The Climax of Creationism is Approaching

The suspense is almost unendurable as the date for the big announcement approaches. What announcement? Come on, you remember when the Discoveroids told us, almost two weeks ago, that they were deciding who would be named their “Censor of the Year.” We wrote about it here: Discovery Institute Embraces Martyrdom, #2. Klinghoffer had said:

Discovery Institute’s Center for Science & Culture announces a new prize to be given out yearly on Darwin Day, February 12: the Censor of the Year Award. The award will recognize particularly vicious efforts to throttle free speech and punish dissenters from orthodoxy in the context of scientific discussion of the origins of complex life, lift itself, and of the cosmos.

Then he disclosed some particulars:

The Center for Science & Culture will be taking nominations for the next couple of weeks, through Wednesday, January 29. … We’ll deliberate carefully, and make our announcement on Tuesday, February 4, in ample time to get ready for Darwin Day.

Tomorrow is the day when they reach their decision! But they’ll keep the winner’s name a secret until 04 February — one week from today! Remember that date! It’s also the day of the big debate between Ken Ham and Bill Nye when, we fear, Nye will bring a slide rule to a knife fight.

If that’s not enough excitement, don’t forget that there’s another big date coming two days later — 06 February. If, by that date, ol’ Hambo can’t sell enough bonds to raise the money he needs for building his Ark replica, then the underwriters will have to refund everything they’ve raised from bond sales — unless the closing date gets extended again. See Ken Ham’s Ark Bonds — 14 Jan 2014 Update.

Back to the Discoveroids — they appear to be promoting a favorite for their Censor of the Year Award, and it’s Zack Kopplin. Klinghoffer pretty much said so, and we wrote about that last week — see Discoveroids Whine about Zack Kopplin.

Zack himself seems to be trying to win the Discoveroids’ award. Just in time to infuriate those who might be suggesting a winner, Zack wrote a column which was published in the Shreveport Times of Shreveport, Louisiana. Check it out: Creationism vs. evolution: Religious teachings have no place in science classes. The first paragraph is enough to win the award:

In 2008, the Legislature passed the Louisiana Science Education Act, a clever piece of stealth legislation that allows creationism to be snuck into public school science classrooms.

And if that’s not enough to achieve victory, Zack has been tweeting about it. Klinghoffer has noticed, and he posted this at the Discoveroids’ creationist blog: Atta Boy! In Censor of the Year Contest, Zack Kopplin Has the Fighting Spirit, where he says, with bold font added by us:

Hm, it sounds like Louisiana youth Zack Kopplin is eyeing our Censor of the Year prize like a true competitor. I congratulate him on that. He wants to win! Or so it appears from this tweet:

[Alert — This is a quote by a Discoveroid, allegedly a tweet by Zack, which we haven’t checked for accuracy:] Am I winning your censorship contest? Or is your website which doesn’t allow comments beating me.

BWAHAHAHAHAHA! Zack is taunting the Discoveroids! Klinghoffer responds:

Good for you, Mr. Kopplin, and good luck in this truly competitive race!

There’s more, of course, but we’re so excited and agitated that we’re unable to provide you with any more excerpts. You’ll have to click over there to read the rest.

This is undoubtedly the most momentous time we can recall in the history of our humble blog. Everything seems to be happening at once — the announcement of the Discoveroids’ Censor of the Year Award on 04 Feb, the debate between ol’ Hambo and Bill Nye, also on 04 Feb, and the deadline for the sale of Hambo’s ark bonds two days later, on 06 Feb.

The whole world is watching. The tension is growing. And we won’t have long to wait. Stay tuned to this blog!

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29 responses to “The Climax of Creationism is Approaching

  1. I thought they would nominate that professor at BSU whose unit had to be restructured or was it thrown out of science class?

  2. The only censor they should be considering is their own Barry Arington.

  3. Our Curmudgeon enthuses

    This is undoubtedly the most momentous time we can recall in the history of our humble blog. Everything seems to be happening at once

    It does indeed feel like momentous times!

    Pity Harold Camping is no longer with us to proclaim these events as manifest harbingers of the End Times!

    Anyone got a Mayan calendar handy?

  4. If you’ve seen it once, you’ve seen it a thousand times: “an inter-disciplinary community of scholars and policy advocates” that feels threatened by, and so mocks and insults, someone who can’t even buy himself a beer. If I had a nickle…

  5. Megalonyx says: “It does indeed feel like momentous times!”

    Everyone feels the tension. When I came home last night, Olivia said: “Is that a Mesopotamian tablet in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?

  6. Megalonyx enquires—

    “Anyone got a Mayan calendar handy?”

    I’m afraid not. Mine ran out a little more than a year ago.

