Massive Morning Vomit Opportunity

We interrupt this blog to bring you an item which is too horrible to ignore. We can’t move on to other things until it’s been dealt with and is finally out of the way.

We found this … this thing at the website of something called The Spectrum, a Gannet newspaper which is so ashamed of itself that the masthead doesn’t reveal their location, but we suspect it’s located somewhere in or near St. George, Utah. The item is titled Discovering truth verses tolerance.

The author of this mess is a preacher-man named Dennis Lee, described like this at the end of his masterpiece: “Dennis Lee is the senior pastor of Living Waters Fellowship in Mesquite.” There seems to be such a “fellowship” in a place called Mesquite, Nevada. There’s another in Mesquite, Texas; but we think Nevada is where Lee does whatever it is that he does.

If the name “Living Waters” sounds familiar, that’s because we’ve seen it associated with Ray Comfort, best known for his starring role in Ray Comfort’s “Banana video”. This Nevada “fellowship” must be the same denomination, otherwise it would have changed its name to avoid being associated with Comfort. We could be wrong about that, but we don’t think so after reading what we found today.

Anyway, in our Curmudgeonly benevolence, we caution you that this one is a big heave-inducer, and it just might trigger other functions as well. Therefore, before you read what this raving preacher-man says, be certain to have a bucket handy — a big one — and a lot of towels, mops, and other cleaning material.

Are you ready? Okay, you’ve been warned. Here we go. The preacher-man begins by saying:

I really don’t think there’s a single person that doesn’t think truth verses tolerance is an important topic for our day.

That’s because it’s our society’s redefinition of tolerance that allows topics like abortion, euthanasia, homosexuality, and evolution to become so accepted while Christianity has become so hated and practically outlawed.

That’s it. We’ve seen enough. We’re not going to excerpt anything else from the preacher-man’s babbling.

We would like to close this brief blog entry in the same gracious, loving spirit that was displayed by the preacher-man, and therefore we respond with the following:

Hey, rev baby: You like lists of disgusting things? Okay, here’s the Curmudgeon’s list of vomit-inducing topics: science-denial, theocracy, incest, bestiality, pedophilia, necrophilia, coprophilia, cannibalism, and creationism. Also, in your honor, we now add to that list anything named Living Waters.

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15 responses to “Massive Morning Vomit Opportunity

  1. The ham-fisted spelling error in the title, repeated in the first paragraph, already puts paid to most of this confused revver’s credibility. In any case, what’s he actually whingeing about? To me, it sounds awfully like, “Don’t criticise my beliefs ’cos I know they’re true, but I’m allowed to criticise yours because they’re wrong.

  2. Ceteris Paribus

    All depends on where preacher-man Dennis Lee goes to find his “Truth Verses [sic]” If he is groveling in the verses of his holy bible, no doubt that even a preacher-man would eventually get disgusted with references such the future happiness the holy ones can be expected to experience by dashing the brains of your captors’ infants against the rocks, just to get even.

    The reverend-man would do better to go looking at the truth-verses inscribed by relatively honest people who inscribe their witticisms on the bathroom walls of highway rest areas.

  3. I like how he starts out saying our modern society says that there is “no absolute right or wrong” and then does a sneaky switch later to modern society says there is “no absolute truth”; as if these to things were the same thing!

  4. So Christianity is practically outlawed. Does that mean that the churches that on essentially every other city block here in the south are about to be auctioned off? That’s a lot of prime real estate poised to come on the market. Not to mention the countless thriving AM radio stations, cable TV networks, music studios, publishing companies, book stores, etc. that are part of the massive but “practically outlawed” Christian religious-industrial complex.

    It’s a nice thought. I hope he is right.

  5. Nah, SC, I’ve read far, far worse.

  6. Churches outlawed???? Heck, they are not even taxed.

  7. I fail to see what the fuss is about, the Preacher is right-on….whats your problem ?

    Doug Maenpaa

  8. As roughly 240 million Americans call themselves Christians, I’ll go ahead and file demographics and math under “More Things This Guy Doesn’t Grasp.”

    But, then again, I imagine most of them aren’t Christian enough for him.

  9. “As roughly 240 million Americans call themselves Christians…”

    Guess we’ll need to build a whole bunch of new jails.

  10. Dennis Lee, the Living Waters rev, complains That “Christianity has become so hated …”

    Perhaps it’s because so many “Christians” have ignored the central tenet of their faith — “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”. Or perhaps they think people want to be harangued about their religious beliefs, or lack thereof.

  11. The Rev continues, “…Christianity has become … practically outlawed.”

    Uh-huh. Seems the Rev hasn’t heard of the May Supreme Court ruling okaying Christian prayers to open town board meetings. Christianity is now officially sanctioned, not outlawed.

  12. I must like italics, or they like me. I just can’t seem to remember to turn ’em off.

    [*Voice from above*] You remembered, in a way. But you can’t turn off italics with the code that turns off bold.

  13. “You remembered, in a way. But you can’t turn off italics with the code that turns off bold.”

    Thanks. Getting old sucks.

  14. Spot on, Curmug! Tellin’ it like it is!

  15. jimroberts

    rsg says: Getting old sucks.

    Most of us still prefer it to the alternative.