Creationist Litigation Update: 13 Aug 2014

There aren’t many court cases about creationism that are currently active, and most of them aren’t generating any activity that we’ve noticed. Our last litigation update was in June. As far as we can tell, that’s still the last word about most of the ongoing litigation.

The only new case since then is the one involving Mark Armitage. Our most recent post on that was WorldNetDaily Supports Mark Armitage. The initial batch of news reports about his lawsuit came almost entirely from religious websites. They mindlessly accepted his claim that he was the victim, although it was obvious that the only available information at the start of the case was coming from Armitage and his lawyers. There have been no developments since then. The complaint hasn’t been answered yet.

The only active case where we have anything new to report is the Bryan College Litigation. This is a suit filed by two tenured professors, Stephen Barnett and Steven DeGeorge, who lost their jobs at Bryan College in Dayton, Tennessee, the site of the Scopes Trial. The college was named in honor of William Jennings Bryan — the great creationist blowhard.

The professors were fired because they refused to accept the college’s recent “clarification” of its statement of faith, which is now far more explicit than before about the special creation of Adam & Eve. The professors are suing the school to get their jobs back, and to have the “clarification” declared void, because the original statement of faith — which they accept — says it can’t be changed.

Our last post about it was the 10 July 2014 Update. At that time, the court was expected to rule soon on whether the college can hire replacements for the two fired professors. There’s been virtually no news since then.

Well, there was this item from the University Herald on 21 July: 4 Trustees Resign At Bryan College. One excerpt should suffice:

[T]he four trustees were prompted to resign after the board affirmed the recent direction of the college. The trustees said their resignation had little to do with the change in the school’s statement of faith.

“My resignation had to do with leadership, not with doctrine. I did not resign due to any doctrinal disagreement,” Phillips’ resignation letter said. “The ongoing narrative from the president’s office presents interpretations of facts that differ significantly and regularly from what I believe to be true. Second, I do not believe I could contribute anything substantive to the board that would be heard. … Third, the president indicated that those on the board who do not support his presidency should resign.”

Hey — we found one more news article about the case: College may hire replacement for 2 professors, which appears at the website of TV station WBBJ, somewhere in Western Tennessee. It’s dated 16 July, but we just now found it. They say, with bold font added by us:

Two professors have withdrawn an effort to stop Bryan College from hiring replacements for them as they sue the school to get their jobs back.

Professors Stephen Barnett and Steven DeGeorge this week withdrew their motion seeking an injunction against the college. Previously, Chancellor Jeffrey Atherton granted a temporary restraining order barring the Dayton school from hiring replacements.

There’s no explanation about why they did that. The rest of that story is just background about the case, so we’ll skip it. At the end they remind us:

The trial is set for May 2015.

As before, the Discoveroids, who are always whining and complaining about “viewpoint discrimination,” aren’t saying anything in defense of the two professors. That’s not surprising. If the Discoveroids were running Bryan College — or anything else — we don’t doubt that they too would boot out anyone who wasn’t sufficiently creationist.

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2 responses to “Creationist Litigation Update: 13 Aug 2014

  1. I tried to look up those two professors on the Discovery’s site and found nothing. The only thing of note to come up after a Bryan College search was an article by Don McLeroy (young earth creationist dentist) insisting that Texas should teach science only in science class. hahahahaha!

    Should there not be howls of indignation from the Wedgies about the lack of academic freedom at Bryan?

  2. So far from complaining, Evolution News and Views (the Orwellian misnamed news organ of the DI) has affirmed Bryan’s right as a private institution to impose whatever standards it likes, otherwise (what a horrible thing to happen in the University?) anything goes: