A Sign from Above and a Free Fire Zone

We bring you news of what is likely to be the most memorable event that has ever occurred or that ever will occur in your life. It’s certainly the most thrilling news we can remember. Pay careful attention, dear reader, and remember that you learned about it here, at this humble blog.

We know this is a true story because we found it at the website of television station KXAN, the NBC affiliate in Austin, Texas. Their headline is: Jesus image spotted in Central Texas moth. The TV station informs us:

A Georgetown [Texas] woman says a moth that showed up at her home with a pattern that resembles the face of Jesus is a sign from above.

Aaaargh!! A Jesus moth! Aaaargh!! [*The Curmudgeon’s emotionless eyes shed unaccustomed tears of joy*] We are so overwhelmed that it’s difficult to continue, but we shall try.

The TV station’s article has a picture of the blessed insect, but we probably shouldn’t copy it. You’ll have to click over there to see it. As long as you’re doing that, we only need to give you one more excerpt:

Yvonne Esquilin tells KXAN the moth showed up at her home just after noon Wednesday. At first, her family thought it was a butterfly. It stuck around until she got home from work and saw it for herself. “We were just amazed at the size of the moth,” she told KXAN. “It didn’t dawn on me until I snapped the picture. At first it looked like Jesus – and I still think it looks like Jesus.”


I believe this was a sign,” she said. “God is letting me know Good News is Coming and to keep the Hope.”

Verily, none can deny it. We suggest that you start making preparations for the rapture, dear reader. Your Curmudgeon is already prepared, so we’re going to take the dogs outside. They know how to react to these things. While we’re doing that, feel free to use the comment section as an Intellectual Free Fire Zone.

As with all our free-fire zones, we’re open for the discussion of pretty much anything — science, politics, economics, whatever — as long as it’s tasteful and interesting. Banter, babble, bicker, bluster, blubber, blather, blab, blurt, burble, boast — say what you will. But avoid flame-wars and beware of the profanity filters.

We now throw open the comments to you, dear reader. Have at it!

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39 responses to “A Sign from Above and a Free Fire Zone

  1. I’ll let others discuss pareidolias and confirmation bias, but I have been waiting for a FFZ to come clean on something. I have been doing something that’s as masochistic as debating an anti-evolution activist. Everyone has their “train wreck,” and mine is reading comments on other message boards including NCSE’s Facebook page. These are not like this site, or Talk.Origins, Panda’s Thumb etc., where commenters pro- and anti- science have given some thought to the subject, but where anonymous people-on-the-street are emboldened to leave “drive-by” comments no matter how idiotic and knee-jerk they sound. I have to admit, though, when I first heard of evolution almost half a century ago I probably said idiotic things in its defense too, but nowadays information travels much faster, and I find it harder to make excuses for thoughtless comments (invariably potshots at religion or conservatism, not even at pseudoscience) from those who think they’re on our side. The thought that keeps coming to mind is “With friends like that who needs creationists.”

  2. This just goes to show what living among the fundies in Texas does to you. After a while, you start seeing all sorts of things. Hearing them, too, from your fillings and in old vinyl records played backwards.

  3. I saw a photo with Jesus’s likeness clearly in it; it was of a dog’s ass. Right there in this little dog’s pucker, a picture of their Lord and Savior. Does this mean they are to expect a s–tstorm?

  4. It’s a sign, it’s a sign I tell you.
    It foretells the second coming of our great winged Lord.
    Hail MOTHRA, hail and defeat the usurper Godzilla.

  5. Our Frank J confesses

    I have been doing something that’s as masochistic as debating an anti-evolution activist. Everyone has their “train wreck,” and mine is reading comments on other message boards

    Slumming it, Frank? Well, we all have our guilty pleasures. Clicking over to UD or WND is a form of intellectual dumpster diving.

    There probably should be a standard ‘Rating System’ for Creationist blogs & forums;

    G = (Generic): contains frequent quote-mining, oft-refuted canards, and persecution-complex whining’
    PG = (Pseudoscientific Gobbledy-Gook): contains scientificy-looking but bogus mathematics
    PG-13 = (Pseudoscientific Gobbledy-Gook–): –that is transparently wrong to anyone with an IQ over 13
    R = (Rubbish): contains Denyse O’Leary essays’
    NC-17 = (Non-Compos Mentis and utterly adolescent): Not to be confused with starship NCC-1701, which represents more genuine science than this category than anything proposed by the cdesign proponentsists.

  6. I, for one, welcome our new Messiah Moth overlord…

  7. Charles Deetz ;)

    I’ll only believe the moth is a sign if it lands on the president’s tan suit while he is making a press conference. Why would god pick some lady in Texas?

  8. Psst, should we tell Yvonne that her moth looks a lot more like Aisha disguised as Trotsky?

  9. It’s an io moth. Just saw one of these three weeks ago, lying dead in a parking lot. It evidently fell off a car’s grill.

    I didn’t see Jesus, though. Guess ya gotta know what to look for.

  10. God appears to be seriously reduced in the scope of his miracles. Back in his heyday, he rained down frogs and plagues, parted seas, created universes, and many other marvelous signs and wonders. God these days manifests himself by showing his “likeness” on the odd muffin or moth wing.

  11. “resembles the face of Jesus ”
    And this psychotically delusional dimwit knows what jesus looked like, exactly HOW??? Since all images of him are invented nonsense invented by bigoted white guys.

  12. Kennard Walter

    I’m left wondering if more dog’s doopers and butterflies ugly cousins…other kinds?….will also micro evolve the likeness of Jeebus. Let us all be adrool in anticipation.

