Kirk Cameron Wants To Save Christmas

You know we’re desperate for news when we write about Kirk Cameron, the creationist boy wonder. Here are two of our previous posts about him: Kirk Cameron and the Crocoduck, and also Kirk Cameron: World’s Dumbest Human?

In case you may have missed it, here’s another chance to see him in his supporting role in Ray Comfort’s famous “Banana video”. Our last post about the boy wonder was when he showed up in an article in WorldNetDaily — that was Kirk Cameron Gets Award for “Excellence”.

Now he’s back in the news. We learned about it in The Hollywood Reporter, which has this headline: Kirk Cameron’s Faith-Based ‘Saving Christmas’ Picked Up for Limited Release. Here are some excerpts, with bold font added by us:

Kirk Cameron is on Samuel Goldwyn Films’ nice list. The company will release Kirk Cameron’s Saving Christmas in a limited run on Nov. 14.

With a title like that, it’s going to be a smashing success. But what’s it about? We’re told:

The Growing Pains actor, who has a long history of conservative activism and commentary, intends to put Christ back into Christmas with the film, focusing on the biblical story behind the festivities.

There’s a biblical story behind Christmas? Who knew? Let’s read on:

“For too many years Christmas has been attacked and hammered by those outside the church, and it’s even changed how we think about Christmas inside the church,” he said in a statement. “My hope for Saving Christmas is that families all across the country will join with my family in putting Christ back into Christmas.”

If anyone can save Christmas, it’s the banana boy. We did what we could last year — see The Night Before Christmas Eve — but we’re certain that Cameron can do it better.

The Hollywood Reporter goes on a bit about unimportant stuff, so we’ll skip to the end:

The film is produced in partnership with Liberty University, a nonprofit Christian university in Lynchburg, Va., which partnered with CAMFAM [Cameron’s production company] last year to produce the Cameron-written documentary Unstoppable.

Wow — Liberty University! This film is going to be great! Somehow we missed Cameron’s documentary last year, but there’s no way we’re gonna miss his new film!

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23 responses to “Kirk Cameron Wants To Save Christmas

  1. I’m not sure if this is going to be a re-post, (1st attempt seem to have failed).

    Anyways, it seems that the folks at Cambridge University have stumbled across how life could have started spontaneously out of non-living matter.


  2. SC: :There’s a biblical story behind Christmas? Who knew?”

    Common misconception. Why do you think it’s pronounced like “Chris” (short I) and not like “Christ” (long I). That’s because the central figure is Kris, and someone just misspelled it. Kris is still alive and lives far a way, but became well known in NYC in the 40s for performing a miracle. In the 60s the holiday was taken over by an Eastern Syndicate. 😉

  3. Just thought I’d mention that the celebration of Christmas is a relatively recent phenomenon for Reformed churches. Because the date is not mentioned in the Bible, nor anybody celebrating it, it was considered un-Biblical, with tones of Papism and Paganism up to the 19th century.
    Of course today, it is an essential celebration for the survival of many businesses.

  4. I think you buried the most important thing about this movie, Curmudgeon: his character’s name is Christian White. Christian White!!! You can’t make a parody of this.

  5. RevReinard says: “his character’s name is Christian White.”

    I don’t see that in the article.

  6. While not referenced in that specific article, you can find confirmation at that bastion of creationist “intellectualism” (relatively speaking!) known as “the Blaze” (is that creationist code for Hell?). Yes, the idiot boy blunder will be playing “Christian White” and his arguments will no doubt (as claimed) “destroy” atheism. You know, just like all of those other moronic religious arguments over the centuries have destroyed atheism, evolution, and every other form of rational thought and activity.

  7. The Counter-War on Christmas starts earlier every year.

  8. yes yes, the persecuted creationists are being picked on by science.
    Its criminal. Science must be stopped.

  9. Well, Golly Gee, Kirk Cameron, no one is preventing you from honoring Jesus at Christmas, or any other time of the year for that matter. You are free to worship Christ at any church you choose, or in the privacy of your home, or even on a city bus. If you choose that last option, I’d advise silent prayer, however. But then, that’s pretty much how Jesus instructed you to pray anyway.

    What? You haven’t read Matthew 6? Well, shame on you, Kirk! Go grab your Bible or google it and do it right now! Especially verses 5 & 6.

  10. Mark Germano observes

    The Counter-War on Christmas starts earlier every year.

    Indeed! So hurry, everyone: only 117 Indulge-Your-Persecution-Complex Days left until Christmas!

  11. Dumbest sidekick in human history.

  12. “Ray Comfort’s famous “Banana video””

    I’m still waiting for the follow up about coconuts…

  13. I remember the first time I saw the Ray Comfort “Banana Video.” I laughed my butt off. I thought it was one of the greatest parodies I’d ever seen. And I posted a comment to that effect (on some blog that’s totally passed out of memory).

    And then the other people on the blog tried to convince me the guy was _serious_ …

  14. @Lurker111; Had that reaction the first time I heard Rush Windbag, I thought he was as good as Night Stand with Dick Dietrick, then someone told me he was serious. 😦

  15. Rikki_Tikki_Taalik

    Good luck Kirk !

    We all know what happened when they tried to keep Saturn in Saturnalia.

  16. Thru history the only groups that have ever been AGAINST christmas have been Xtians!!!! And the only groups that can take Christ into or out of christmas are Xtians!!! So Kirk’s movie is about Ahole Xtians that don’t behave?????

  17. anevilmeme comments about Ray “Bananarama” Comfort, “Dumbest sidekick in human history.”

    You could broaden that out to “dumbest in primate history”.

  18. The mid-winter holiday is much more true to its origins without Christ – a late addition of dubious value. Without Jesus, we could still enjoy holiday trees, gift giving, feasting, burning yule logs and the like, taking time off to visit family, and all the other events that existed well before the church stuck its nose into the local festivities. Even football, parades, etc.

    I just don’t see how Jesus adds any value, and if Cameron wants to spend his holiday setting up nativity scenes and going to church, fine. It’s his problem if he gets his feeling hurt because we don’t join him. We’re having too much fun to notice.

  19. Kirk doesn’t want to worship God in his own way. He wants you to worship His god His way.

  20. I understand that more Christians are not attending church on Christmas. Christmas being a family-centered holiday, not church- or community-centered.

  21. Ceteris Paribus

    @TomS: Bingo!

    “White Wine in the Sun” by Tim Minchin.

  22. “focusing on the biblical story behind the festivities”
    If he wants to drag a biblical story into the festivities, he has two almost completely incompatible stories to choose from – Matthew and Luke.