  7. @ Our Curmudgeon:

    Prolonged and excessive exposure to the shrill decibels of the Retard-o-Tron klaxon has clearly damaged your eardrums.

    Olivia’s actual parting words to you were

    You’re a mess of ptomaine, a babble of poppycock. Make it snappy—leave me!

  8. Does anybody have the email address so I can vote in the contest?

  9. @ Digoenes:

    Klingy gives it at the end of his blog post, linked above:

    Vote early, and often!

  10. Diogenes, it’s in the article linked:

  11. Zack Kopplin

    Klinghoffer is still tweeting at me. I think y’all can expect more articles on me from them. I just told them that Lane v. Sabine parish and Responsive Ed are going to be the next Kitzmiller and asked if the DI would run away again. I also called him a creationist. He’s probably going to be spitting mad.

  12. Zack Kopplin says: “Klinghoffer is still tweeting at me.”

    Oh dear! I hope you’re strong enough to handle all that pressure.

  13. I don’t have enough Purell in the house to deal with a tweet from Klinghitler.

    “Intelligent design” creationism was exposed and killed at Kitzmiller. Evolution as religion, balance treatment and creation science have been dealt with by other cases.

    Perhaps Lane v. Sabine is simple Establishment Clause violation (seems to me) and nothing new or remarkable.

    Responsive Ed could be a case to wipe out that pesky company and companies that provide unaccredited “teaching” material, as perhaps promote better regulation and monitoring of charter schools. All good things.

  14. Disco Tute legal beagle, er, Chihuahua, Josh Youngkin is mentioned thusly, regarding the Slate article about public and charter schools teaching creationism:

    “As Josh says, though, the relevant academic freedom statues in Louisiana and Tennessee expressly do not sanction teaching religious doctrines, such as creationism.”

    Therefore, in Lane vs. Sabine we should expect the Disco Tute to provide support for the plaintiffs, seeing as how they object to sanctioning the teaching of religious doctrines. Hey, the Tute is working for us, now! Maybe I should make a donation.

  15. Here’s a simple idea — any school accepting public money, whether as direct payments or as vouchers, must follow the same curriculum rules and teacher certification requirements that apply to public schools.

    Furthermore, any teacher in any school that accepts (or is funded entirely by) public funds who blatantly defies those curriculum rules loses certification.

    Private schools, “standard” parochial schools, evangelical creationist schools, etc. accepting no public money can teach whatever they choose — but they should not expect accreditation if they stray from the accredited curriculum.

  16. Zack, it seems that you are the DI’s “Censor du Jour“.
    Just a month or so ago it was Dr. Jo Ann Gora, president of Ball State U., for the way she went after the teaching of intelligent design in a science course at her university. Klinghoffer and his cohorts are a fickle bunch. They will have to start wearing neck braces because of the whiplash.

  17. docbill: “Therefore, in Lane vs. Sabine we should expect the Disco Tute to provide support for the plaintiffs, seeing as how they object to sanctioning the teaching of religious doctrines.”

    Yeah. That’ll happen. Any day now. Well, soon, perhaps. Hmm. This is like waiting for Godot.

  18. SC, where would I be without you? I completely had forgotten about the most important award of 2014! Of course the IDiots are to blame – they don’t give the thing enough publicity, let alone raise the tension.

    “it’s Zack Kopplin”
    Yes! Yes! I feel like Beevis and Butthead pleasantly surprised by the newest AC/DC video on MTV. Maybe the little campaign started by Mega has helped.

    “The first paragraph is enough to win the award”
    Isn’t ZK a good guy? We definitely should root for him.

    “He wants to win!”
    I want ZK to win too!

    “good luck in this truly competitive race!”
    The IDiots from Seattle never fail to disappoint. Come on, Klingy, I am so eager to know who the other competitors are.

    “He’s probably going to be spitting mad.”
    Excellent winning strategy, ZK. You truly have inspired Klingy. Read this:

    “Large Conference Room” (pictured above)”
    made in 1836, which is about the point where Klingly’s understanding of the natural sciences got stuck.

    “to agonize and choose a winner”
    Ooooohh! Yeah, that’s quite a burden. No wonder Klingy and co don’t have time to do, you know, actual scientific research.

    “how vigorously and successfully he (or she!) has pursued an agenda of choking off and silencing”
    Ha – you know what to do in these last weeks of this thrilling race, ZK. Don’t back down now! Don’t disappoint your many fans!

  19. @SC: With regards to Zack’s tweet, it’s true. Zack did reach a paw into Klinghitler’s cage and smack him square on the forehead:

    @d_klinghoffer Am I winning your censorship contest? Or is your website which doesn't allow comments beating me.— Zack Kopplin (@ZackKopplin) January 26, 2014

  20. docbill1351 enthuses

    Hey, the Tute is working for us, now! Maybe I should make a donation.

