Creationist Wisdom #388: Hallmark vs. Darwin

Today’s letter-to-the-editor appears at the website of the Albany Democrat-Herald of Albany, Oregon. It’s titled Hallmark not biting. We don’t like to embarrass people (unless they’re politicians or otherwise in the public eye), so we’re omitting the writer’s name and city. We’ll give you a few excerpts from today’s letter, enhanced with our Curmudgeonly commentary, and some bold font for emphasis. Okay, here we go:

I was reading Mr. Krebs’ letter about Charles Darwin in today’s DH (Feb. 7). [Presumably, “DH” refers to the Albany Democrat-Herald.] I thought it sounded a bit familiar so I checked and saw that he had written a like-sounding letter heaping praise upon Darwin back in 2009.

M’god — this guy saves his old newspapers from five years ago! We haven’t looked for that old letter, but the newer one from 07 February to which he refers is this: Celebrate Darwin, written by Wolf Krebs. We assume that’s the same man whose book is available at Amazon: Primate Retina and Choroid: Atlas of Fine Structure in Man and Monkey. It looks like a real book from a real publisher. Okay, back to today’s letter:

He did tone this one down a bit. In his earlier version he stated, “The staggering advances in the life science field should be credited directly to Darwin.” Directly? Well, maybe in some areas. But when it comes to evolution, no matter how scientists and “true believers” try to prove his theories, 155 years after the publication of “On the Origin of Species,” and untold billions of dollars and billions of hours of research, it’s still that. A theory.

BWAHAHAHAHAHA! It’s only a theory! Let’s read on:

So, until that is proven, and they’re still be missing tens of thousands of those pesky “missing links” that would show those evolutions from one animal form to another and therefore prove his theory; I will give Darwin the credit he deserves as a expert collector and documenter of plant and animal life during his voyage on the Beagle.

How many “missing links” does the letter writer want before he’ll invoke some imaginary rule and decree that Darwin’s theory is proven? Apparently, Wikipedia’s list of transitional fossils isn’t sufficient. Does he realize that even one transitional fossil is a huge problem for evolution deniers? Does he know that theories are never literally proven? Does he know anything? We continue:

Mr. Krebs stated that there are suggestions to celebrate the 12th of February as “Darwin Day.” Strange, since the closest I’ve seen to that being proposed was in his letter of five years ago.

He never encountered the idea except in his pile of ancient newspapers? Hey, letter-writer: Wikipedia has an article on the subject: Darwin Day. Here’s how the letter ends:

And as I responded then if it were that popular an idea Hallmark would have their “Darwin Day” cards on the shelves at Walmart by now.

BWAHAHAHAHAHA! Hey, letter-writer: Stop doing your scientific research at Walmart. Here’s where you can Send a Darwin Day Ecard.

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9 responses to “Creationist Wisdom #388: Hallmark vs. Darwin

  1. Funny how non-paleontologists/non-scientists feel free to babble about the nature of the fossil record considering they’ve likely never even picked up a fossil in their lives.

  2. Typical creationist: big mouth, small brain. Doesn’t know what “theory” means in science, is generally scientifically ignorant, and has not a clue what evolution is. The fact that the guy keeps five year old letters to the editor tells you something. Maybe he uses his tin foil hat as a paper weight for his stack of old newspapers.

  3. Our Curmudgeon thoughtfully provides a link whereby one

    can Send a Darwin Day Ecard.

    I trust I am not alone in sending such to Messers Luskin, Klinghoffer, Chapman, et. al of our beloved Disco’Tute…

  4. @Megalonyx
    Feel free to send them Darwin’s Day ecards. Just note that they will likely use filters to Censor your messages, which will then be promptly Expelled from their inboxes…

  5. @ Lemmy

    I would presume they would use one of Dembski’s explanatory filters

  6. This guy (I’m presuming “guy”; 99% probability) takes Mr. Krebs to task for writing two letters about Darwin 8 years apart. Ha! I wonder how many letters this crank has written about:

    A) Obama
    B) Liberal agenda
    C) Homosexual agenda
    D) Anti-abortion
    E) “Evolutionist” agenda
    F) Failure of public schools

    I’ll just bet it’s more than two in each category over the same period.

  7. Well, I just checked the paper’s archives. The letter-writer *is* a guy, and he writes a lot of letters — but except for A) and B), I’m wrong about the categories.

    The paper’s archives are easy to search, so that’s probably how he came up with Krebs’ letter from 2006.

  8. RSG, points A, B, C, D, and E are redundant.

  9. Man Mountain Molehill

    Hallmark not biting

    Few of you atheist evilutioners realize that before the fall animals didn’t eat each other, they sent greeting cards.

    Dear Antelope,
    Just a note to tell you I’m fine, and really enjoying these tofu bushes
    and tempeh trees.
    Your loving pal