Discoveroid Darwin Day Jihad Gains Momentum

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In Science Museum Promotes Science — Scandal!, we told you about the Discovery Institute’s absurd and lonely series of posts against the New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science because the museum had — gasp! — organized a Darwin Day event in collaboration with pro-science groups (which the Discoveroids describe as atheists), and they did that without even trying to include any groups that would give anti-Darwin talks about intelligent design and creationism.

What an outrage! As we said, it was like organizing an American Fourth of July celebration that failed to include speeches praising the statesmanship of George III. In that post we revealed that the Discoveroid crusade, after being ignored by everyone, had finally attracted the attention of World Magazine — a religious publication that sometimes promotes Discoveroid causes.

Then, in Discovery Institute Jihad against Darwin Day, we told you about the Discoveroids’ desperate attempt to get their followers to disrupt the museum’s telephone and email service by flooding them with complaints. Typical behavior for a think tank on the cutting-edge of science, wouldn’t you say?

Now we can report that the Discoveroids’ hate campaign — which we’re calling a jihad — is gaining even more media coverage, but it’s probably not the kind of mainstream coverage they were hoping for. Because we conduct daily news sweeps, we are able to track the … ah, evolution of their campaign, which we will now describe.

After World Magazine picked up the story, three more “news” organizations have reported it. The first is the Baptist Press, which ran this at their website: Faith slammed at government museum. At the end, they say that they got the story from World Magazine. It’s not original reporting, but hey — it’s something.

The next outfit to jump on the jihad bandwagon was The Christian Post, which describes itself as: “the nation’s most comprehensive Christian news website and was launched in March 2004, incorporated with the vision of delivering up-to-date news, information, and commentaries relevant to Christians across denominational lines. … The Christian Post presents national and international coverage of current events affecting and involving Christian leaders, church bodies, ministries, mission agencies, schools, businesses, and the general Christian public.”

Their headline is Taxpayer Funds Paid for Anti-Religious, Pro-Atheist ‘Darwin Day,’ Claims Intelligent Design Group. Their account is essentially a copy of what the Discoveroids have been claiming. Their article indicates that Discoveroid blog is their only source of information. There isn’t any hint of independent investigation. Well, they say this:

The Christian Post left a message at the museum but it was not returned by press time.

So they did try to make a phone call. Otherwise, it’s just a repeat of what the Discoveroids say.

And now we come to the third “news” story. With this one, the Discoveroids hit the big time — WorldNetDaily (WND). As you know, WND was an early winner of the Curmudgeon’s Buffoon Award, thus the jolly logo displayed above this post.

WND’s headline is Faith slammed at government museum. What do they say? They have two paragraphs, and then a link to the rest of the story from which those paragraphs were copied. It’s the one in the Baptist Press, which was copied from World Magazine, which got their story from the Discoveroids.

That’s the tale so far. The Discoveroids’ jihad is starting to catch fire. Now that WND has a blurb about it, there’s no way to predict how far this thing will spread. We won’t be able to keep up with it.

You gotta admire those Discoveroids. They know how to promote a scientific theory. The rest of you should follow their example.

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17 responses to “Discoveroid Darwin Day Jihad Gains Momentum

  1. I have been receiving and enjoying your e-mails and posts for some time. I do, however, think that you should change the spelling of “Discoveroids” to “Discoverrhoids”, to more accurately reflect the relationship to (the obvious).

  2. When lying for Jesus turns into plagiarizing for Jesus

  3. If science is to be depicted as an aggressive force against organized religion, is it not then causing no less oppression against all forms of mysticism? How dare science ask questions that make snake oil salespeople uncomfortable. To allow religion free rein in the media is little different than removing any expectation of honesty in advertising from the legal system. Of all forms of mysticism, religions seem to be able to create a cultural exception that puts their claims outside of any legal assessment, while at the same time groups like IRC and the DI demand that the legal system grant them elevated status.

    If people really wanted to oppress religion in North America, the demand to remove their tax exempt status would be deafening.

  4. Dean says: “Of all forms of mysticism, religions seem to be able to create a cultural exception that puts their claims outside of any legal assessment, while at the same time groups like IRC and the DI demand that the legal system grant them elevated status.”

    Haven’t you heard of the distinction between a “cult” and a “religion”? A cult doesn’t have any political power.

  5. I always thought the difference between a cult and a religion was that the latter owned land. But your distinction is quite valid.

  6. @Dean: Several cults have owned land — One that immediately comes to mind is Jim Jones’ The People’s Temple owning Jonestown, and then there was that cult that took over Antelope, Oregon.

    If measured by the beliefs they hold, they’re all cults.

  7. I’ve heard that a religion is a cult with an army and navy.

  8. This just in: Christians face increased risks in China. We best be taking up a collection to send AiG and all the D.I. on a new crusade. I’m certain the Chinese government will get a chuckle out of ol Hambo and Chappy. Of course things might get a little dull once they are all detained.

  9. sigh, help!

    [*Voice from above*] Seek and ye shall find.

  10. Doctor Stochastic

    Jim Jones was politically very well connected. His group is still referred to as a cult.

  11. I believe Jones also had some measure of political power too, for a time.

  12. You say that the museum had organized the event.
    Is that true? Or maybe is it that the event was held at the museum, organized by an outside group, without museum participation other than providing their space (perhaps for a payment)? Do these fine sources make it clear which of those is the proper description?

  13. Doctor Stochastic says: “Jim Jones was politically very well connected. His group is still referred to as a cult.”

    I haven’t studied the literature on on this, but I think in Jones’ well-connected days it was just another church group. Now that he’s fallen into disfavor, it’s described as a cult, and retrospectively said to have been such from the beginning.

  14. Ceteris Paribus

    Call it a cult, religion, or whatever. But I would feel much more comfortable at night if those Creationists down the street moved away and sold their house to a family of nice, quiet, cannibals.

  15. NMSR has published a short article about the allegations.
    “… What really happened? It seems that one of the early NMSR flyers for “Darwin Days” incorrectly identified the museum as a “co-sponsor” of several talks on religion at the Feb.12 NMSR meeting. When asked to correct this flyer, NMSR promptly did so – before Darwin Days had occurred – and this is now being labeled as a “coverup.” The Institute has sent their urgent story to many New Mexico media outlets, but so far the only takers have been religious news services like World Magazine and Baptist Press….”

  16. Dave Thomas says: NMSR [New Mexicans for Science and Reason] has published a short article about the allegations. Discovery Institute Launches Attack on Natural History Museum….

    Good article. Now who ya gonna believe — the museum or the Discoveroids?

  17. Don’t whine, SC. Truth is what the Grand Old Designer says Truth is, so it’s obvious whom we gotta believe.