Creationist Wisdom #444: Darwinism and Violence

Today’s letter-to-the-editor appears in the Buffalo News of Buffalo, New York. It’s titled: Tell kids about God’s word as a way to stop the violence.

We don’t like to embarrass people (unless they’re politicians, preachers, or other public figures), so we usually omit the writer’s full name and city. After Googling around, we think the letter-writer has some kind of position with the Lancaster Presbyterian Church, located near Buffalo, which was recently affiliated with the Evangelical Presbyterian Church. But we see no indication that she’s a preacher, so we’ll use only her first name, which is Gloria. We’ll give you a few excerpts from her brief letter, enhanced with our Curmudgeonly commentary and some bold font for emphasis. Here we go!

For nearly 100 years we’ve been teaching our kids that they are the result of random chance; that they have no purpose or responsibility; that they are like any other animal.

That’s Darwin’s theory — no doubt about it. But Gloria doesn’t like it. She says:

Our schools are not allowed to teach any other belief. Hundreds of scientists who believe in intelligent design are mocked and silenced. However, Darwinism is a theory with little to no hard evidence.

Gloria is very well informed. There are about 800 who have signed the Discovery Institute’s shabby little list, A Scientific Dissent From Darwinism, but that’s less than one-tenth of one percent of the scientists who think otherwise — see NCSE’s “Project Steve” Now Has 1,300 Steves. Let’s read on:

Lives are changed when people realize that they are created for a purpose.

Yes, oh yes! Creationists are so much nicer than all those brutish, mass-murdering, suicide-bombing biologists. Gloria continues:

The natural energy and strength of men is harnessed to a desire to protect what is right, not in their own eyes, but in the moral law given by a Creator.

Verily, Gloria speaks The Truth. And that is the rationale for the conclusion of her inspiring letter:

Do we really want to stop the violence? Set the truth of God’s word free.

Gloria’s got the answer! When we stop teaching Darwin’s nonsense, there will be no more violence. It’s so obvious!

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18 responses to “Creationist Wisdom #444: Darwinism and Violence

  1. Someone should mention to “Gloria” that per capita violence has been declining for centuries, quite possibly because we are becoming less and less religious.

  2. Yup, Gloria is the crunchiest cookie in the box. She sees clearly that the world was a much better, much more peaceful and much more harmonious place before those Darwin idolaters perverted all that goodness… 🙄

    Curmy, typo: “We’ll give you a few excerpts from her brief latter letter…

  3. Creationists are so much nicer than all those brutish, mass-murdering, suicide-bombing biologists.

    SC, That’s a fair description of us biologists, but you missed out “baby-eating”.
    And why do they always associate non-Christianity with violence? Have they ever met a Sikh, Buddist, atheist etc? Or those nice Christians with white pointy hats who have penchant for burning crosses?

  4. lanceleuven

    Well, you can’t fault her logic. There was no violence in the world until Darwin came along and ruined everything.

  5. Maybe Gloria should listen to rock and roll, rather than church music. I seem to recall a line about “… fought for ten decades for the gods they’d made” from a Rolling Stones song.

  6. Yes, we are all “created for a purpose.”

    As the world marks the 100th anniversary of the start of WW I, we can reflect on the “purpose” for which millions of Europeans, Brits, Canadians, Australians and Americans were created… to die in a stupid war to defend the power, glory and honor of a collection of largely “Christian” nations.

    If you’re ever in eastern France, take a stroll through any of the small cemeteries you find. I recall seeing, in one small graveyard along the Marne-Rhine canal, the dozens of tombstones that all bore dates of death in the same month of late 1914. What purpose do you suppose all these deceased men, women and children were “created” for?

    Hideo, a.k.a. Realist1948.
    Note: Hideo’s name, as well as his bio on Facebook, are fiction. Neither Facebook nor the NSA need my assistance to know all the details of my life.
    They may still know more about me than I’d like, but I’ll try to confuse them a bit if I can 🙂

  7. No doubt that explains the Crusades, the Inquisition, the Thirty Years’ War, the . . . I want to laugh, but I feel nauseous.

    “But,” creationists will say, “those weren’t the fault of Christians. The Crusades were to defend Europe against the devil-worshipping Muslims, and the Inquisition was the work of Catholics, not real Christians. Same for the Thirty Years’ War.”

    Never mind that they claim that creationism is science, not Christian dogma in scientific drag. Nobody really believes that Well, I suppose there are always some people who’ll believe anything, but most of the leading creationists know better and aren’t troubled by how peddling Genesis under false pretenses and accusing scientists of covering up “the truth” they’re breaking two of the Ten Commandments (the ones against lying and bearing false witness).

  8. Lying for Jeezus! Evolutionary biology does not address any philosophical questions such as the meaning and purpose of life.

  9. Con-Tester whispers: “Curmy, typo”

    Aaaargh!! Okay, it’s fixed. Thank you.

  10. I get the impression that the idea of Sunday Schools has been abandoned. Can’t they indoctrinate their children in person, on their own time anymore?

  11. Retired Prof

    Um, Eric, “lie” and “bear false witness” are synonyms. There’s only one commandment about that issue.

    The narrow interpretation of “bear false witness” applies only to perjury, but nearly all religious traditions that claim the Commandment as doctrine hold the wider view that it applies to all deceitful statements. All believers except the most extreme anal-retentives recognize that fictional constructs are fine for entertainment or allegory.

    Since ID proponents present their stories as fact, they are either deeply deluded or lying. Like you, I suspect the latter. However, in doing so they are breaking only one commandment–unless you charge that their words mean they also covet (Commandment 10) the prestige that properly belongs only to real scientists.

  12. That’s Darwin’s theory — no doubt about it.

    No. That is not Darwin’s theory. Darwin is noted for his investigations on the origins of species.

    that they are the result of random chance – that is a theory about origins of individuals – perhaps Mendel’s theory of genetics, or the 18th century theory of reproduction: epigenesis rather than preformation.

  13. TomS lashes out at the Curmudgeon: “No. That is not Darwin’s theory.”

    Oh. Thanks for the correction.

  14. Moreover, the theory of creationism says that we have bodies of animals, in particular most like chimps and other apes, because the creator had common designs for us and them. (Or else that the creator had no choice but to use common plans. Or else that the similarity is just a matter of chance.)
    So it is the theory of creationism which says that we should act like apes, because that’s the plan of the creator.

  15. DickVanstone

    SC: “Aaaargh!! Okay, it’s fixed. Thank you.”

    I would LOVE to know how you trained your dog to do that!

  16. ladyatheist

    Before 1859 there was no violence… really?

  17. “Our schools are not allowed to teach any other belief.”
    Tsssk. Even someone like me, who never has set foot in the jolly US of A, knows that Gloria is lying out of her bottom. Schools totally are allowed to teach any belief – in religion class.

  18. Eric Lipps: “No doubt that explains the Crusades, the Inquisition, the Thirty Years’ War, the . . .”

    And those are just examples of Christian violence. Gloria is recommending we teach the word of God — the God who destroyed all of Sodom & Gomorrah, innocents and sinners alike. But that was nothing compared to what He did to the entire world with Noah’s Flood. Gee, that God guy is such a peaceful fellah!