Ken Ham Presents a Great Creation Scientist

Look what we found at the personal blog of Ken Ham (ol’ Hambo), the Australian entrepreneur who has become the ayatollah of Appalachia, famed for his creationist ministry, Answers in Genesis (AIG) and for the infamous, mind-boggling Creation Museum.

Ol’ Hambo’s blog item is Meet a Famous Creation Scientist at Camp Infinity! What’s “Camp Infinity”? Hambo has a link that describes it as something located in Northern Kentucky near the Creation Museum where you can:

Gear up for an unforgettable summer at Camp Infinity. This first-of-a-kind camp combines elite STEM [an acronym referring to the academic disciplines of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics] education with creation apologetics training.

We’re not surprised that the educational experience Hambo offers is the first of its kind. One can imagine analogous experiences, like learning desert survival at the North Pole, or how to lose weight at a gluttony convention. Anyway, let’s see what we’re told about Hambo’s “famous creation scientist” at that camp of his.

He’s talking about:Raymond Damadian, described by Wikipedia as: “an American medical practitioner and inventor of the first MR (Magnetic Resonance) Scanning Machine.” We’ve seen creationists mention him before, but it’s always seemed odd to us.

A “creation scientist” is one who attempts to pervert science so he can claim that it supports his faith-based beliefs in the recent six-day creation of the Earth, the universe, and all species, plus additional goodies like Noah’s Flood. Such ancient tales — even if Damadian believes them — have no scientific or technological relationship to the work for which he is known. Anyway, here are some excerpts from Hambo’s blog, with bold font added by us for emphasis.

As a Bible-believing Christian, Raymond believes that God created the world in six 24-hour days, just as recorded in the book of Genesis. Men like Bill Nye have stated that belief in biblical creation prohibits scientific discovery, but Dr. Damadian clearly provides a counter example to such false statements.

Damadian’s MRI scanning machine is in no way a counter-example, because his belief in Genesis had nothing to do with his development of that device — the principles of which (such as magnetism) aren’t mentioned or even hinted at in scripture. Had Damadian confined his work to the “science” of Genesis, he couldn’t have invented anything — except perhaps some kind of improved horse-drawn chariot.

We’ve never claimed that all creationists are inherently incompetent at everything, and should therefore be confined to mental hospitals. Indeed, we’ve seen that a creationist can be an architect, or dentist, or a number of other things. Many seem to be engineers. But they function in those occupations by using knowledge, skills, and technologies that are clearly non-biblical.

Hambo doesn’t tell us anything else about Damadian. The rest of his post is about Camp Infinity, and the wonders one can learn there. He says it’s for students who, among other things:

• enjoy science and technology

• would like to learn about robotics, geology, astronomy and biology from a strong biblical worldview

• want to study creation and evolution through an in-depth tour of Creation Museum and secular museums that present a very different view

• want to learn how to guard their hearts with solid Bible answers as well as defend their faith in an increasingly non-Christian culture

• want to meet Dr. Damadian and hear his testimony of how God enabled him to discover the science behind MRI

Hey — if you know any student who fits that description, send them to ol’ Hambo’s website!

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14 responses to “Ken Ham Presents a Great Creation Scientist

  1. I really would like to “learn robotics… from a strong biblical worldview.”

    Gonna get myself a PhD in Biblical Robotics…

  2. • want to meet Dr. Damadian and hear his testimony of how God enabled him to discover the science behind MRI.

    Then perhaps Damadian didn't invent the MRI. It was just another god did it, and if he holds a patent, then it should be negated and handed over to his god.

  3. Charles Deetz ;)

    What a mish-mash of how STEM relates to creationism and vise-versa. It may be easier to break down how/if creationism applies to S, T, E, or M.

    S = Science: Geology, biology, astronomy YES, physics, materials, NO
    T = Technology: MRI machines, robotics NO
    E = Extra-large wooden boats: YES, skyscrapers NO
    M = Math: Value of Pi YES

  4. So, we can expect a scientific theory of creationism, one which tells us what happened, when and where, one which tells us what the limits are to creation (such as what kinds of things can not, did not, or will not be expected), one which tells us what it looked like when the cattle-kind suddenly appeared? Why humans are most similar to chimps and other apes? (Was it just a matter of chance; was it due to constraints imposed by the raw material and laws of nature; or was it due to the common purpose that was intended for humans, chimps, and other apes to serve?)

  5. Oh, right. Kanny Humbug is aiming for some research to be done at his STEM cells. But isn’t “biblical robotics” something of a tautology?

  6. I join DavidK – I want to learn everything there is about Biblical Robotics.

  7. That particular study will not take a very long time.

  8. I’m double majoring in Biblical Robotics and Biblical Navajo.

  9. A close look at the wikipedia history for Dr.Damadian’s article may suggest ol Hambo is stretching the facts. Actual MRI imagining wasn’t achieved until a number of years after Dr.D’s discovery of the hydrogen signalling differences between normal and cancerous tissue. To be fair though, Demedian has made a valid contribution. It’s sad that Hambo has to stain it by representing Demedian’s discovery in such an unethical manner, for the sole purpose of lining his own pockets.

  10. Dean observes of ol’ Hambo: “It’s sad that Hambo has to stain it by representing Demedian’s discovery in such an unethical manner, for the sole purpose of lining his own pockets.”

    It’s what Hambo does. How else to make a good living if you have no moral compass and no real skills other than the skills necessary for fleecing dumb fundies and lying to their children about the nature of science and its findings?

  11. Hambo touts Camp Infinity, saying “it’s for students who, among other things:
    • would like to learn about robotics, geology, astronomy and biology from a strong biblical worldview”

    Yeah — that’ll really help them along in their careers, especially the biblical geology and biology.

  12. Biblical Robotics is a first one. What are the reference books? I could start doing studies while at home.

  13. Biblical Robotics.
    That’ll be Godbots then.

  14. Tom Rowland

    @Mark Germanno:
    I have PhD in Biblical Robotics. I keep it right next to the roll by the porcelain throne just in case it’s needed.