Discoveroids Unwittingly Plug the New “Cosmos”

This may be a shock to some of you, but Fox is bringing the new Cosmos show to your TV set this weekend, on Sunday, 09 March. You can read about it here: Cosmos: A SPACETIME ODYSSEY.

The reason we know it’s going to be good is because the Discovery Institute already hates it. They’ve just posted Discovery Institute Scholars Predict that, as a Vehicle for Materialism, the New Cosmos Will Be as Screechy as Sagan’s Original. They say, with bold font added by us:

For atheists and materialists, the popular 1980 documentary series Cosmos: A Personal Journey with Carl Sagan has canonical status. Fox TV will retool the concept starting this Sunday night with the first episode of the 13-part Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey.

Oh, how horrible that Carl Sagan was! His show only appealed to “atheists and materialists,” not to really intelligent people like the Discoveroids. Their rant further informs us:

The series pilot centers on the animated story of Giordano Bruno, a 16th-century friar burned as a heretic, adopted as a martyr by modern critics of religion.

We all know about Giordano Bruno. Wikipedia says:

His cosmological theories went beyond the Copernican model: while supporting its heliocentrism, he also correctly proposed that the Sun was just another star moving in space, and claimed as well that the universe contained an infinite number of inhabited worlds populated by other intelligent beings.

Obviously a madman. The Discoveroids scoff that he’s been “adopted as a martyr by modern critics of religion.” They can’t imagine why anyone would do such a thing. Perhaps it’s because Bruno was put to the torch by the Inquisition in 1600, which served as a lesson to Galileo, who — when arrested by the Inquisition — wisely recanted his heretical findings that the Earth orbited the Sun. Galileo was nevertheless found guilty of heresy, but was allowed to live, albeit under house arrest, for the remaining few years of his life. Let’s read on from the Discoveroids’ warning about the new Cosmos series:

Discovery Institute senior fellow Dr. Jay W. Richards commented that:

[They quote Richards, and it’s probably an accurate quote:] Using Giordano Bruno, who wasn’t a scientist, as evidence of an attack on science is absurd. It’s right up there with the flat earth myth. While the new Cosmos will no doubt be visually stunning it promises to be at least as screechy as the original.

BWAHAHAHAHAHA! To impress us, the Discoveroids mention that Richards is a co-author with Guillermo Gonzalez, or “Gonzo” as we call him, of the classic creationist book, The Privileged Planet, a “fine tuning” argument applied to Earth. If a scientific genius like Richards doesn’t recommend the new Cosmos series, then that’s all we need to know. The Discoveroids’ article continues:

The new Cosmos emphasizes host Neil deGrasse Tyson’s disciple-like relationship to Carl Sagan.

Neil deGrasse Tyson is the host? Fantastic choice! He’s an astrophysicist, so he doesn’t show up much in our humble blog, but we once posted a video of him: Neil deGrasse Tyson on Intelligent Design.

Then the Discoveroids quote something by Stephen Meyer, which we’ll ignore, and that’s all they have to say. But it’s enough. We’re convinced. We plan to watch the new show — every episode — and we’ll be looking forward to the Discoveroids’ squeals of agony after each one.

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19 responses to “Discoveroids Unwittingly Plug the New “Cosmos”

  1. docbill1351

    Fox Entertainment is quite different than Faux News. The new Cosmos sounds great.

    Neil deGrasse Tyson recently did an interview about the series and some personal details. He pointed out that it’s been 34 years since Sagan’s Cosmos and a lot has been discovered in that time.

    Creationism isn’t going to stand a chance, neither is ID. The Tooters are probably shaking in their boots that Neil deGrasse Tyson will demolish the “fine tuning” argument. Let’s hope.

    Meanwhile, I’ve got some Simpson’s reruns to watch.

  2. docbill1351 says:

    Fox Entertainment is quite different than Faux News.

    Okay, I deleted “News Network.”

    He [Tyson] pointed out that it’s been 34 years since Sagan’s Cosmos and a lot has been discovered in that time.

    Yes. The creationists are always claiming that loads of evidence favorable to them has been piling up.

  3. The only screechiness I hear is coming from Seattle. Fortunately, it’s just a quaver.

  4. Saw the first episode in a preview last Tuesday — stunningly beautiful, wonderfully informative, and sure to tick off every anti-thinking creationist.

    No wonder the Discovery bunch is so worked up.

  5. Richard Olson

    It only just occurs to me, but the reaction from scriptural literalists to this series will result in a vastly different public reaction to the original Cosmos production. Not only does internet communication permit a tremendously more vast, accessible venue for contributions than existed 3+ decades past, but FOX then is not FOX now: a media source synonymous with conservative right wing values.

    This decision to earn vast advertising revenue through airing this program content via their entertainment department will undoubtedly be a distinction fuzzy with their (propaganda) “news” audience. This Cosmos revision will be perceived as a liberal atheist socialist communist attack on Christianity and family values. There will be some negative impact on the brand, however slight or transitory, added to the “screech” theocrats are gearing up to blast every goldarned which-a-way to defend god’s word. The negative reactions the show incites will be as entertaining their own right as any scripted prime time comedy ever aired.

