“Your Inner Fish” Will Be on PBS Tomorrow

There’s another science show to watch, starting tomorrow, and it’s certain to drive the creationists crazy. Thanks to a comment by Mark Joseph, we learned about Your Inner Fish. That’s the show’s description at the PBS website. It will be shown in three episodes.

The host is Neil Shubin, who discovered Tiktaalik, and told the tale in Your Inner Fish (Amazon listing). The show’s website describes all three episodes. Regarding the first, it says:

In the first episode, “Your Inner Fish,” he journeys back to a time, some 375 million years ago, when the first fish crawled up onto land. Shubin’s quest for the fossil record of this primeval predecessor takes viewers from highway cuts in rural Pennsylvania to the remote Arctic. After years of searching, he and his colleagues finally found a fossilized fish, known as Tiktaalik, that had enough strength in its front fins to do pushups and heave itself out of the water. Remarkably, we can trace the ancestry of our own hands and arms all the way back to these fins.

The show is discussed in the Charlotte Observer of Charlotte, North Carolina. Their headline is Humans, meet ‘Your Inner Fish’ on PBS science show. Here are some excerpts:

Shubin is an engaging guide for a trip across time and continents and complexity, making room for humor and providing clarity for non-scientists — all while asserting the imperative of scientific theory and findings in a sometimes-doubting world.

Shubin provides “clarity for non-scientists”? For many, yes, he probably will, but not for the hard-core creationists. They don’t want clarity. They want The Truth. Shubin understands this. Let’s read on:

“My personal strategy is to show the power of the scientific evidence and how fun, how joyful it can be to discover something no one else has seen before,” Shubin said.


Shubin, an associate dean for the University of Chicago’s biological sciences division, understands he’s fighting head winds, whether he’s in the classroom or on TV. There’s competition for attention in a multimedia world and, of course, those who dismiss evolution in favor of creationism. His answer is to return to the importance of data, such as the DNA test results presented in “Your Inner Fish” that link humans to other animals.

The creationists must be reeling. First Cosmos, now this. We continue:

As for those who question evolution, [Beth Hoppe, PBS’ chief programming executive] said, in science programming “we trust the accepted wisdom of the science and present it as that,” with news reporting the place to deal with “the politics of it.

We’ll try to remember to watch it tomorrow. Then we can better appreciate the sputtering rage of the usual creationist websites which is certain to follow.

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33 responses to ““Your Inner Fish” Will Be on PBS Tomorrow

  1. “Your Inner Fish” was a great book. I can’t wait to see what the IDiots have to say about the new series. I hope they all go so nuts that they need megadoses of powerful anti-psychotics to survive.

  2. Credit where due — Ed brought this to our attention first with his comment on the “Cosmos Episode 5 Tonight” thread:

    “Happily, we can look forward to this series also, premiering this Wednesday on PBS…. http://www.nytimes.com/2014/04/06/arts/television/the-journey-to-humanity.html?_r=0 It is bound to arouse the DI and AIG to new levels of apoplexy.”

    Ed cited a New York Times article reviewing the PBS series.

  3. @Biokid: I’ll anticipate.
    How did Shubin travel from rural Pennsylvania to the remote Arctic? Why, by materialistic means of course! And thanks to the wedge document we all know that materialism is wrong and evil. Hence Tiktaalik doesn’t exist.

  4. docbill1351

    Go back in time and read what Luskin wrote about Tiktaalik! LOLz galore.

    Luskin armchaired his way to some particularly boneheaded conclusions even for him.

  5. PBS has years of programming that would drive the DI nuts. Wednesday night on PBS, at least where I live: Nature, then NOVA (this week the subject is biology-related), then Shubin’s show. Grab some popcorn, Casey!

    Oh, and the kids’ shows Wild Kratts and Dinosaur Train are on most every weekday morning. PBS is Satan’s work, ya’ know.

  6. The Discorrhoids are going to serve up a fishy tail about this TV programme. They’ll flounder and skate around their perch, wave a pike and carp in bass tones about it because it makes no plaice for a sole. They certainly won’t mullet over, but snapper and puffer and muddler they will, always hoping to angle a fluke or a sucker. In the end, it’ll all just have smelt badly.

  7. To Con-Tester:
    I smell something fishy and it ain’t lobster stew. Wow, that is the “worst” collections of puns I’ve seen for a long time. I guess you really know how to dish out the pun-ishment and serve it on a platter. What, no tarter sauce?

  8. So, they’ll be singing the same old tuna?

  9. docbill1351

    Wow, that is the “worst” collections of puns I’ve seen for a long time.

    Con-tester casts a wide net.

  10. Biokid opines—

    “Wow, that is the ‘worst’ collections of puns I’ve seen for a long time.”

    You no like-a my puns, huh? You get-a da concrete boots and-a sleep wid-a da fishes.

    Anonymous asks—

    “So, they’ll be singing the same old tuna?”

    Probably, but we’ll have to weight and sea…

  11. Oh! I feel eel! My gills are turning blue from reading that crappie mess! Muskie go on? Wall, eye can…

    Nice work, Con-Tester! Did you pick up that talent in school?You are hereby nominated for the role of Curmudgeon Court Punster. It’s a roughy job, but someone’s gotta do it.

