kopplin as ‘Censor of the Year.’

    As Mr. Klinghoffer rightly points out, this unemployed agitator has no authority whatsoever to command so much media attention, and this treasonous little squirt, who is clearly opposed to everything that true Americans such as myself and Rush Limbaugh hold dear, needs a public spanking from those of us who are elder and wiser. Please administer such to the best of your ability.

    Yours faithfully,

    Anyone with me on this? Go, Zack!

  11. And some good coverage of this story in the Los Angeles Times: Creationism again stalks the classroom:

    In a sane world, the ringing denunciation of intelligent design and creationist “science” delivered by a federal judge in 2005 would have eradicated these concepts from the schoolroom. …[snip]… Yet the creationists keep at it. A recent report, written for by the indefatigable and implausibly youthful Zack Kopplin, involves a network of charter schools with an enrollment of 17,000 students in Texas, Arkansas, and Indiana and an incredible haul of $82.6 million a year in state, local and federal funds. …[snip]… One way to react to a school system that places “supernatural intervention” on the same scientific plane as a natural process, however dopily described, is with relief that these 17,000 children won’t be equipped to compete in the real world with our kids. Life in modern America is hard enough, so there’s something Darwinian indeed about saddling all those kids with the burden of a 16th-century education.

    …[recommended article continues]…

  12. @Waldteufel: “Kadidldddldddldldllllllclumpper and Co. don’t have a clue”
    We Dutch have a proverb for this. Translated it goes like “no matter how fast the lie is, truth will catch up.”
    That’s what Klingy is experiencing.

    I’m with you, Mega. Lazy as I am I have copied your letter.

  13. I went to the ENV page and found the link to vote. I nominated the Transnational Association of Christian Colleges and Schools (TRACS) which won’t accredit a school unless it commits to a belief in eternal pysical torture of the unsaved (see, with as runner-up ENV for not allowing comments.

  14. Winning Klingy’s prize would be quite a feather in young Zack’s cap. If I won, I’d demand they send me something tangible, like the lamp in “A Christmas Story.” I’d tell everyone “it’s a Major Award.”

  15. I think the prize should be a bust of Luskin, in Spandex, wearing a red ball-gag.

  16. docbill1351 proposes

    I think the prize should be a bust of Luskin, in Spandex, wearing a red ball-gag

    and with a pull-string in his back to make him babble some of his signature ravings about Dover, and junk DNA, and sculpted hands in the Chilean desert.

    In fact, I think Mattel could profitably bring out a line of Action Super-Heros based on the Discoveroids, e.g., The Incredible Kling, or perhaps The Sub-Atomic Gerbil

  17. I meant, in above post, Super-Zeros–but you guys knew that…

  18. You have to “be someone” to be a target of these people. Congrats Zack!

  19. This is definitely a prize to strive for. Whomever wins it should receive rich accolades from the community of rational bloggers. It’s motivational, in a way – who wouldn’t want to be recognized by the DI for thwarting their plans?

  20. Now I remember where I know Klingy from. Scooby-Doo!
    “And I would have gotten away with it, too, if it weren’t for that darn, meddling Kopplin!”