Hot Science News About the Creation Museum

The PhysOrg website — now named, formerly — where we go for science news, breaks new ground today by posting an article about the infamous, mind-boggling Creation Museum, which is run by Answers in Genesis (AIG), the on-line ministry of Ken Ham (ol’ Hambo), the ayatollah of Appalachia. The PhysOrg headline is Dino skeleton to go on display at Creation Museum. Here are some excerpts, with bold font added by us:

A new exhibit of a 30-foot (9-meter)-long fossil skeleton of an Allosaurus, which resembles a Tyrannosaurus rex, is set to open at a Kentucky museum that asserts dinosaurs lived alongside humans a few thousand years ago.

We wrote about that fossil six months ago when ol’ Hambo first acquired it — see Ken Ham: “We Have a Dino Fossil, We’re Smart!” He was asking for funds so AIG can properly exhibit the thing. At the time we asked: “Why build a special exhibit for the fossil? There ought to be plenty of room for it in that replica of Noah’s Ark they’re building.” Anyway, PhysOrg says:

Keeping with its Bible-themed approach, the Creation Museum says the dinosaur died in a worldwide flood about 4,300 years ago. Scientists say the last dinosaurs roamed the earth more than 60 million years ago.

It’s Hambo’s fossil and Hambo’s museum, so he can tell his drooling visitors anything he wants. Let’s read on:

Museum founder Ken Ham said the new exhibit “will help us defend the book of Genesis and expose the scientific problems with evolution.” The new exhibit is called “Facing the Allosaurus,” and has the skeleton as its massive centerpiece. It opens Saturday.

Saturday? That’s only two days from now. There may still be time to get there for the first showing. We continue:

“Evolutionists use dinosaurs to reach children more than anything to promote their worldview,” Ham said. “Our museum uses dinosaurs to help tell their true history according to the Bible.”

Yeah, okay. Here’s more:

The topic of a worldwide flood, told in the Bible’s Old Testament, was discussed by TV star and science educator Bill Nye during a debate with Ham at the Creation Museum in February. The debate’s live Web stream drew millions of viewers and intense national media attention.


Nye said if “there was a big flood on the earth, you would expect drowning animals to swim up to a higher level,” which would mean their bones would be mingled with fossils known to be from a later time period. “Not any one of them did, not a single one.”

It’s difficult to believe, but Hambo wasn’t persuaded. Moving along:

Daniel Phelps, president of the Kentucky Paleontological Society, said in a release Thursday that the Creation Museum “has decided, without doing research, that the dinosaur fossil is evidence of Noah’s flood.”

Hambo doesn’t need research. He already knows The Truth. One last excerpt:

The Allosaurus, named Ebenezer, was donated to the museum by the Elizabeth Streb Peroutka Foundation, which purchased the bones over a decade ago. Michael Peroutka, a member of the foundation and the Constitution Party’s candidate for president in 2004, said the fossil “is a testimony to the creative power of God in designing dinosaurs, and … it also lends evidence to the truth of a worldwide catastrophic flooding of the earth in Noah’s time.”

Wikipedia has an article on the guy: Michael Peroutka. They say:

In the United States presidential election, 2004, he was the Constitution Party’s candidate. His campaign theme was “God, Family, Republic” and he emphasized the Bible, the traditional family, and the need for constitutionally limited government. His running mate was independent Baptist minister Chuck Baldwin.

Well, that’s the story. Why is PhysOrg reporting about this absurd event? We have no idea, but if ol’ Hambo shows up there again, we’ll find another source for science news.

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18 responses to “Hot Science News About the Creation Museum

  1. Ken doesn’t know for sure if this was the dinosaur that Adam rode in the Garden of Eden, but it probably was.

  2. James Chapman

    Scientists say the last dinosaurs roamed the earth more than 60 million years ago.

    More specifically, Allosaurus became extinct in the late Jurassic Period, about 150 million years ago.

  3. Ebenezer must have been very naughty indeed — one might have to say “evil” — for God to have kept him off the Ark. Could AIG actually mean “Atheist-Satanists Impersonating Good-God-lovers”? Cuz they are displaying one of these evil creatures? That God made? To see how long he could float?

  4. waldteufel

    . . . And Hambo wonders why young people, who live in an information-rich society, are leaving his brain dead cult in droves, Ken, if you really want to know why they are fleeing, go get your pet “scientists”, link arms, smile your vacuous and smarmy best, and look in a mirror. The kids are leaving because, Ken, they are on to your con. They see you as the carnival barker trying to hold them back so you can empty their minds and pockets. You’re a good con man, Ken, but the kids are smarter. Now, be a good lad and saddle up your dinosaur and ride off to the dustbin of history.

  5. You want a good source for science news? Try And support the non-profit by subscribing to the bi-weekly print edition as well.