    By all means, indeed you should! As should we all!

    I hope I don’t need to remind folks of the requisite magnetic field alignment for such ‘donations’…

  21. Paging Cardinal Tomato Addict: We need you to design a campaign button we can wear, maybe


    When that puff o’ white smoke rises up from the chimney of the Secret Disco’Tute Conclave and they announce, Habemus censorem, I really want it to be Mr. Kopplin who takes the prize!

  22. Megalonyx, referring to this cutting-edge research, Dogs Align Themselves North-South To Poop, says: “I hope I don’t need to remind folks of the requisite magnetic field alignment for such ‘donations’…”

    I shall take your comment as an opportunity to post an update on my own research. I have personally seen my dog Aaaargh!! do the deed on seven different occasions while aligned in an east-west direction. Little Pearl, on the other hand, on those few occasions when she permits observation, has always been aligned north-south.

  23. Our Curmudgeon provides a keenly-awaited research update:

    I have personally seen my dog Aaaargh!! do the deed on seven different occasions while aligned in an east-west direction. Little Pearl, on the other hand, on those few occasions when she permits observation, has always been aligned north-south.

    Perhaps Aaaaaargh has recently been exposed to some disruptive strong magnetic force? Has he undergone an MRI scan recently? Or been napping by the Retard-o-Tron when it sensed an especially egregious offering from WND? It’s essential to record any relevant details pertaining to the independent variables in this experiment.

  24. Although Zack would be the People’s Choice winner, I would put even odds on JPL or Prez Gora because they actually did “censor” ID.

    Although (again!) outside of the tiny, rat-infested ID mind, who would know or even care about either of those two. Coppy is old, old news and the Tooters could never turn the case around to be about ID; it was mentioned peripherally only. And Gora only reiterated what has been published, supported and said over and over, that ID is inappropriate to be taught in the science classroom. She wasn’t going out on a limb, there. She’s backed by every science organization in the world plus the Kitzmiller decision.

    Zack could be a contendah but only because the Tooters are jealous! Jealous, you say? Tell me more! Well, take the Gerbil, Slasher and Chihuahua collectively (please!) and how much influence do they really have. Not much. They’re basically unknown nobodies, rather, busybodies and we can keep them in check with a can of Raid and a Roach Motel.

    But Zack, tender little 20-year old Zack is a media sensation! He’s like the Beeb of Science education (sorry for the reference). He’s been on the Bill Maher Show, given Ted talks, knows personally Bill Nye and other science personalities and he’s been influential enough opposing the LSEA to attract both media attention and the ire of the Tooters. Zack has the support of the NCSE, Barbara Forrest and a league of other science organizations. He’s a rising star and potentially a huge thorn in the side of the Tooters.

    So, yeah, if the Tooters thought they could drag Zack down a peg or two with their Hokey Award they’ll give it a shot. Remember how the awards work, though. Remember the Casey Luskin IDEA Award given to the student who best promotes ID at their school or institution. Who was the first recipient? Casey Luskin!! Who were some other recipients? Nobody knows because their names were kept secret to protect their “careers.” Great, just great. Get a Hokey Award and you can’t even tell anyone about it! Welcome to Tooterville.

  25. What makes me happy is that if the ‘tute had a successful year, they wouldn’t have a “censor” award. The “censor” award is a way of taking their defeats and blaming them on something other than themselves.

    In that light, I think they will pick out their greatest setback, which is probably the situation at Ball state, and award the prize to Dr. Gora.

    Besides, they know that Zack would be delighted to win it, and would boast of it in future media appearances, which sort of defeats the purpose.

  26. Emotionally, they want to give it to Zack, because they burn with jealousy towards him. They’re Daffy to Zack’s Bugs.

    Rationally, I hope they’re smart enough to realize that Zack would turn it against them. Zack has never encouraged real censorship, so if they give Zack such an award, it will be them admitting that Darwinist “censorship” doesn’t exist and is just agitprop from them.

    I am reminded of the Chuck Jones cartoons with Daffy and Bugs. The more Daffy burned with envy towards Bugs, the more easily Bugs outwitted him. “Shoot him now! Shoot him now!” Those cartoons taught me that jealousy is the funniest human emotion.

  27. Rikki_Tikki_Taalik

  28. In the first quote from One Klingy-Dingy, I’m thinking that “lift itself” should probably be “life itself”. Unless he’s preaching bootstrap economics…

  29. You’re right, Mark Joseph. I cut and pasted from the Discoveroids’ blog, and I didn’t notice their typo. I just checked it again and now they’ve fixed the typo. I’ll leave it as it originally was in my post.