Creationist Madness in Atlanta Public School

Do you remember that cartoon? We posted it four years ago in This Is Your Brain on Creationism. We found it in an article at Answers in Genesis (ol’ Hambo’s online ministry). As soon as we saw it, we knew it was a classic.

Well, guess what? It popped up again (very slightly modified) at the website of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, at the start of this article: Evolution vs. creationism: Does this cartoon belong in Grady High School biology class?

The article was written by Maureen Downey, an Atlanta Journal-Constitution reporter. Beneath the cartoon the newspaper put this caption:

Students at Grady High School were shown this anti evolution cartoon in a biology class PowerPoint, leading to complaints to the principal. The school’s newspaper did a good story on the controversy.

We know we’ve got your attention, so let’s dig into the article. The bold font was added by us:

A reader sent me a note about this anti-evolution cartoon, which was shown to a freshman biology class at Atlanta’s Grady High School as part of a PowerPoint presentation.


The Grady High student newspaper, the Southerner, did an excellent job reporting on the cartoon and the fallout. Grady High student journalists Josh Weinstock and Archie Kinnane invested a lot of time into their careful reporting. I’m disappointed Atlanta Public Schools did not respond when approached by the Southerner reporters in May. Someone from the district should have explained to the Southerner and the greater Grady High community why this cartoon was in an APS [Atlanta Public Schools] file-sharing database for teachers.

M’god — that monstrosity was in the school system’s database? And it was the student newspaper that exposed the situation? Let’s read on:

I [Maureen Downey] reached out to APS Wednesday, recognizing, that while this occurred before the watch of brand new APS superintendent Meria Carstarphen, parents and students were still hoping for a response. And APS responded:

This should be good. From the school system’s response:

It appears that this science lesson plan was not properly vetted prior to being uploaded to the district’s SharePoint website last summer. When the district learned of the PowerPoint presentation and worksheet that is in question, the lesson and supporting documents were reviewed, and they were immediately removed … [blah, blah, blah].

Then we’re given some excerpts from the student newspaper that courageously broke the story. That says:

A PowerPoint shown to a freshman biology class featured a cartoon depicting dueling castles, one labeled “Creation (Christ)” and the other labeled “Evolution (Satan).” Balloons attached to the evolution castle were labeled euthanasia, homosexuality, pornography, divorce, racism and abortion.

The PowerPoint was assigned for the students to view on the website Blackboard as a part of Anquinette Jones’ freshman biology class. Jones declined comment, saying that the PowerPoint originated with APS.

BWAHAHAHAHAHA! Now the world knows the name of the genius who assigned that cartoon to her class. [*Curmudgeon looks up, gazes in the direction of Atlanta, and thinks*] “Hi, there Anquinette! You’re a real [edited out].”

Here’s another excerpt from the student newspaper:

Freshman Griffin Ricker, who is also in Jones’ class, said Jones got angry with the class when she found out students had notified the administration. “She yelled and said, ‘This is on the APS website, and it was certified.’”

Okay, that’s enough. But we can’t help wondering: Atlanta is very far from being a rural backwater, so if this insanity is going on there, how many other teachers in other schools are doing the same thing — and getting away with it?

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17 responses to “Creationist Madness in Atlanta Public School

  1. That cartoon hardly paints a flattering picture of Christianity (or god-belief, generally). It depicts an ineffective, uncoordinated and self-destructive defence by Christianity against the concerted onslaught of its imaginary nemesis. One might say it was unintelligently created.

    It’s encouraging that students are taking their instructors to task over such shenanigans.

  2. I wonder how the RACISM and FAMILY BREAKUP bubbles floated over to the other side.

  3. What more can one say than that creationists make a cartoon out of science education?

  4. Mike McCants

    The Atlanta newspaper article says about this PowerPoint:

    “It was uploaded by Mary E. King, a project manager at APS who has also uploaded more than 2,000 other documents.”

    Oh dear.

  5. “It was uploaded by Mary E. King, a project manager at APS who has also uploaded more than 2,000 other documents.”

    Can someone more adept at searching the web find this material and share a link here? It would sure be interesting to see what else might be on the APS website.

  6. You’ll probably need access into the school system’s site. I imagine they are using BlackBoard or something similar.

  7. Notice how all the faults of religion (balloons) are projected onto the humanist castle? I’m surprised there wasn’t one of that great xtian, Hitler, included.

  8. It’s not that surprising given the atmosphere in Georgia and the South. Didn’t they demand the stickers in the science books claiming evolution was only a theory? I also recall back in ’82 I did a brief teaching stint at GSU, and in the univ.’s library there was a subscription to the creationist magazine on the shelves. And yes, the christian camp is shooting itself in the foot or thin air with their cannon volleys. Looks like Luskin at the top shooting into thin air, the opposite direction, again.

  9. Look, I know I can be stupid, but how is this cartoon anti-evolition? The evilutionists do what every self-respecting scientist would do: ruin the very foundation of creacrap. In the meantime some creacrappers shoot at captured air or at themselves. That seems to me a pretty accurate account of the Controversy anno 2014 …..

  10. Read some of the comments in the article. Georgia is a giant mess of religiosity.

  11. If you wish to look at the Powerpoint, it’s been linked in the article. My non-biologist takeaway from it is that someone put in that cartoon and the “think for yourself” quotes as a way to appease the creationists. Whether that person was himself/herself a creationist is impossible to say. There’s no discussion of creationism other than that cartoon and the already-mentioned quotes.

  12. docbill1351

    Whoa, baby, that PPT goes south in the first slide! My favorite is the one that says:

    You are entitled to challenge everything and encouraged to believe whatever you would like

    Totally creationist slide deck.

  13. The big question is: Where’s Megalonyx? A few days ago he warned that he was leaving the UK to visit the US for some kind of Neanderthal family reunion. Has anyone noticed any increase in Bigfoot sightings?

  14. Con-Tester – that’s sort of the point made when that slide’s used. Christianity has only to pop a few bubbles with their cannons to bring everyone back to The Truth, but His One True Church is being ineffectual in doing so, and often hurting their own cause.

  15. Admit it, SC – you miss him. Because deep down in your curmudgeonly heart you love him.

  16. mnb0 says: “Admit it, SC – you miss him.”

    The only thing I’ll admit is a growing concern that you are suffering from Dutch elm disease.

  17. With regard to Megalonyx’ absence, Curmy wonders—

    Has anyone noticed any increase in Bigfoot sightings?