Creationist Wisdom #382: The Scientist-Preacher

Today’s letter-to-the-editor appears in a Gannett newspaper with a website that doesn’t provide the paper’s name, but it’s located somewhere on the mysterious Delmarva Peninsula, which includes most of Delaware and parts of Maryland and Virginia. The letter is titled Biblical view well-supported by evidence.

Like Creationist Wisdom #378, and then Creationist Wisdom #381, today’s letter is a response to this column by Tom Krattenmaker: Evolution is about science, not opinion, so it’s part of an exciting series for the newspaper readers in that area. We’ll give you a few excerpts, enhanced with our Curmudgeonly commentary, and some bold font for emphasis.

We don’t like to embarrass people (unless they’re politicians or otherwise in the public eye), so we’ll omit the writer’s name and city. However, at the end of his letter, the writer is described as having: “34 years of experience as a senior scientist, is owner of an environmental consulting firm and pastor of Calvary Chapel in Salisbury.” Here’s that church’s website. Okay, here we go:

The initial column by Tom Krattenmaker on the subject of evolution, which used the term “willful ignorance” to characterize those who interpret scientific facts (evidence) from a Biblical framework rather than a naturalistic view, seemed somewhat manipulative at best and haughty at worst.

Egad — manipulative and haughty. That’s horrible! We’re so glad today’s letter-writer is here to clear things up:

The truth is that there are numerous specialists (holding doctorates) in every scientific discipline who find the observable evidence in nature fits plausibly and intellectually into a nonevolutionary model. The research articles and books on this subject are readily available to anyone who has the interest.

Yes, such books are readily available from AIG, ICR, the Discoveroids, etc. Let’s read on:

Many scientists face loss of jobs, loss of tenure, humiliation or other threats if they express or teach their politically incorrect views publicly.

Lordy, lordy. This guy has seen too many re-runs of Expelled. He continues:

I have a master’s degree in biology and chemistry and am well-educated in evolutionary theory. Yet I have also studied the scientific evidence which supports the Biblical view, which I find quite intellectually stimulating. After 40 years of reading and studying this debate, I find it amusing to be regarded as “willfully ignorant” due to the informed, educated position I accept.

Wow — this guy has been at it for 40 years! He must know what he’s talking about. Then — to prove his point — he quotes the bible which tells us that “Scoffers will come in the last days.” After that powerful evidence, he tells us:

A worldwide cataclysmic deluge occurring in Earth’s history provides a plausible framework for interpreting scientific evidence from a nonevolutionary view. Neglect or rejection of this event leaves only the naturalistic model.

We can’t consider a naturalistic model — not when there’s a readily available supernatural model. Here’s more:

The late Henry Morris, former professor at the University of Virginia and founder of the Institute for Creation Research, wrote a widely accepted treatise called “Flood Geology.”

Widely accepted! BWAHAHAHAHAHA! See ICR’s Founder, Henry Morris: Exposed! Moving along:

Further, “chance” has been wrongly elevated to a causative mechanism in naturalistic evolution, even though it is simply a word for probability, having no power by itself to affect change. The mathematical science of probability is conveniently nonexistent in evolutionary thinking and literature.

Okay, that’s enough. We hope the people of the Delmarva Peninsula will benefit from this series of letters-to-the editor. It’s certainly been a big help to us.

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9 responses to “Creationist Wisdom #382: The Scientist-Preacher

  1. The guy claims to have a “masters degree in biology and chemistry,” yet knowledge of those subjects seems to have escaped from his fevered brain.
    His letter is nothing more than a word salad of sciency sounding verbiage doubtless cut and pasted from creationist websites.
    My guess is that the source of his degree is a Cracker Jacks box.

  2. Our Curmudgeon refers to

    the mysterious Delmarva Peninsula

    If one were to guess its nature solely on the basis of the Creationist letters generated therein: it must be some sort of intellectual Bermuda Triangle, where some people’s reason disappears without trace…

  3. “interpret scientific facts (evidence) from a Biblical framework ”
    Bwahahahaha! SC, how could you have missed this one? This is the best contradiction in terminis I have met in a long time.

    “there are numerous specialists”
    Steve …..

    “that’s enough”
    Sure. We don’t know and don’t want to know where this guy got his biology and chemistry degree, but as we Dutch say he should demand his tuition back. He has been cheated by his teachers.

  4. I know SC scours the sources for these idiotic letters & articles, but isn’t it strange that they never seem to stop? The obvious insecurity and lack of knowledge of these “religious” people just continues to boil up, never ending, and they all say the same dumb things. This “stupid” meme seems to perculate over and over in their minds without end.

  5. Please explain senior scientist? Is that a scientist with Alzheimer’s who’s forgotten how to do science?

  6. 34 years as a senior scientist – guess that means he never graduated after making it through the freshman, sophomore and junior stages, and spent 31 years stuck at senior.

  7. Mad as a Hatter.

    Would these degrees be from Patriot University by chance?

  8. For this clown to claim a degree from such an internationally known and renowned institution as Patriot University would require a high degree of credential inflation. Isn’t that where the federal prison inmate, er I mean Creation Scientist, Kent Hovind bought his “doctorate?”

  9. FWIW, it looks like that paper is based in or near Salisbury, MD. (I’m in Florida; transplanted from Maryland.)