South Carolina Creationism Standards: Rejected

Our last post on this topic was Discoveroids and South Carolina Creationism. The next two indented paragraphs, modified from earlier posts, provide background information, which most of you can skip:

New language for high school biology standards is headed for consideration to the South Carolina State Board of Education that would have students learn “the controversy.” The S.C. Education Oversight Committee sent proposed language to the board that would require biology students to construct scientific arguments that seem to support and seem to discredit Darwinism.

The State Board of Education was scheduled vote on adoption of the creationist standards on June 11. If the Board doesn’t approve the new standards, then the state keeps its 2005 standards — which apparently don’t promote creationism. State Senator Mike Fair — a long time creationism advocate — was responsible for the proposed revision of the standards.

In The Tribune of Seymour, Indiana, which seems to have scooped all the South Carolina newspapers, we read South Carolina Board of Education rejects proposed new biology standards. It’s an Associated Press story, so we can’t give you any excerpts.

Essentially, they say that the state board of education didn’t adopt Mike Fair’s creationist proposal. They also say that this means South Carolina will keep the biology standards that have been in effect since 2005.

Hey — our friends at the National Center for Science Education (NCSE) have a post about this: Antievolution proposal rejected in South Carolina. They tell us:

Ultimately, the board voted not to accept the EOC’s [Education Oversight Committee’s] proposal on a voice vote; only one member of the board, Neil Willis, was recorded as favoring it.

This is a big setback for the Discovery Institute. They had been lobbying for this change. Ah, NCSE discusses that at the end of their article:

When the EOC’s proposal reached the board at its June 11, 2014, board meeting, the proposal was defended by two speakers affiliated with the Discovery Institute. But a number of South Carolina scientists and educators, including Rob Dillon, Ed Emmer, the Reverend Jeremy Rutledge, Kelly C. Smith, Michael Svec, and Valerie Waite, as well as a representative of the state department of education, spoke in opposition to it.

BWAHAHAHAHAHA! Sorry, Discoveroids. But don’t be depressed. You’ve still got Louisiana and Tennessee teaching things your way.

And what of Mike Fair? This session of the state legislature has adjourned. If he’s still in office next year, he’ll come up with a new creationist scheme. Guys like that never quit.

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10 responses to “South Carolina Creationism Standards: Rejected

  1. Our Curmudgeon empathises with the Creationists:

    Sorry, Discoveroids. But don’t be depressed. You’ve still got Louisiana and Tennessee teaching things your way.

    And Saudi Arabia. Don’t forget that model of enlightened thinking so admired by our native Creationists.

  2. Okay, so for now in South Carolina the irreducibly simple loonies remain safely locked away in their intelligently-designed padded cells, well out of reach of children’s minds.

    Any idea who the “two speakers affiliated with the Discovery Institute” were? After all, most of the opposing voices are named.

  3. It must kill the DI that a gentleman with the title “Reverend” opposed this measure.

  4. Slightly off-topic, but still in the neighbourhood: another loss of territory for the Creationists: Evolution to Be Taught in Israel Middle Schools for First Time; Ultra-Orthodox Group Calls Decision a ‘Mistake’

  5. Oops, bad linky there, Megs, the second one.

  6. Oops, my bad: trying again …

    [*Voice from above*] I indulge you only because you’re one of the last surviving Neanderthals.

  7. I parenthetically note here the following from Wikipedia on Neanderthal man:

    With an average cranial capacity of 1600 cc, Neanderthal’s cranial capacity is notably larger than the 1400 cc average for modern humans, indicating that their brain size was larger.


    Neanderthal and modern human brains were the same size at birth, but by adulthood, the Neanderthal brain was larger than the modern human brain. They were much stronger than modern humans, having particularly strong arms and hands.

    Or, as Olivia succinctly summarises as she melts yet again into my arms, size does matter!.

  8. Megalonyx fantasizes about Olivia: “as she melts yet again into my arms”

    The thought of a Sapiens beauty like Olivia in your bestial embrace is exceedingly repulsive. As the last of the Neanderthals, you are suffering from what we evolutionists call natural selectile dysfunction.