Ken Ham Speaks at a Bible College

We have absolutely thrilling news from the Winston-Salem Journal of Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Their headline is Ham: Graduates must defend Christianity, and the sub-head is “Founder of Creation Museum commencement speaker at Piedmont International.”

Yes, dear reader, it’s about a graduation commencement speech given by Ken Ham (ol’ Hambo) the Australian entrepreneur who has become the ayatollah of Appalachia. As you know, ol’ Hambo is co-founder of Answers in Genesis (AIG). It’s his on-line ministry, which owns and operates the infamous, mind-boggling Creation Museum — the North American Mecca for the mindless.

We know you’re anxious to hear the wisdom that ol’ Hambo imparted to the graduates, so let’s get right to it, with a bit of bold font added by us for emphasis. We’re told:

The Rev. Ken Ham, who received international attention in February for defending creationism during a debate with TV’s “Science Guy” Bill Nye, told the 2014 graduates of Piedmont International University that they must defend Christianity amid challenges to the Bible and the Book of Genesis.

Verily, it is their duty. What else did Hambo say? Here it comes:

Proponents of homosexual marriages, the educational system and the media are negatively influencing too many churches, he said. American religious leaders must push back against those trends to reach young adults and restore their faith in God and the Bible, he said. “We need to understand what is happening,” Ham said. “Satan will get you not to believe in the word of God.”

Oooooooh! The devil’s gonna get you! Let’s read on:

Ham was the keynote speaker Friday night at the 67th annual commencement of Piedmont International University, which recently changed its name from Piedmont Bible College. Piedmont, a private Bible school, is known for training ministers and missionaries.


A group of 89 students received degrees during the graduation ceremony, which was held at Salem Baptist Church across the street from the school in West Salem. About 1,200 people attended the event.

They couldn’t have chosen a better speaker. We continue:

Ham told the audience that secularists are changing American culture in ways that are negatively affecting many churches. He asked why has the United States, whose founding fathers wanted to be free to worship God, turned aside biblical teachings found in the Book of Genesis.

Why — why! — have we turned aside from Genesis? Here’s more:

Ham also reminded the students that they must study hard to reach their goals.

Good advice! The news story ends with a couple of adoring comments made by students after Hambo’s address. You’ll want to click over there to read what they said.

And so we leave the bible college graduation. But as we do, we’re confident that those students, inspired by ol’ Hambo, will go forth and save the world for creationism. A great new day is dawning!

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15 responses to “Ken Ham Speaks at a Bible College

  1. Article refers to “Rev. Ken Ham”, but I’m not sure that he was ever ordained. Anyone know if Ham is actually The Reverend Ham?

  2. No, he is not. This from Wikipedia:

    “Ham is a former high school science teacher who advocates a literal interpretation of the Book of Genesis.

    Ham earned a Bachelor of Applied Science, with an emphasis in Environmental Biology, at Queensland Institute of Technology and a diploma in Education from the University of Queensland.

    In 1997 Ham was awarded an honorary degree from Temple Baptist College in Cincinnati, Ohio and in 2004 one from Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia.”

  3. They really did chose the right speaker for the graduates.

  4. docbill1351

    Old Shambo runs Ham’s ShamCo to make money for all the little Hammies. That’s what he does. His “ministry” exists only for tax sheltering. We the people pay for old Shambo to be a professional grifter. Quite nice of us if you ask me.

  5. docbill1351

    Piedmont is basically an unaccredited diploma mill. They are “accredited” by TRACS, an organization set up by creationist Henry Morris and which was denied recognition by the Department of Education for many years, finally achieving probationary status (read that: political) over the objection of the advisory panel. TRACS “accredited” the Institute for Creation Research to grant degrees, which aren’t free, by the way. A Masters of Stupidity will cost you about $18,000!

    Piedmont also runs an on-line study program: P on U.

    Hey, I report, you decide.

  6. I don’t think the title “Reverend” is in anyway earned. In fact I think for $20 or so you can get an online certificate saying you’re a minister, become a Reverend yourself, and perform marriages and the like.

  7. Isn’t it traditional that a school award an honorary degree to speakers, so I think Piedmont International should award Ham a well deserved degree of BS.

  8. Well, if Ham wants the graduates to “defend Christianity amid challenges to the Bible and the Book of Genesis” he needs to start with the challenge named David Klinghoffer. Klinghoffer wants no part of Christianity, and is a close colleague of Michael Behe, who called reading the Bible as a science text “silly,” and even claimed that the designer might no longer exist.

  9. Isn’t there an OT proscription regarding Ham?

  10. waldteufel

    Piedmont graduates another class qualified to change your car’s oil and wash it. News at 11.

  11. Holding the Line in Florida

    @waldteufel. “qualified to change your car’s oil…” Not mine! My VW is special. It requires a certified VW mechanic to even find the oil filter! Piedmont grads might be able to wash it under careful supervision, however.

  12. How would I know the oil was changed if I wasn’t there?

  13. @Waldteufel: I usually don’t wash my oil after changing it, so the Piedmont grads would be overqualified. (And no, you don’t have to tell me. I already know I’m a grammatical smartass.)

  14. If it’s grammatical smartassedness that’s wanted, then I’d like to know: change the oil into what? Wine, perhaps?

  15. Aaghhhh please can we accept that Hambo has been in the US long enough to no longer be known as Australia. Its soooo embarrassing reading Australian and Ken Ham in the same sentence.