New Jack Chick Comic — Demons


This is what we’ve all been waiting for — a new comic from Jack Chick, the world’s greatest theologian, philosopher, illustrator, communicator, and creation scientist. He is also the purveyor extraordinaire of the most mindless, theologically primitive version of raw, young-Earth creationism that can be found anywhere. He makes ol’ Hambo look like a moderate.

If you haven’t yet seen his comics, you can read them online using the links in this post: Creationist Comic Books. They’re classics — especially Big Daddy?

The big news today is that Chick has a new comic to meet your spiritual needs. The title is What’s Worse?, and you can see the whole thing online.

It’s about demons — what they are, where they come from, and who their boss is — hint: it’s the Devil. There’s not much creationism in this one, but creationists love Jack Chick’s stuff, so it’s a good insight as to their thinking. Oh — here’s one panel that mentions Darwin:


Don’t wait, dear reader. Click over to Chick, and read the new comic. Before it’s too late!

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21 responses to “New Jack Chick Comic — Demons

  1. Rikki_Tikki_Taalik

    Jack Chick and Rick Joyner better get together to compare notes. The last thing we need is for the godly to begin contradicting one another. /snark

    While preaching at his MorningStar Fellowship Church last week, Rick Joyner revealed that he spends hours every week studying science, which has led him to conclude that science has proven that God created the universe at the Big Bang when He said “let there be light.”

    “The Big Bang Theory did confirm,” Joyner explained, “there was a point of creation. There was a nanosecond where nothing existed in the physical universe and a nanosecond later, all of the matter and all of the energy in the universe now was there instantly. And this has been pretty much a theory confirmed that everything came in one burst, at one time, and it was when God said ‘let there be light'”

    Joyner: Science Proves God Created The Universe At The Big Bang When He Said ‘Let There Be Light’

  2. I soooooo want to have copies of all of these tracts, but I also don’t want to give money to their ministry. Thankfully they’re all available online on the Chick website, and every time I look at them on there, I’m using up some of his bandwidth.

  3. The ‘toon is factually incorrect. or show me where in the buyBull does it show Satan lying? I can find where gawd lies on a number of occasions.

  4. The utter contempt Chick holds for people outside his peculiar corner of religion is palpable in his text and illustrations. Anyone who doesn’t believe as he does is ugly and unlikeable—practically sub-human.

  5. The style of these tracts makes it hard to believe they are seriously meant. The utterly cartoonish demons and ludicrous comparisons (demons are worse than fleas!) would seam to scream PARODY, but given this guy’s output over so many years, I guess we have no other choice than to accept that he is actually serious.

    Heck, maybe he has inadvertently revealed the true nature of his religion. It is somewhat like when South Park “dramatized” key beliefs of certain religions and a text near the bottom of the screen notified the viewer that (say) SCIENTOLOGISTS REALLY BELIEVE THIS.

  6. DickVanstone

    The biggest lie of all: In God We Trust

  7. DickVanstone

    @hnohf: My favorite was the Mormon episode. As they were showing the story of Joseph Smith, Trey and Matt were heard singing rhythm in the background, “Dumb. Dumb. Dumb. Dumb. Dumb. Dumb…” When a skeptic was shown, they changed it to, “Smart. Smart. Smart. Smart. Smart. Smart….”

  8. anevilmeme

    The man is losing his touch, he’s become a parody of himself.

  9. From what I can see, Chick will have to grow up to become a dumb cluck.

    It’s only fitting, though, that Christian fundamentalism be presented through cartoons, since cartoons are the art of caricature and fundamentalism is a caricature of Christianity.

  10. Garnetstar

    Chick is off his game with this one. Why didn’t he come with his usual hilarious story to drive home the point? He wouldn’t be famous if he’d always just laid out his opinions, as he does here.

    I’ve been a fascinated fan for years, back when this sort of thing was not mainstream, and not many people knew about Chick.

    Illuminati, prosyletizers used to leave hard copies all over, outside supermarkets and such, so you could get them for free! One of my most-treasured possessions is a copy of Big Daddy, from 1979. Even then, I knew it was a masterpiece.

  11. It’s nice to see that Mr. Chick hasn’t given up on the not-so-veiled digs at Catholics. I’m comforted knowing that I will be joining my demonically inspired grandparents for an eternity in the lake of fire.