  6. Richard Olson

    Holy moses, what’s wrong with me this morning? I meant to write: ‘ … perceived as liberal atheist socialist communist attack on Christianity …

  7. The Jay Richards quote alone speaks volumes about the slimeball Discoveroids.

  8. Fox Entertainment (Simpsons, Family Man, Bones, 24, American Idol, etc.) is separate from Fox News, but I still remember them airing that horrible, moon-landing denying scree back in the ’90s or so. Maybe airing Cosmos will be their atonement.

    Neil Tyson is the perfect choice. His Nova Science Now series has been great. I’d be willing to bet the new Cosmos says something about the danger to Earth posed by cosmic collisions, and what we can do about it. He spoke at Purdue last year and this subject was a good portion of his presentation.

  9. I hear the series subtitle will be …

    In space, no one can hear the Discoveroids whine.

  10. docbill1351

    In this interview Ann Druyan comments that she took the idea of a “new cosmos” to the “usual suspects” networks but they wanted to control too much and edit out the “uncomfortable” parts and she said “No.” So, she went to Seth MacFarlane who took them to Fox with National Geographic.

    Seth is unapologetic in targeting creationism and “intelligent design” creationism.

    Fair warning, the interview and Q&A is a huge back-patting session and I skipped over large parts and probably missed something interesting.

    Poor Tooters! They cry if they get mentioned, they cry if they don’t get mentioned. What a bunch of crybabies!

  11. docbill1351

    Do you know what else has stood still while the Sun has gone around it?

    The “Privileged Planet” book written by Jay-R and Gonzo. It’s frozen in time, concept and all. While real scientists have identified something like 3400 planets (7-800 confirmed) the new estimate is that EVERY star in the galaxy is likely to have planets around it. Several new discoveries have been made of planets around red dwarf stars but in a “habitable” zone.

    Where have Jay-R and Gonzo been all this time? I guess staring at unsold copies of their creationist book. What else?

  12. The original Cosmos was truly inspiring. I can’t imagine having a mind that would consider it “screechy”. If they weren’t such evil liars, I would feel sorry for the non-scholars at the DI who have shut themselves away from ever feeling awe at the universe.

    But they are evil liars, so I won’t. Nice of them to plug the show, though. I imagine quite a few of their audience will tune it in now that they know about it.

  13. On Twitter, Klinghitler is going into full freakout mode over Cosmos.

    Some tweets:

    Sagan’s beautiful Cosmos was “screechy” says @d_klinghoffer as he screams ‘death of all freedom if atheists elected to office’

    New Cosmos series makes @d_klinghoffer go in2 freakout screamng bout threat of atheism. Good thng ID is not religious…O wait #IDisReligion

    @d_klinghoffer If ID is non-religious why is @DiscoveryCSC united by & obsessed with screaming bout threat of atheism? O yeh #IDisReligion

  14. Stephen Kennedy

    docbill makes an excellent point. When we consider that there are about 200 billion stars in our Milky Way Galaxy and that each has one planet (actually we know of stars with more than one planet) if only one in a thousand was like the Earth there would be 200 million of them in the Milky Way alone. When you consider that the milky Way is only one of over 100 billion known galaxies and all the evidence indicates that the stars found in those galaxies are no different from the one in our galaxy, the Earth does not look so privileged. In fact the observable Universe would be expected to have billions of other planets that are indistinguishable from Earth.

    I do not see how creationists who claim the Earth is unique in the entire Universe can escape the overwhelming mathematical evidence that it is not.

  15. waldteufel

    docbill, thanks for the link to the Cosmos interview. After watching it, the contrast between the always enthusiastic and often very witty Tyson with the self-absorbed dullards at the Disco ‘Tute and AiG is incredible.
    Cosmos is gonna set Klinkerpooper and Co. on their butts with gnashing teeth. I predict much hand wringing in Seattle, and much clutching of pearls and fainting at AiG. It’s gonna be fun, kiddies. 🙂

  16. Ceteris Paribus

    Fox Entertainment? That’s the same network that had the “Married With Children” show. Maybe on some of the Cosmos episodes Fox can bring back that blonde girl from the Bundy family to explain some of the more subtle points to their new Tooters audience.

  17. docbill1351

    Christina Applegate! Yes, she actually turned out to be a fine actress. She’d be great.

    I was amused that MacFarlane commented that “Family Guy” wasn’t exactly family entertainment (duh!) but that Cosmos could be watched by the whole family. He’s also quite open calling creationism “superstition.” Good for him.

    Yes, the Tooters are going to have a hard time with this.

  18. @Stephen Kennedy: There certainly are a vast number of planets out there, and most likely there are many much like the Earth and within the habitable zone around their star.

    But even if it turns out that earth is unique in all the universe (something that could never be proven, of course), how can anyone logically say this proves the existence of God? Or even implies the existence of God?

    In the vastness of the universe (in common discourse, we would say “nearly infinite”), anything that doesn’t violate the laws of physics, no matter how improbable, most likely exists. It doesn’t require “An act of God”.

  19. “The creationists are always claiming that loads of evidence favorable to them has been piling up.”

    So that continually growing horribly stinky pile of manure is actually “evidence”? Who knew?