    Now, about Ham’s assertion that dinosaurs and humans walked the earth together — if this were true:

    1) Why aren’t dinosaurs mentioned in Ham’s favorite science textbook, the Bible?
    2) Why do we see no representations of dinosaurs in any ancient or prehistoric art? They are not found on the walls of Lascaux cave ( or any other ancient depictions anywhere on earth.
    3) As Bill Nye pointed out, if so many dinosaurs and humans perished in The Flood, why don’t we find any bones of dinosaurs and humans in the same layer — anywhere?

    It is absolutely inconceivable that creatures as stupendously large and terrifying as dinosaurs wouldn’t be mentioned in scripture or depicted in ancient art. It’s also inconceivable that no independent journalist has yet raised these questions with Ham.

  6. So if Hambo’s motto is family and the Bible, how does he explain this biblical gem: “He who curses his father or his mother shall surely be put to death” (Exodus 21:17)?

  7. Behemoth, mentioned in Job 40:15 and following, is taken by some YECs to be the dinosaur.
    What I find missing from the Bible are the microbes (the Domains Bacteria and Archaea as well as part of Eukarya), which account for the large majorities (by any measure) of the world of life – in particular no hint in Genesis 1 of when they were created.

  8. “He who curses his father or his mother shall surely be put to death” (Exodus 21:17)

    So, which do we follow — the above, or “Thou shalt not kill.” (Exodus 20:13)?

    Curses! Such a dilemma! I need the sure and certain guidance of the Right Reverend Kenneth Ham, BS, BBQ.

    @TomS: Kinda hard to imagine that something with such a commanding presence as a T. Rex, Triceratops, or Apatosaurus would get just one lousy mention in the Bible.

  9. At least poor Ebenezer is dead and doesn’t know what indignity his bones have to suffer.

  10. It surprised me to find out that there are no mentions of ostriches, coffee, or rice in the Bible.
    But as far as indirect mentions of dinosaurs, there are plenty of mentions of beasts in the Bible, and we know that dinosaurs were created on day 6.
    But we don’t have a clue as to parasitic microbes (they aren’t plants, or sea, air, or land animals). Plasmodium falciparum, Escherichia coli, and Variola, have a “commanding presence” of their own.

  11. Richard Bond

    “Behemoth” probably refers to the elephant, which could easily have been known to the OT writers, and which otherwise, rather surprisingly, is never mentioned. “Tail” is believed to be a euphemism for penis, which would make sense of the phrase in one translation “…extends like a cedar…” If Ham were to see an elephant with an erection, I think that he would get the point.

  12. gnome de net

    retiredsciguy wrote:

    3) As Bill Nye pointed out, if so many dinosaurs and humans perished in The Flood, why don’t we find any bones of dinosaurs and humans in the same layer — anywhere?

    Well, what about all the humans who died and were buried before the flood, whose fossilized remains should be found in rock strata below the dinosaurs?

  13. Apparently the donor of the fossil is a rather extreme right-wing character. So much so, that he shows up regularly on “Right Wing Watch”.

    One story from last year has this gem..

    Peroutka is a board member of the white supremacist and secessionist League of the South and denounces the Union’s victory in what he calls the “War Between the States.” He even pledged to use the Institute on the Constitution to aid the League of the South and advance the cause of imposing biblical law.

    I’m sure the museum will have a nice plaque honoring the great man who donated their prized dinosaur. Next to the plaque explaining how the Allosaurus ate only vegetation before the fall (or, the flood, I forget which).

  14. @Richard Bond
    The Wikipedia entry Behemoth suggests “identities range from a mythological creature to an elephant, hippopotamus, rhinoceros or crocodile”, mentions the creationist’s sauropod, and (later) pairs it with Leviathan in an alternative creation account.

  15. Richard Bond write: “If Ham were to see an elephant with an erection, I think that he would get the point.”

    I had no idea the Ken Ham was so attractive to elephants. We should make a point of warning him the next time the circus is in town.


  16. waldteufel

    This allosaurus display at Hambo’s roadside show is but another example of how creationists engage in cargo cult science. Science is not a product, it’s a process. . .a process that creationists hate. Hambo’s allosaurus will not be studied, nothing will be learned from or about it that will advance knowledge. It’s merely a trophy display that will be used by ignorant fools like Hambo’s in-house pet “scientists” to lie to children in hopes of keeping another generation ignorant and credulous enough for AiG to keep the cash rolling in.

  17. Richard Bond

    TomS: I am not very impressed by the alternatives summarised by Wikipedia. (I appreciate that Wikipedia is reporting prior opinion, not its own.) Crocodiles do not eat grass, and they seem better suited to the biblical description of Leviathan. The only one of the other creatures that has a vast appendage is the elephant. I have seen all six species in the wild (two species each of elephant and rhinoceros), and only the elephants convincingly match Behemoth. I can only think that alternative suggestions are by people who have not seen the actual animals.

    I recommend elephants to Ham; I am sure that he would find them delightful company. 😉

  18. I wish there was a way to embarrass Ken Ham by pointing out that he took a dinosaur from a man who supports the League of the South (a bunch of crypto-racists who long for the Lost Cause), but Ham is without shame. Nothing embarrasses him. Nothing.