Rev. David Rives: Mousetrap Proves Creationism

Your Curmudgeon was offline yesterday and most of today, and so was the Drool-o-tron™. But then it suddenly came to life. Its blaring sirens and flashing lights drew our attention to the blinking letters of its wall display, which said WorldNetDaily (WND). Our computer was locked onto WND’s presentation of the latest video by the brilliant and articulate leader of David Rives Ministries.

WND’s headline is Simple mousetrap blows holes in evolution, with this subtitle: “David Rives explains scientific concept of irreducible complexity.” BWAHAHAHAHAHA!

The actual title of the video is Irreducible Complexity and the mousetrap analogy. It runs for the usual 90 seconds before the commercial at the end — and you won’t believe what the rev has to tell us.

A mousetrap is irreducibly complex because every element must be present at the same time or it won’t function. Organisms are far more complex than a mousetrap, so how could any organism evolve everything it needs all at once? That proves evolution is ridiculous!

Egad — that’s right from Michael Behe. TalkOrigins has an article on it: Darwin’s Black Box. And it’s nicely rebutted in Wikipedia’s article on Irreducible complexity. Hey, Kenneth Miler has an article on it: The Flaw in the Mousetrap.

This is one of the rev’s worst videos ever, but he’s so cute and cuddly that you gotta love him, so we know you’ll click over to WND to watch his latest presentation.

As we always do with the rev’s videos, we dedicate the comments section for your use as an Intellectual Free Fire Zone. You know the rules, but please remember — bathroom jokes must be in good taste. Okay, the comments are open. Go to it!

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18 responses to “Rev. David Rives: Mousetrap Proves Creationism

  1. Jill Smith

    I thought that even Rives would have got the memo that the mousetrap argument was totally annihilated during Kitzmiller v. Dover.

  2. Ceteris Paribus

    I would happily add something to this “Intellectual Free Fire Zone” but the combination of Rev Rives and mouse traps has messed up my mind at the moment.

    Soon as I figure out whether this is supposed to be an;

    Intellectual Free Fire Zone, or
    Intellectual, Free Fire Zone, or
    Intellectual Free, Fire Zone, or
    Intellectual Free Fire, Zone

    I will get back with something, if still awake.

  3. Whenever I see Rives my 1st thought is how stup…then realize that he is worse than stupid, he uses his intelligence to put together explanations that seem to sound good. The problem is that you can tell who the deeply uneducated are because they buy into his BS.

  4. The rev is, I think, an intelligent man who is also a con artist. He knows his target demographic to be drooling morons, and then he produces nice videos to make them think that they are being fed real knowledge. He knows, I’m sure, that most of them don’t know the difference between knowledge and a bowl of porridge.

    I think the guy is just a bush league Hambo wannabe . . .but ain’t he cute?

  5. One of the best put-downs of the mouse trap as an irreducibly complex mechanism is that of McDonald of the University of Delaware:

    I often use this in talks on the fallacies of intelligent design.

  6. I thought that the best refutation of the irreducible complex mousetrap was provided by Behe:
    “If the hammer were gone, the mouse could dance all night on the
    platform without becoming pinned to the wooden base.” page 42
    He recognizes that there can be another function (in this case, making a pet of the mouse).
    The best example of a well-documented evolution of an irreducibly complex biological system:
    The best non-biological natural, step-wise, origins are natural bridges.

  7. If we all evolved from mice, why do we still have mouse traps?
    Checkmate, evolutionists!

  8. I think Waldteufel is right. My problem with him becomes that an intelligent con artist should know how easy it is to debunk the mousetrap argument. The Mcdonald rebuttal is not from yesterday, as we say in Suriname.
    The Good Reverend is in grave danger of losing his honorary title of MNb’s Favourite Creacrapper. For this first time I feel dislike to watch his video.

  9. Wary though one must be of divulging personal information on the internet, I am nonetheless mindful of the calibre of folks who regularly visit this blog and of a certain appropriateness here in noting the recent passing of my father, who gloried in the name Charles Darwin. (It was to attend his funeral and spend time with family that has kept me from my wonted visits to this excellent blog).

    My Charles Darwin was a native of South Carolina (where our branch of the Darwin family has lived since the 1760’s, and took part in the American Revolution—though later generations fought for the Confederacy during what some of my cousins still call ‘The War of Northern Aggression’), and was himself a veteran of WWII, having served in the US Navy as a ship’s cook on destroyer escorts. Despite having gained his early culinary training from Uncle Sam, he nonetheless went on to a successful civilian career as a restaurateur in Charleston, SC.

    A lifelong freethinker, there was no religious content to his funeral. But the family greatly appreciated the military honours provided by the Navy, a respectful farewell to a wonderful man who was a beloved father and a credit to a noble generation that is now passing away.

  10. Condolences, Great Claw. That’s a fine eulogy. And welcome back.

  11. Good to have you back, Megalonyx. Your father seems to have been a fine fellow indeed, and the bearer of a fine name.

  12. The Rev is also a heretic…
    Check out the Biblical flat earth with verses to support it:

    (I apologize if it has been in this blog before)

  13. docbill1351

    Simply put, the Rev is a grifter. I doubt he’s even a Rev but I bet he’s filed a 501(c) !

    Naw, all he has to do is wear a tie, smile, bash science and laugh, and declare the Glory of the Heavens! (Please donate if you like these videos!)

    It’s a sweet setup if you think about it. He doesn’t have to debate anyone, he doesn’t have to know anything, he has no actual church or congregation to mess with. He can just make his little videos in his basement with no consequence, maybe rake in some YouTube ad money.

    Furthermore, and this is AMAZING, he does it all without cats!

  14. @Ah, DocBill, that’s what I mean. Now that would be an original angle – to maintain that cats are intelligently designed to hunt down mice!

  15. docbill states, “Simply put, the Rev is a grifter. I doubt he’s even a Rev…

    Bet you’re right. In fact, that’s how I inadvertently got the nickname on this blog of “Pope RSG”. I made the comment that “if Rives is an ordained minister, then I’m the pope.”

    Funny how names stick.

  16. It’s as though we are a family here, Megalonyx. I’m saddened by the loss of your father. You are correct — his was “a noble generation that is now passing away.” Soon there will be no one left with first-hand memory of that horrible war that was truly fought against evil.

    You and I, and so many others, are children of those who fought in WWII, and we ourselves are getting old. I fear that with each passing generation, the absolute horror of war is more and more forgotten, making a future world war more and more possible.

  17. “we dedicate the comments section for your use as an Intellectual Free Fire Zone.”
    With his usual respect for hard facts SC of course will have noted that the American budget deficit has reached its lowest point since 2008 – ie since the Republicans were in charge. Which confirms that voting for neo-cons is voting for big spenders.

  18. There are only 2 reasons I pay any attention to the silliness of WND. First is that WND’s Joseph Farah replied personally to my email years ago, when I asked what he thought of OEC and ID (since he strangely omitted them in his rant against “Darwinism”). He said “they’re wrong too” then quickly moved on to safer turf. The other reason is that the most well-known Discoveroid, Michael Medved, has criticized WND at least as scathingly as the average “Darwinist.” But politics makes strange bedfellows, so when you know you don’t have any credible evidence for a young earth or “kinds,” sometimes you just gotta hold your nose and recycle some long-refuted nonsense from the “enemy of your enemy,” even though it would not help your case one bit even if it weren’t pure nonsense. It reminds me of the villain, after all his bullets bounced off of Superman, throws the empty gun at him in desperation.