Creationist Wisdom #391: Canadian Preacher

We have another letter-to-the-editor today. This one appears in the Journal Pioneer of Summerside, Prince Edward Island. It’s titled Creation versus Evolution.

We don’t like to embarrass people (unless they’re politicians, preachers, or other public figures), but in this case the writer is a preacher named Ian Kurylyk. He is pastor at the Summerside Fundamental Baptist Church. We’ll give you a few excerpts from the rev’s letter, enhanced with our Curmudgeonly commentary, and some bold font for emphasis. Okay, here we go:

The creation vs. evolution dispute as to the origins of the universe and life has been revisited recently by an online debate. Evolutionists frequently try to muddy the waters by changing the labels to religion vs. science.

Yes, we’re always trying to muddy the waters. The rev will clear things up for us. He says:

We know this cannot be the real issue because a great many people, they themselves would call religious, have made enormous contributions to science.

Lordy, lordy — please, not Isaac Newton again! Oh, we’re spared. He doesn’t haul out a list of pre-Darwin scientists — or any scientists. Let’s read on:

A moment’s thought tells us evolution is not a scientific laboratory finding but a hypothesis a theory that the Creator-God of the Bible does not exist. It is important to understand the real question under consideration. Does God exist?

The rev has figured out the real issue! We continue:

As it turns out this question and has been deeply considered by thinkers and philosophers of the past. On the basis of logic and intuitive first principles of cause-and-effect a number of compelling arguments have been given that demonstrate God must exist.

Please, rev, don’t dump all of Thomas Aquinas’s five “proofs” of God on us. Each of those has been found fallacious (or at least unpersuasive). Here’s more:

There must be a First Cause of everything else that exists, sufficient to create a universe of such magnitude, complexity, beauty, and moral order, and containing life and personal beings.

Ah, it’s the First Cause argument. That comes up all the time in creationist literature. It’s the weakest argument by far because it violates the premise of causality by insisting that the “conclusion” of God is exempt from the premise that everything requires a cause. We discussed it in Institute for Creation Research v. Stephen Hawking, and it popped up in one of our earliest posts, Flaming Idiocy About Evolution, so we won’t re-hash it here. Moving along:

More than that, the Bible supports this rationale as valid. Since God has told us beforehand that these arguments are regarded by Him as compelling in His courtroom, we should consider them before we stand before Him in judgment.

Okay. Then the rev gives us three bible quotes. We’ll skip those but this is his commentary on them:

God has shown us. The universe is a body of evidence demonstrating His creative power in the same sense a painter’s art work demonstrates his artistic ability.

You can’t miss it. Everybody lives in the universe He created and has been given firsthand insight into the invisible Creator who brought it into existence.

You can’t misunderstand it. You are so constituted with a rational nature that you can’t miss the intuitive and logical conclusion to be reached from God’s Creation.

The rev’s letter finishes with this powerful conclusion:

This means we can reject the atheistic evolutionary theory out of hand and go about the business of finding out the things revealed further of God in the Bible.

Your Curmudgeon has done all he can by bringing you the best thinking on the subject. Now the choice is up to you, dear reader.

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8 responses to “Creationist Wisdom #391: Canadian Preacher

  1. Richard Olson

    ‘It is important to understand the real question under consideration. Does God exist. … Since God has told us …’ – Ian Kurylyk

    I just edited your letter down to the only thing you needed to say to make your point, Ian. The rest is superfluous, a waste of your time to write, the paper to publish, and anyone to read.

  2. “… evolution is…a theory that the Creator-God of the Bible does not exist.” It’s been a while since I read Origin of Species, but I don’t recall anything in it about whether any gods exist. The fact of evolution makes many of the bronze age myths of the bible clearly myths, and certainly supports the conclusion that it’s unlikely that there is any need for a god, but evolution per se doesn’t deal with any of the verious gods at all. If IDers could come up with something other than this sort of strawman argument, I migtht listen to them (on a day when I had nothing else to do!)

  3. Charles Deetz ;)

    You can’t misunderstand it. You are so constituted with a rational nature that you can’t miss the intuitive and logical conclusion to be reached from God’s Creation.

    Hmmm, there are a lot of varying opinions on God and the Bible, yet there can’t be any misunderstanding it. Is the Pope right about creation or is Ken Ham, then certainly both christians can’t have a misunderstanding of creation? And all these scientists are misunderstanding the fossils and starlight. I do think the pastor is misunderstanding the sciences, that is obvious.

  4. Rev Kurylyk cuts to the chase:

    Does God exist?

    Anyone else spot the monotheistic premise smuggled into the question? We die-hard but faithful adherents to the ancient Olympians are outraged!

    Though admittedly, like life forms, 99.9% of all the gods in which humans have at one time or another believed are now extinct.

    Highly perishable entities, gods.

  5. @Megalonyx will have a smorgasbord of Lakes of Fire to choose from / burn in.

  6. The 1% will get the lakes with the best views and finest quality brimstone of course.

  7. Do any of these fundies ever consider that evolution being real doesn’t disprove the existence of any God(s).

    They’ve accepted the Earth not being the centre of the solar system isn’t proof of God(s) not existing, why the hang up on biology?

  8. Because it makes them feel bad being related to monkeys.