  13. Quick, swat it! Raid will also work.

  14. Tee hee! Doc Moran totally pwns the DI!

    The humourless Discoveroids have take Dr. Moran’s bait from his recent post at Sandwalk: The function of IDiots.

    To see the IDiots walking right into it, see their new post at ENV: Larry Moran’s Lord Kelvin Moment: Are All the “Great Debates” Settled?.

  15. oops, defective linky, above: should be Larry Moran’s Lord Kelvin Moment: Are All the “Great Debates” Settled?

    Here’s the money shot from the DI post:

    Was he joking? It doesn’t read that way. Moran seems to be referring to not only biology and cosmology but all of science, philosophy, religion (which of course he dismisses anyway), etc.

    That one is a keeper. Just a shame that Professor Moran doesn’t cut a more distinguished figure in the science world, otherwise we could mount it on a plaque for everyone to laugh and shake their head about in the future.

    Why wait for the future? We can mount the Disco’Tuters on a wall plaque now for everyone to laugh at! 🙂

  16. Does the inspriing Moth Vision somehow imply the Satanic nature of mothballs?

  17. michaelfugate

    I think it is natural selection in action – what better way to avoid human predation than to look like Jesus? It could be a validation of peppered moth experiment. Scientists could release moths in urban areas some with Jesus faces and some without and track survival….

  18. @ michaelfugate: Yes! Your Peppered Jesus Moth Experiment is one that demands to be undertaken!

    Are Jesus moths more persecuted in the vicinity of university science labs? Do they thrive in the Bible Belt? WE NEED TO KNOW!

  19. “We suggest that you start making preparations for the rapture, dear reader.”
    As soon as somebody can tell be where Jesus prophetized that rapture.

  20. Some IDiot from Seattle asks: Are all the Great Debates settled?
    No. But IDiocy certainly is, since Darwin published his Origin of Species.

    In addition to Mega’s Rating System for Crea’s:

    XXX: Refers to those videos which rely on looking cute, ie the fundie version of sex appeal.

  21. Charlie Kaufmann

    They’ve all been fooled! It’s really the image of Satan!

  22. I like mnbo’s addition to Creo site ratings, but humbly suggest it be XXY, representing–not Klinefelter’s, but Klinghoffer’s–Syndrome.

  23. Derek Freyberg

    (a) it looks like a moth, and (b) if you want to imagine a face in it, the Devil would do just as well if not better – look at the horns and the long pointy beard. Charlie Kaufmann has it right.

  24. don’t forget it flew away at 7:15.
    If you add those numbers together you get 13 which is either lucky or unlucky depending on which bats**** worship ritual you want to blindly follow.

  25. Megalonyx: :Clicking over to UD or WND is a form of intellectual dumpster diving.”

    But more boring than “ouch, that hurts!.” There I know what to expect, and it’s never worth sifting through all the (heavily moderated) anti-evolution paranoia to find more examples of how UD’s and WND’s people really can’t stand each other. The ones who drive me up the wall are those who claim to be on our side, but put their typing fingers in gear (misspellings and all) before their brain is engaged.

  26. No, Mega, XXY should refer to something typical for Klinghoffer. He certainly ain’t cute. I’d propose something with poo slinging.

  27. Correction — it’s not an io moth, but an imperial moth.

    My guess is they would all show about the same pattern if the wings are in the same position. And I think the face looks more like Rasputin than like the typical renderings of Jesus. But then, maybe Jesus loked like Rasputin. Or Putin. Or G. W. Bush. Or more likely, Osama bin Laden.

    But then, not only do we not know what Jesus looked like, we don’t even know if he actually existed. If anyone disputes this statement we must ask, “How do you know? Were you there?”

  28. Maybe there is something religious about this species of moth after all…

    imperial moth images

    (Note to SC: if you can clean up the link, please do. I’ve had lousy luck with links. Thanks.)

  29. If anything it looks like Max von Sydow’s Ming from Flash Gordon, 1980. Melody Anderson was so hot in that movie. Ummm, sorry. Time for a cold shower. :-))

  30. @retiredsciguy that’s a nice link. great pics . save some for my screensaver. I’d forgotten how big they can be. Mind blowing to the TexMexican population also.

  31. I never heard of an imperial moth, but I have heard of an imperial rose – A Chrysler Imperial Rose. It was “created” in 1952, and still exists, though the car is extinct.

    Before you “Darwinists” whine that the rose had ancestors that go back millions of years before 1952, you keep forgetting that in the beginning was the word 😉

  32. “At first, her family thought it was a butterfly.”

    And obviously, a mere butterfly with a picture of Jesus would be totally unconvincing.
    You still can’t beat the Watermelon Miracle: https : // http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l8-8WJxA-cI (hope the extra spaces prevent embedding).

  33. Mmh, WP seems to have done an autocompletion on my mangled link, so it looks a bit silly now:(
    But no embedding, so OK:)

  34. The vid was pretty funny and once I get started, well this one is pretty funny too.

  35. Jesus was once a caterpillar….OMG…….

  36. The whole truth

    Have any of you seen this site?


  37. Does the media EVER ask such people how they know what Jesus looked like?

  38. @Professor Tertius: Yes, it is very difficult for us to know what Jesus looked like. We would have to know which particular artist’s rendering was MOST inspired by God.

    One would think the Good Lord would have inspired one of the disciples to invent photography, just so there would be no question today.

  39. I kind of wish I hadn’t now. What a wacko.