Another Supermoon — The End Is Nigh!

There have been many previous warnings — for example: WorldNetDaily: Beware Another Supermoon!, and also The End Is Nigh — Again! This one may be the final omen.

You can read about it in PhysOrg: Get set for the supermoon 3 of 3 for 2014. They say, with bold font added by us:

[T]he supermoon once again cometh this weekend to a sky near you. Yes. One. More. Time.

This weekend? Aaaargh!! It’s The End of the World! But they also say this:

Fed up with supermoon-mania? The September Full Moon also has a more pedestrian name: The Harvest Moon. Actually, this is the Full Moon that falls nearest to the September Equinox, marking the start of the astronomical season of Fall in the northern hemisphere and Spring in the southern. … So, why is it known as the Harvest Moon? Well, in the age before artificial lighting (and artificial light pollution) the rising of the Full Moon as the Sun sets allowed for a few hours of extra illumination to bring in crops.

They’re trying to avoid panic again. But they can’t! Get this:

And to top it off, the Moon occults Uranus just two days after Full on September 11th as seen from northeastern North America, Greenland, Iceland and northern Scandinavia.

Aaaargh!! Not only a Supermoon, but an occultation of Uranus. Do you realize what it means to have the Moon lined up with Uranus? Of all the planets … Uranus! We’re being mooned by the Moon!

Here’s one more excerpt:

We’re in a cycle of occultations of Uranus by the Moon from late 2014 through 2015, and this will set the ice giant up for a spectacular close pass, and a rare occultation of the planet for a remote region in the Arctic during the October 8th total lunar eclipse.

We don’t know what others may think, but there has never been such a confluence of celestial signs. We have no doubt that The End Is Nigh! Therefore, we bid you farewell and close with this:

Thats all folks

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20 responses to “Another Supermoon — The End Is Nigh!

  1. I’m shaking with fear at things to come. Just read a whole book about the cruel ousting of Pluto from our planetary family … and now this? Oh woe are we!

  2. Don’t you just hate having Uranus occulted by a Harvest Moon? Such portents frighten even the hardiest proctologist.

  3. Con-Tester says: “Don’t you just hate having Uranus occulted by a Harvest Moon?”

    I don’t want anything between me and Uranus. Oh wait — that doesn’t sound right.

  4. Don’t worry SC, I have been solidly panicking since two days.

    “De deskundige onderschrijft wel de mystieke kracht van de maan.”
    “The expert (Dutch astronomer Grootjen – MNb) does endorse the mystical power of the Moon.”
    Here you have it (totally quote mined, but don’t be a grump about it, OK?). It was a pleasure to follow your blog, SC.

  5. The Moon is adhering to the bureaucratic mantra — “Cover Uranus”.

  6. It’s okay when the Moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie, but this occultation of Uranus … it’s just wrong!

  7. Marilyn Armstrong bemoans:

    Just read a whole book about the cruel ousting of Pluto from our planetary family … and now this?

    I, too, am still gutted by Pluto’s demotion–and now, it’s time to kiss Uranus goodbye…

  8. Most spiritual types are always trying to push something up Uranus, and this seems like a good time to do so.

  9. I’m actually quite content that Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn are all between me and Uranus.

  10. Our Curmudgeon sings:

    when the Moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie,

    Hey, that’s pretty good!

    But I still prefer the original lyrics, viz.

    When a loon hits your screen
    With a blog full of spleen,
    That’s a moron!
    When the world seems tuned fine
    As Discoveroids whine:
    They’re all morons!

    Blogs will rant
    Chant-a-pant-a-cant, chant-a-pant-a-cant
    And you’re sick in the belly;
    Brains will melt
    Drippy-drippy-welt, drippy-drippy-welt,
    Like a big bowl of jelly.
    When the ghouls make the Drool-
    a-Tron point out the fool,
    That’s a moron!

  11. EEEK! Missing closed html tag alert!

    Have mercy, O Great Hand of Correction!

    [*Voice from above*] My patience is infinite.

  12. O fudge, there’s a typo as well: [error repaired].

    It is clearly past my bedtime. Say goodnight, Gracie…

    [*Voice from above*] My name ain’t Gracie!

  13. [*Voice from above*] My name ain’t Gracie!

    “Shirley” you jest!

  14. Do you have in the archive any articles referring to the Great Galactic Alignment from 12/21/12 or21/12/12 depending on which side of the pond you’re from.

  15. Kind of off the subject but my newest grandbaby was born 12/21/12. I jokingly call her the doomsday baby but oddly enough no one thinks that’s funny but me. She is the sweetest little soul. The only thing doomed in her eyes is a big plate of spaghetti.


  16. I tried to post a pic of the Spaghetti Kid but it didn’t work.

  17. jack102248, no, nothing on the galactic alignment. And the software doesn’t allow pics to be posted in comments.

  18. Thanks for getting back to me. It would have been entertaining indeed to read some of their opinions on the great alignment. Too bad about the pics. I’ve got some real cute ones of my doomsday baby all dressed up in and her hair done up in spaghetti just wreaking havoc on a plate of the same. lol

  19. @jack102248: I’ve got three grandkids of my own, but I’d think twice (and twice again) before posting their photos online.

  20. you’re probably right. there’s a lot of fruitcakes out there.