Paul “Pit of Hell” Broun — Primary Election Today

The last time we posted about Congressman Paul Broun was almost a month ago: Paul “Pit of Hell” Broun in Tough Primary Race. We’ve posted that video a few times before, but it’s so spectacularly bone-headed that we can’t resist putting it up one more time. You can watch him declare that evolution and the Big Bang theory are “lies straight from the pit of hell.”

Broun is a Republican whose district includes Athens, Georgia. He’s a medical doctor, and in Congress he’s a member of the Committee on Science and Technology and the Committee on Homeland Security. As you know, Broun is currently in the Republican primary for an open US Senate seat. He hopes to succeed retiring U.S. Senator Saxby Chambliss.

The primary election is today, and you’ve been wondering how the race is going, so we looked around. At the Fox News website we found Republicans fight for party mantle in crowded Georgia Senate primary. Here are some excerpts, with bold font added by us:

Republicans in Georgia are fighting to the finish in one of the most crowded and competitive Senate primaries in the country. The race – along with primaries in five other states on Tuesday — will, like many others this election season, test the staying power of the Tea Party movement. And they will set the stage for what is expected to be a grueling midterm fight where Republicans are determined to flip the Senate.

It’s an important election year, but we won’t get sidetracked by all of that. Our focus here is on the primary with Broun in it. We’re told:

A total of seven candidates are running in the GOP primary for an open seat in Georgia left by retiring Republican Sen. Saxby Chambliss.

Wow — seven are in the race. We can’t imagine any of the others are crazier than Broun. Is that enough to see him through to victory? Let’s read on:

Among the candidates is millionaire businessman David Perdue — the cousin of former Georgia Gov. Sonny Perdue — and Rep. Jack Kingston, 22-year veteran of Congress. Kingston and Perdue have been leading the polls, with former secretary of state Karen Handel following close behind.

Huh? Broun isn’t leading? What’s going on here? We continue:

Others in the packed race include Rep. Phil Gingrey and Rep. Paul Broun – the outspoken physician who nabbed national headlines for calling evolution and the Big Bang Theory “lies straight from the pit of hell.”

How is it possible that in a Republican primary — in Georgia! — Broun is only mentioned as one of the “others” in the race? Here’s more:

A runoff is considered likely. If none of the candidates in Tuesday’s race receives more than 50 percent of the vote, the top two will head to a July 22 runoff. The winner will then take on the Democratic rival in November’s elections.

At the moment, it looks like Broun won’t even be in the runoff. Moving along:

A May 14 Insider Advantage/Fox 5 Atlanta/Morris News Service poll has Perdue leading the pack with 27 percent of the vote. Kingston comes in at 19 percent, followed by Handel at 17 percent. Of the top three, Handel is perhaps closest with the Tea Party movement, and has been endorsed by Tea Party Express. … Kingston and Perdue have high-powered support, though, as Republican backers try to keep the Chambliss seat red in the fall. In total, Republicans will need to pick up six Senate seats across the country to take over the Senate.

Yes, we’re written before about the party’s attempt to keep the truly crazy candidates from being nominated. It seems to be working. This may be an example of how that’s being played out:

Perdue said Sunday he’s trying to bridge the gap between Tea Party conservatives and more mainstream Republicans. “My message is forget about what your single issue is or what we disagree on,” he told The Associated Press after attending Sunday worship at Woodstock Baptist Church, one of the state’s largest congregations.

That’s a rational message. Another excerpt:

In what can only be described as a case of unfortunate timing, Broun also ran into a bit of controversy days before the race. Police arrested Broun’s son over the weekend on marijuana possession charges in Georgia.

Aw, that’s a shame. We’ll leave the article here, although it has a lot of information about other races around the country. Broun is the guy who interests us. If he loses, which now seems likely, what will become of him? Does he get to keep his seat in the Congress? We don’t know what’s going to happen, but we’ll find out soon enough. From a blogger’s point of view, it’s going to be sad to see Broun fade into oblivion, but in terms of the big picture, it would be great news indeed.

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10 responses to “Paul “Pit of Hell” Broun — Primary Election Today

  1. The idiot could also go back to earning a living like I did, as a medical doctor. I do not recall there being any flaming creationists in my medical school class but I went to medical school in Philadelphia where creationism is not as big as it is in Georgia. There were nearly 200 students in my class so there could have been some closet cases.

  2. “He’s a medical doctor …”
    Probably doesn’t believe in the Germ Theory, either. :/

  3. The good side, kind of, is that in order to run for the Senate, Broun had to resign his seat in the House, as did two other Reps who also ran in the senate race.

  4. Is Broun not running for his seat in the House? How can we have a Science Committee without him? How will our country survive? So many questions.

  5. Wow, DavidK, your comment seems intelligently designed just for me.

  6. The disturbing part is that Broun is obviously not steeped in enough stupidity for the Tea Party to find him of use any longer. How out of touch do you actually have to be?
    Somewhere, an abandoned old farm is being used to house hundreds of sensory deprivation tanks that will give birth to the next generation of T.P. uber pundits.

  7. Doctor Stochastic

    ‘Some say, compar’d to Bononcini
    That Mynheer Handel’s but a Ninny
    Others aver, that he to Handel
    Is scarcely fit to hold a Candle
    Strange all this Difference should be
    ‘Twixt Tweedle-dum and Tweedle-dee!”

  8. Brian Deppa

    I, for one, hope he loses but not out of spite or anything. No, I think a Broun loss will be a boon for science by freeing up the good doctor’s valuable time. You see, Broun said a while ago that he has “seen lots of scientific evidence that the Earth is about 9,000 years old.” I wrote to him a while ago and urged him to publish that scientific evidence for all the world to see, thus putting him on a level with guys like Newton and Faraday. After all, such groundbreaking scientific evidence would be truly revolutionary. Well, now that it appears he will no longer be busy legislating,he will have more time to devote to publishing his amazing scientific evidence of a very young Earth in some peer-reviewed journals. I can’t wait!!! 🙂

  9. I’m sure he is going to also run for his house seat, where he’ll be a shoe in.
    Sometimes during races opponents complain that a person is continuing to run for his old seat (in case he loses). I don’t get it…you shouldn’t have to quit your job to ask for a promotion.

  10. I found the answer on “Ballotpedia.” Brpun is not seeking reelection. Maybe he’ll move to Chicago and Messrs. Coyne and Shubin can get that colleague they’ve always wanted.