  12. I think it is funny how the demons are drawn similar to the personifications used in the commercials for germ and nail fungus killers. Which brings up a point, before the germ theory of disease came to the fore with the advent of microbiology evil spirits or demons were the cause of disease.

    As for demons taking orders from a devil. Dungeons and Dragons says otherwise… as demons are obviously chaotic evil (and dwell in the Abyss) whereas devils are lawful evil (and dwell in the nine Hells).

  13. Troy observes: “I think it is funny how the demons are drawn similar to the personifications used in the commercials for germ and nail fungus killers.”

    I think they look like the Pillsbury Doughboy.

  14. Joyner’s moment of creation couldn’t have started until roughly 600K+ years after the singularity began expanding. Estimates put the earliest time that the expansion would have cooled enough for photons to form at around this time.

    How many times would their invisible friend have had to say “Let there be light!, no?, ok one more time Let there be light!, seriously!?!?!, ok third time is the trick, LET THERE BE LIGHT!!!, oh bloody hell”, so you do have to give deities some credit for persistence anyway… 😉

    This could also explain the bad mood the boss was having in the old testament.

  15. What strikes me about Jack Chick is how he uses old anti-Semitic stereotypes when portraying evolutionary scientists. This was already obvious in “Big Daddy” where the Jewish-Looking professors is confronted by the Aryan-looking Christian student who handily defeats him in a debate.

    But in this cartoon we again have Jewish-looking professors drawn in the style of Julius Streicher’s Der Sturmer. The guy on the right with a bow tie looks like Sigmund Freud.

    And the bit where the Jewish-looking professor is shown with a devil tail sticking out from under his jacket is straight out of medieval Christian art, which often showed Jews with demonic characteristics, or vice versa. Deborah Strickland analyzed medieval Christian portrayals of Jews, blacks, and Muslims and compared them to Christian portrayals of monsters, demons, blemmyae, cynocephalae, etc. She found that Jewish characteristics and demonic characteristics co-evolved: devils got long, pointed noses about the same time that Jews got long, pointed noses in art (the degree to which medieval Christian art was fixated on the Jewish nose is kind of comical; in crucifixion scenes, Jesus is shown full-face or three-quarters profile, and Aryan-looking, while his Jewish torturers are shown in profile so their big noses are more noticeable.) Strickland cannot answer whether Jewish characteristics were transferred to demons or whether demonic characteristics were transferred to Jews; it’s a chicken-and-egg problem.

    Strickland emphasizes that Jews were often portrayed as atheists, denying god, as idolators, or licentious and obsessed with sex or luxury (which, I note, is often how evolutionists are portrayed by creationists) and that this portrayal is intended to undermine Jewish authority: Jews were undeniably experts on the Old Testament, and Christians were dependent on their expertise, but of course they were totally hostile to the Jews’ obvious interpretation that the OT forbade God incarnated as man, that Jesus could not be the Messiah, and that calling his God was idolatry. So Jewish authority had to be destroyed, and if that meant physically destroying Jews, so be it.

    It’s a point I’ve made before, but creationists need to destroy the authority of scientists, and inevitably they dig up old archtypes and re-apply them in the modern age. So we get the scientist with a demon tail, the scientist as an idolator who worships fossils or prays to Charles Darwin, the scientist who is an atheist because he is licentious and wants to have perverted sex with no accountability to God– why not just make them look Jewish? Quicker route to the same destination.

  16. P.S. The Strickland book is called Saracens, Demons, and Jews: Making Monsters in Medieval Art, it’s richly illustrated and worth borrowing or purchasing.

  17. Diogenes says: “This was already obvious in “Big Daddy” where the Jewish-Looking professor is confronted by the Aryan-looking Christian student who handily defeats him in a debate.”

    In “Big Daddy,” the professor looks like Henry Waxman.

  18. He doesn’t look like Waxman. He looks like Trotsky.

  19. “He doesn’t look like Waxman. He looks like Trotsky.”

    They both look as though Chick used them as models. Along with Klinghoffer and Toenail Fungus. Perhaps Hillary as well.

  20. “’s a good insight as to their thinking.”
    Yes. Yes it is.
    Jack Chick on Global Warming.