    Do we have a second on that nomination?

  12. Con-Tester reminded me of my old college quartet – we had first tuna, second tuna, barracuda and bass; most of the time we sang with a porpoise but sometimes just for the halibut.

  13. And I second the nomination of C-T

  14. Thenk yoo, thenk yoo! I’ll be here all year.

    Heh, my English teacher at school was a stodgy old biddy with a white dwarf instead of a neuron star ( 😉 ) where the silliness-appreciation part of the brain goes in normal people. I’ve always loved words, so I guess you could say I pun autonomously — to the extent that I don’t take an impetus, if not my cues, from the Bard of Avon.

    As for the nomination and seconding to the lofty post of Curmudgeon Court Punster, it’s a nicely baited hook but I’ll have to put it on the scales and fin about it a little before deciding. I really don’t mean to be koi about it.

  15. Con-Tester modestly says: “As for the nomination and seconding to the lofty post of Curmudgeon Court Punster, it’s a nicely baited hook but I’ll have to put it on the scales and fin about it a little before deciding.”

    You wanna be Court Punster? Some of those puns smelt, and at times you seemed to flounder, but there’s a ray of hope for you. I need to mullet over … well, okay, you may have that perch.

  16. Con-Tester: “…my English teacher at school was a stodgy old biddy with a white dwarf instead of a neuron star where the silliness-appreciation part of the brain goes in normal people.”

    So, you’re saying she did not appreciate your inner clownfish? Maybe you should have joined a different school. (Ok, ok. Enough of this sea horsing around. I’ll clam up for now.)

  17. Where my underground control room is located, the show is on at 10:00 tonight.

  18. …it’s certain to drive the creationists crazy…

    C’mon, you, know it won’t. For the benefit of readers I’ll break it down into “kinds” of “creationist”:

    Discoveroids will welcome it as another gold mine for their word games. Their fans are looking for any excuse to deny evolution, so if they can’t convince them that a transitional fossil in one of their known “kinds,” they can still simply let that transitional turn one “gap” into 2. Discoveroids know that’s “heads I win, tails you lose” nonsense, but they also know they can fool most fence sitters with it.

    Biblical YEC and OEC peddlers may whine a bit, but not for long. Even if they think hurts their case, they’ll just Gish-gallop to another “weakness.” And even there, they can always slouch a bit more towards Omphalism; their target audience won’t mind a bit.

    As for rank-and-file evolution deniers, most of them will simply tune it out. Few of them watch science shows anyway. Unfortunately few who have no problem with evolution watch those shows, or take the time to learn science, and clear up their own misconceptions.

  19. Nova, which is on right now (9:20 pm EDT) is fantastic — about animal intelligence.

  20. I just watched it, and it’s fantastic and unapologetic science. Luskin and the drooling cretins at AiG are probably having apoplectic seizures right now!

  21. Posted this a bit earlier in the wrong thread:

    THAT… was absolutely beautiful!! “Your Inner Fish”! It will be interesting to see how Gerbiluskin or Klingflinger try to minimize its impact.

  22. Just finished the first episode of “Your Inner Fish” and it was exceptional. One of the best shows on evolution I’ve seen. I’m sure that the IDiots will poo poo the show, but the it’s clear that our inner fish is there no matter what they say. Let’s hope they eat some Japanese Fugu and die!!

  23. Biokid: “Let’s hope they eat some Japanese Fugu and die!!”

    I’ll provide the tartar sauce…

  24. That was one of the best science shows I’ve ever seen: quite exceptional.

  25. “Your Inner Fish” was great. I can’t wait for the creationist response (if any – they might not even want to acknowledge this one).

  26. Ed says: ” I can’t wait for the creationist response (if any – they might not even want to acknowledge this one).”

    I haven’t found anything yet. It’s hard to believe there will be nothing but silence.

  27. Maybe the creationists are unaware of it – I doubt any of them watch PBS on a regular basis. Even if they do, they may think that so few of their followers watch PBS that they can safely let it pass without comment. If they draw attention to it, they may prompt some of their followers to tune in next week, which would defeat the purpose of anything they might write.

  28. Inner FIsh is so low profile it won’t get any creationist response. I didn’t even know about it until I read about it here. Great show, I thought the professor shouldn’t have tried for laughs, it made me wince a bit when he did that. I also am very skeptical that little hole on his friend’s neck was a throwback to gill arches. My girlfriend called the professor “Troy with a beard”, you can’t get better praise than that. Also in an interesting coincidence I had just purchased a mermaid’s purse, though mine was from a shark, not a skate. I loved the polydactyl kid. I wonder if the extra fingers would help or hinder digit intense activities like typing or piano playing. I’m not sure if it is the same kid, but I recall hearing about one where the father intervened before they removed the “extra” finger.

  29. Just watched it on-line. OUTSTANDING!

  30. Just watched it on-line.

    Where did you find it? I watched it, loved it, recommended to a friend he catch it online . . . and then neither of us could find it anywhere. I’d be real grateful for a URL!

  31. @docbill: Ditto realthog. I watched it and thought it was fantastic; want to watch again. Also, my wife missed it, and would appreciate an online site. I’m still searching.

  32. Many thanks, retiredsciguy!